Best Mattress Brand in India

Best Mattress Brand in India

When you try to think of the best mattress Brand in India, what brand comes to mind? Of course, you’ll always have some legacy brands that pop up in your head. But ask yourself this – Is it right to say that they really make the ‘best mattress in India’ just because they have existed in the market for decades?

The answer is – No!

While many brands have popularly made a mark in the industry over the years based on the sheer number of sales, it doesn’t truly make them the ‘best mattress brands’, so to say. When it comes to you, the end consumer, the number of sales doesn’t have anything to do with your sleep, it’s all about the product and its suitability to your individual need. Most of the legacy brands that exist in the market today still use outdated materials and technology of the past. What people fail to understand is that the times have a changed and science has made way for lot of innovation in the manufacturing of mattresses.

In today’s world, buying a new bed mattress is not an easy task. If you think about it, you don’t really buy a mattress, you invest in it. Because mattresses should last you for decades and it’s an integral part of your daily life. So, you’d obviously want to make the most of the money you spend, and also ensure that the mattress you invest in is perfect for you. When your priority is to find the right mattress for the right budget, opting for the top mattress brand is your becomes the first step.

Over the years, the brands and the market have moved towards a more consumer-friendly model, where the customers’ journey of finding a product to obtaining it has become hassle-free experience, one with access to a lot more options to choose from.

These days it’s easier to buy a mattress online. The online market has provided newer brands to reach out to a larger audience easily. While there are well established brands with decades of experience and hundreds of stores across the country, there are also a handful of those who have come up with innovative technologies when it comes to delivering good sleep.

Until early 1900’s, cotton was the preferred material for making mattresses. It was readily available and easy to produce in bulk. By the 1950’s, coir mattresses (produced from coconut husk) started gaining popularity, as it was more resilient than cotton and lasted longer too. Coir mattresses are still popular in the market due to the well-established awareness of some legacy brands that still use coir for manufacturing mattresses today. Many people don’t realize is that while big mattress brands still continue selling mattresses made from coir, there are other innovative mattresses made from state-of-the-art materials that a lot more resilient than coir, last longer and also provide better comfort.

Apart from coir mattresses, a lot of brands also produce mattresses made from Memory Foam. Memory Foam, as the name suggests, adapt to the shape of your body when you lie on them. There are still many brands today that sell mattresses made from memory foam. While memory foam mattresseses are adaptable to individual body shapes and sizes, they often tend to lose their elasticity and resilience over a couple of years. A lot many mattress brands produce therapeutic mattresses using memory foams.

While memory foam was the next big new thing for making mattresses after coir, today it has become old story. Most of the traditional brands have stuck to using the same material for making mattresses; no other brands have produced mattresses based on scientific research and innovative materials like The Sleep Company.

The Sleep Company is a pioneer in mattress technology. Even though the company has existed for less than a decade, it has already made waves in the mattress industry with their innovative technology and their huge online and offline support for consumers pre and post purchase.

The Sleep Company


While most legacy brands in the market stuck on to age-old traditions of manufacturing mattresses, The Sleep Company took it up a notch with their innovative SmartGRID technology, that combines comfort, longevity and quality to form an innovative product that has already started giving legacy brands a run for their money.

There has been advancement in technology, especially in the last couple of years. And The Sleep Company did not hesitate a bit to introduce to the Indian market with SMartGRID mattresses. One of the first few most talked about companies that provide “Smart Sleep” is The Sleep Company. This budding entrepreneurial newbie has made the online space their business ground with the idea to buy mattress online. It is the pioneer of “Smart Sleep” coined from their SmartGRID technology.

The Sleep Company was created with the mission to improve the sleep quality of individuals. The bed mattress is the outcome of several years of research. The mattress brand is most famous for its SmartGRID mattress which incorporates cutting edge Japanese and German technology.

SmartGRID bed mattress is the only one of it’s kind that can adapt to your body shape and isolate motion at the same time to give you a completely disturbance-free sleep. What’s more, the open grid structure of SmartGRID technology helps for easy air circulation while sleeping, in order to maintain the ideal body temperature. It is soft where you need comfort, and firm where you need support. It has also become one of the best mattress brands in India when it comes to using state-of-the-art technology in all their products.

SmartGRID is a patented technology introduced by The Sleep Company. Facilitated all the way from Japan, the innovative SmartGRID mattresses are built with motion isolation technology; they’re built to last you for decades and they are known for their high-quality service. Therefore, the next time you choose to pick a mattress, be sure to choose from the best mattress brand in India at present – The Sleep Company.

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