How to Master Sleep Issues During Diwali?

How to Master Sleep Issues During Diwali?

Every year, Indians celebrate Diwali on a grand note. It is a once-a-year occasion that brings lots of happiness, positivity, and cheers in life that everyone looks forward to.

It’s a time of the year when Indians, along with their regular routine, make extra efforts to visit their loved ones, prepare delicious food, and decorate their surroundings with colorful lights and bursting crackers. However, this sometimes impacts their overall health and sleep incorrectly, further escalating health issues that require doctor’s treatment and hamper daily routine.

However, you can enjoy this fantastic festival without worrying much about future complications if you take care of certain things. But one needs to understand the root causes to find the solution to problems. So let’s understand the root causes behind various post-Diwali health issues first.

Things that hamper health and sleep

Even before the festivities begin, Indians throw themselves into its preparations. Everyone gets occupied with everything from house cleaning to decorations, preparing food, shopping for new clothes and gifts for yourself and other people.

Diwali preparations



The never-ending list of things to do literally takes a toll on health. All this excitement to celebrate the festival, anxiety about setbacks in proper planning, increased stress over budget management, and guest approval becomes a big problem that prevents you from sleeping at night despite buying the best mattress online.

Diwali Food



Diwali doesn’t sound like Diwali if you don’t finish tasty food platters one after another. Dishes full of various flavored food items distributed between neighbors, friends, and relatives and served lovingly to guests are a tradition followed unconditionally by Indians who refuse such tasty food and consume more than they can handle.

However, people don’t realize that too much consumption of these extra spicy, oily, or sweet foods leads to digestion issues. Many face gastronomical problems and throat infections due to the quality of oils and spices used in the food. With a bad stomach and sore throats, people fail to sleep peacefully at night and keep tossing and turning on the mattress until they pledge not to repeat it.

Diwali Parties



Due to hectic work life and long distance between families and friends, everyone eagerly waits for Diwali as they get to visit their loved ones. Many host Diwali parties to gather everyone in one place and have a blast together.

However, this meet and greets tire out your body as you all dress up and travel for hours to reach the place. Also, hosting parties at home brings another level of stress and exhaustion as you have to work for it days before and even after the last guest leaves the party.

These parties often continue till the wee hours, ruining your sleeping time, and by the time you return to your adjustable bed, it’s already another day.




Diwali is a festival of happiness; people love to express their emotions by bursting crackers. People burst firecrackers at night to watch their colorful appearances after bursting. Unfortunately, with colorful lights, loud noises follow.

Whether you are bursting crackers or not, sleeping becomes difficult for you due to loud and continuous noises, and sometimes they harm your hearing power very severely.

Solutions for sleeping problems during Diwali

Now that we have understood the root causes of sleepless nights and health issues during Diwali let’s go through the solutions or helpful tips below to ease the tension.

Follow sleep schedule

There are many sayings about sleeping on time worldwide, and they are all true. Therefore, make sure that you stick to your sleep routine and try to return home in time for it.

Schedule your traveling hours accordingly so that if you are too far from home and there are chances to get traffic on the way, then leave parties early and reach home safely to snuggle on the warm mattress regularly.

Complete sleep

Despite many efforts to sleep on time during Diwali, you fail due to late-night party calls or guest visits. And, since it’s a once-a-year festival, it turns out to be rude not to attend the parties or have a good chat with your guests. Therefore, try to complete your 8-9 hours of sleep without a miss to compensate for those missed sleep routines.

Block noises

Sleeping in the random sound of bursting crackers is a big deal-breaker. Therefore, try to block the noise by shutting doors and window pans as tight as you can. You can use paper to fill in the gaps in windows and doors, which also turns out helpful in blocking noises.

However, you can’t completely block the noises sometimes. Therefore, use earplugs or a pillow to cover your ears and sleep peacefully.

Control eating

According to Indians, Diwali snacks are good as the season changes, and our body requires the nutrients these snacks provide. However, avoid overeating despite your liking to avoid any digestion issues that will keep you awake the whole night. Try to eat portions if you really crave them, and often exercise to burn added fats and weight.

Buy comfortable mattress online

Even after taking all precautions, your body becomes tired of Diwali’s hustle. Therefore, when you lie down on the mattress, it must provide you comfort and relieve any body pain you have.

If your mattress is too damaged, sagging, or old, buy a new one as you don’t want added problems caused by the old one. Therefore, whether you buy mattress online or offline, ensure that it provides you with proper support and comfort and lets you sleep like a baby with all those noises out there.

Bottom Line

Ups and downs in health conditions are inevitable. But no one wants them during happy moments like the Diwali festival. Therefore, as the saying goes, precaution is better than cure; ensure that you take proper care of yourself and your loved ones without failure.

Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

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