Why do People Sleep More During the Winter?

Why do People Sleep More During the Winter?

Why do People Sleep More During the Winter?

Do you ever feel reluctant to get out of bed in the morning during winter? Suddenly, a newly purchased queen size mattress online seems welcoming and sleeping before your regular time becomes more appealing. Well, you aren’t alone; who wants to stay cuddled in a warm blanket longer during the wi

Weather fluctuations impact you more than any other outdoor activity and cause disturbances in the body’s basic mechanism. These changes cause you to switch back to hibernation mode more than any other season of the year.

Reasons behind sleeping more in winter

Buying the best mattress online is not the only reason you feel sleepy more in winter. Here’s why you keep dreaming about returning to your all day during the winter:

Cold temperature

During sleep, the body’s core temperature lowers by 2 or 3 degrees. When the room temperature drops to lower degrees, it affects your body temperature and keeps it cool for longer than required. Low body temperature is one of the signals for the brain to prepare the body for sleep.

Also, in winter, the cool temperature increases your metabolism, requiring more rest and sleep for the body.

Less daylight

Exposure to daylight controls our body’s natural sleep-wake clock, also called the circadian rhythm. Our body produces melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone based on the daylight or darkness.

During winter, days become shorter, which results in less daylight exposure. Low light makes the brain send signals to the body to get ready for sleep and releases more melatonin, resulting in sleeping more hours than usual.

Less or zero exercise during winter

Constant cold weather conditions make it difficult for you to remain outside during winter. It results in less or no exercise at all. Lack of exercise makes you sluggish, less alert, and less energized, making it difficult to wake up in the morning.

Eating rich food

Winter makes you eat more carbs, fats, and heavy meals to help your body internally to fight against cold. Consumption of added carbs and fats makes your body more lethargic and increases metabolism because your body requires more sustenance and sleep.

Also, a change in diet and lack of exercise results in low energy and makes you return to the mattress earlier than regular.

How to avoid oversleeping during winter?

Whether it’s winter or any other season, oversleeping or feeling drowsy cause turbulence in other daily activities. To avoid oversleeping during winter despite the cold weather outside and warm and welcoming king size mattress at home, here are some tips you can find useful and easy in everyday practice.

Daylight exposure

A walk in the sunlight is always good for your health. Also, our brain works on producing cortisol and melatonin based on its exposure to daylight. To help your brain balance Sleep and wake hormone production during winter, you require as much daylight exposure as possible.

Also, an hour’s exposure to morning sunlight is good for getting vitamin D which improves mood and helps you feel energized.

Drink caffeine

Caffeine is an energy booster and stimulator. Many have a habit of drinking coffee or caffeine products every day to stimulate their brain to work proficiently. Though regular caffeine consumption can give you sleepless nights, it helps you remain active and less sedentary during winter.


Exercise is important in any season to help your body remain active, energetic and full of strength. During winter, a walk of an hour or weightlifting on alternate days gives you the strength and energy to get through the day without feeling sleepy and, at the same time, get proper sleep at night.

Take power nap

Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep your eyes open, and you long for a warm, adjustable bed at home. Despite trying every trick to stay awake, you fail to stay alert. Taking a power nap of 20 to 30 minutes is the best practice to regain all energy and finish work without feeling drowsy. However, avoid napping in the evening so as not to hamper a good night’s sleep.

Sleep for sufficient hours

Ensure you complete the required hours of sleep every night and do not increase sleep debt. Sleeping for sufficient hours every night without a miss helps reduce sleep debt and gives you a chance to rest and heal your body properly. Also, it prevents you from feeling lazy and tired during the day, especially in winter.

Prepare bedroom

Like every other season, you need to prepare your bedroom for winter as well. You can do several things to make your bedroom sleep-worthy, preventing you from feeling sleep-deprived for the rest of the day.

  • Keep your bedroom bright and light to avoid an excessive sleeping environment.
  • Let the natural light in to keep it warm and healthy.
  • Buy mattress online that will help you complete the sleep without disturbances and help your body rest without pain.
  • Use a heater to keep your bedroom warm and prevent yourself from chilly weather.
  • Get an all-weather comforter from renowned brands like the Sleep Company that protects you from cold and keeps you warm.

Self-motivation to bit winter

No matter how many changes you make in your surroundings, if you are not motivated enough to leave your bed, then all those efforts are wasted. Therefore, encourage yourself to leave bed every morning by following simple tricks. Such as,

  • Set the alarm for the same time every morning
  • Keep the alarm clock away from the bed so that leaving the bed becomes mandatory.
  • Open the curtains as soon as you leave the bed and let the morning light in
  • If it’s still dark outside, turn on the lights to stimulate your brain to produce cortisol to keep you awake.
  • Attend morning workshops, Yoga classes or some other hobby classes, which will motivate you to wake up in the morning and cheer you up enough to stay energetic throughout the day.

Bottom Line:

Sleeping through winter and not leaving the warmth of the best mattress you bought online is difficult. But, with the help of some tips and self-motivation, it’s not that difficult.

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