Dawn of ‘Smart Era’ in the Mattress Industry:

Dawn of ‘Smart Era’ in the Mattress Industry:

Have you upgraded your Telephone to Smartphone? Your Television to Smart LED? Or even your Cycle to Smart Car? Smart light bulbs, smart locks, smart speakers? What about your mattress? Meanwhile in the era when everyone is obsessed with everything smart. It is time for you to reconsider your mattress choice. Have you upgraded your mattress? A mattress shouldn’t be static. It should adapt and improve over time, like software.

No matter how many times you must have heard this but it is the utmost truth that Sleep is a vital part of our life. The wellness of our lifestyle depends upon the quality of our sleep. Fortunately, with the emergence of SmartGRID Mattress, the smart technology has reached your bedroom.

Everyone Chasing the Memory Foam Mattress: Is it worth it?

Twenty-first-century urban lifestyles have spawned many nightmares. Most Indians will buy any mattress as long as it looks thick. The enormous false marketing and popularity of memory foam mattresses made people believe something that does not exist. Everyone is following the herd by choosing the memory foam mattress, but the question remains the same – Is it worth it? Are you willing to sacrifice your health for the sake of the temporary comfort of a popular memory foam mattress? The reality is that almost all the mattresses available on the market are made up of memory foam and that’s where everyone fails to notice the blind spots in their own mattress.

Are you aware that your newly purchased memory foam mattress emits ‘off-gassing’? This term refers to the chemical-based odor that emanates from a newly purchased mattress. According to Wikipedia, emissions from memory foam mattresses may directly cause more respiratory irritation than from other mattresses. Most Memory foam mattresses come from polyurethane foam. Memory foam, like other polyurethane products, can be combustible.

It is a fact that some manufacturers caution about leaving babies and small children unattended on memory foam mattresses, as they may find it difficult to turn over and may suffocate. All these leave us with the concerning question – Can sleeping on a memory foam mattress cause bigger health problems than we can even imagine?

Smart Life Starts from Smart Mattress

SmartGRID Mattress is the future of Sleep. With a wide variety of mattresses considered “smart,” there isn’t any list of smart features that encompass all the products on the market. The mattress of the future is here, and it knows how well you sleep. The SmartGRID Mattress is India’s First & Only mattress that is designed using patented SmartGRID Technology. What makes SmartGRID Mattress a little more special is that it is a completely new revolution in the Indian Mattress Industry.

1950s Vs 2022

Indian consumers are so trapped in the fairy tale created by the memory foam mattress manufacturers that they failed to recognize that there has been no significant innovation in the mattress industry since the 1950s memory foam. Yes! That’s like more than a decade ago. Can you believe it? You’re still sleeping on a mattress that has 1950s Technology? On the other hand, the smartphone that you put on that mattress is of the latest version. But what’s more surprising is how your minds as consumers have molded in such a way that we still think twice before switching to a better and smart mattress that prominently can change your lifestyle for the better.

In our ‘smart’ lifestyle we almost upgraded ourselves to be the ‘smartest’. However, unfortunately, we took no notice of the importance of mattresses in our lifestyle. Our daily journey starts at dawn on the mattress and ends at night on the same mattress. Nonetheless, sleep deprivation can affect everything from cognition to attention to decision-making. According to exciting research, without sleep, you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn and create new memories, and it’s harder to concentrate and respond quickly.

We’re all on the same journey of making the right choices to lead a better and healthy life. In this ‘Smart Era’ where we all are globally connected in a nut of the internet, surrounded by Smart and Upgraded versions of devices, it is intriguing that we still disregarded the innovation of Sleep Science in the Mattress Industry.

SmartGRID Mattress: The Future of Sleep

The Sleep Company Mattress Online

It is time for the long-awaiting mattress industry to witness the dawn of the ‘Smart Era’ that certainly has come with India’s First & only SmartGRID Mattress.

The Sleep Company is a great example of how a brand can emerge into a traditional industry and become best-in-class by putting technology into sleep science. Ever since the emergence of India’s First & only SmartGRID Mattress, it has significantly become the synonym for comfort with its patented SmartGRID Technology which instantly adapts and cradles the body’s pressure points and has air channels to enable a balanced temperature that doesn’t get hot in the middle of the night.

The additional advantage of this completely unusual mattress material is that it keeps its shape over time for long-lasting durability, improving sleep quality and general wellbeing. The patented SmartGRID Technology is crafted with multiple layers of ingenuity, and each layer is scientifically designed for ultimate comfort and back support.

Mattress - Future of Sleep

When it comes to choosing the right product that can upgrade our life for the better, it is never too late to switch to a smarter and better one. If you’re still confused and thinking, what now? We’re always here as you embark on your journey of happy and healthy sleeping with SmartGRID Mattress.

If you are looking for the best mattress online, you can buy mattress online that matches your comfort. SmartGRID mattress adjusts to any body type or size and provides support and comfort. The SmartGRID mattress is the only one that can adapt to your body shape while also isolating motion for a perfectly peaceful night’s sleep. Furthermore, SmartGRID technology’s SmartGRID structure allows for easy airflow when sleeping, providing the ideal body temperature to be maintained. It’s soft where you need comfort & coziness and firm where you need back support.

Moreover, The Sleep Company has also become one of India’s greatest mattress brands to incorporate cutting-edge technology in all their products. SmartGRID is not just an innovation but a revolution that transforms the mattress Industry forever.

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