4.8/5 (3071)

Smart Seat Cushion

4.8/5 (3071)

Our ergonomically designed SmartGRID Cushion ensures that your spine is aligned for maximum comfort and back support.

  • No pressure support.
  • Ultra-soft and plush comfort.
  • The open grid design for optimum airflow.
  • Durable & long-lasting comfort and support.
  • Best for all, including old age people or pregnant women.
  • Perfect for office, car, or wheelchair .
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No Pressure Support

Ergonomically designed SmartGRID Cushion ensures that your spine is aligned for the maximum comfort and back support.

Ultra-soft, plush comfort

Treat your tushy to something super soft, comfy and cushy! Our Smart Seat Cushion is the perfect buddy to your butt, whether you’re at home, at the once or driving around in your car. It ensures there are no pressure points created so you can sit comfortably for long hour.

Cools with airflow

The open grid design allows for optimum airflow, so your butt stays nice and cool. Say goodbye to stubborn sweats and that uneasy, uncomfortable feeling under your bum.

Long Lasting

The Sleep Company SmartGRID seat cushion will provide anti-fatigue support that never bottoms out, so your tushy stays comfy and you stay productive for hours on end.

Specially available for

Office/Car Use


Pregnancy Support

Old-Age comfort

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Sit Comfortably With Smart Seat Cushion

Working long hours at a workstation may be advantageous to your career, but it is not beneficial to your body. The Sleep Company recognizes the likelihood of this practice and has designed the Smart Seat Cushion. You won't have to worry about muscular pain and swelling if you buy this seat cushion online . On the contrary, it keeps your spine in optimal alignment during your sitting.

The incredibly soft and plush texture of the Smart Seat Cushion's smartgrid technology layer delivers ultimate comfort and no pressure support, and the grid pattern allows maximum airflow. Its long-lasting anti-fatigue support makes it ideal for office, automobile, wheelchair, pregnant, or elderly support and comfort.

The Sleep Company is a well-known mattress manufacturer in India that uses a patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer in their products, which is a food-grade, hypoallergenic, hyper-elastic polymer. To provide our consumers with the best sleep experience possible, we at the Sleep Company never compromise on product quality and customer care and always manufacture items that give optimum support and comfort.

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