Best Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain

Not only can neck discomfort interfere with your sleep, but it also affects your mood and energy the following day. Everybody has dealt with neck discomfort at some point in their life; in fact, 10 to 20% of people endure it on a daily basis. Discovering the ideal sleeping position for neck pain may much aid in your ability to avoid this issue.

Neck Pain can occur to a variety of causes, including neck injuries, poor sleep, and improper sleeping positions. You may occasionally have back discomfort that radiates to your neck and shoulders. The greatest sleeping positions for neck discomfort have been explored here, along with other sleep-related therapies.

What Are The Various Positions For Sleeping?



Despite the fact that we learn our sleeping positions at a young age, some of them may be harmful and even detrimental. Even though a sleeping position is cosy, over time it may cause back and neck problems. Here are the most common sleeping positions along with tips for making them better.

Sleeping on your back

The healthiest resting position, which also encourages the optimum sleeping posture, is on your back. Your spine is curved naturally and your body is in appropriate alignment. To prevent your head from being lifted excessively, it is advised to sleep on a thin pillow. It isn’t the best option, though, if you have breathing problems while you’re asleep because it might cause snoring. The best way to enhance comfort in this position is to sleep on the right mattress. If you’re planning to replace your old mattress with a new comfortable mattress, then you can buy mattress online at an affordable price that will help you to sleep better each night.

Sleeping on your stomach

Whenever possible, try to avoid this posture, especially if you’ve recently eaten or have neck or back pain. It makes your back arch and puts more strain on your spine, which might hurt your back. Back pain is the most common cause that can lead to restless sleep at night. To avoid back pain, try orthopaedic mattress for back pain. You can buy orthopaedic mattress online that gives you a medium firm feel for optimal back support.

Use pillows to support your body as you sleep and to correct your sleeping posture. It is recommended to slightly elevate your forehead on a small pillow to maintain your body relatively aligned, but if you are unable to sleep in any other manner, do so. Cervical pillows are recommended by sleep experts which significantly help to reduce neck pain while resting.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain?

It is important to note that while changing your sleeping position might assist ease neck discomfort, it is advisable to visit a doctor if the pain persists for more than a week. The majority of medical professionals advise sleeping on your back or your side with your legs extended out and not curled up near your chest if you have neck discomfort. Your choice of pillow can significantly impact how painful your neck is in either scenario.



Use a cushion that supports the natural curvature of your neck and bridges the space between your head and shoulders. There are particular pillows made to aid with neck pain relief, such as Cervical pillows that correct your neck and shoulders. Additionally, it can lessen neck discomfort, lessen snoring, and sleep apnea symptoms. Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have neck pain since you will tilt your head while you sleep because you won’t be able to breathe into the pillow and your head will be at an unnatural angle, aggravating your neck discomfort.



You may also try sitting and standing with excellent posture, avoiding hunching over your laptop while working, and practising mild neck stretches before bed and when you wake up in the morning to prevent stiffness. If you frequently fall asleep while watching TV or when travelling, a horseshoe-shaped pillow can help support your neck and prevent it from sagging to the side.

How to Get rid of Neck Pain

If you have neck discomfort while you’re trying to sleep, you may be sleeping incorrectly or with your head at an odd angle. It is crucial to adopt good sleeping postures and use a Cervical pillow to support your neck as you sleep.

If you sleep on your stomach, sleeping without a pillow may be beneficial in some circumstances since it helps to straighten your spine and lessens neck strain. To prevent your neck from shifting at an incorrect angle if you sleep on your back or side, it is preferable to use a pillow. You can buy pillow online if your pillow is saggy and showing signs of discomfort.

Your physical and mental health are significantly impacted by your sleeping posture and sleep quality. Your body may benefit greatly from a few changes to your sleeping patterns; with these few suggestions, you’ll be able to achieve a restful night’s sleep every night.

Tips To Improve The Overall Quality Of Sleep


  • According to research, sleep had a significant impact on neck and back pain. In research including 4,140 healthy men and women with and without sleep issues, it was discovered that individuals with sleep issues had a higher risk of developing chronic pain one year later than those without such issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend time enhancing the quality of your sleep and investing in sleeping accessories like pillows and mattresses.
  • You need a supportive mattress that is neither too soft to cause your body to sink in and bend your back nor too hard to be unpleasant and cause back pain if you want to prevent future neck and back discomfort. A hybrid mattress with a spine-preserving Contour-Adapt Coil Base, the SmartGRID Ortho Hybrid adjusts to your body while you sleep.
  • Your joints experience less tension, and there is no bodily ache. Your sleep health may be improved by making little changes to your bed position, room lighting, and atmosphere while you sleep. You can also cut back on screen time before bed. Making a relaxing environment before bed is another excellent approach for reducing anxiety and enhancing sleep. A fragrant candle can be lit or you can diffuse relaxing essential oils like lavender or chamomile.
  • Sleeping on your back is the most effective position for reducing tension in your neck and shoulders. Your body will be correctly positioned and your spine will be straight if you sleep on a thin cushion that raises your head a little bit. In the event that your neck hurts, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

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