Got Allergies? How Your Bed Might Be the Culprit

Got Allergies? How Your Bed Might Be the Culprit

Got Allergies

No one liked getting sick. But what if I told you you can have allergies because of the mattress or bed that you sleep on?

Irritated, swollen eyes, cold and bad throat, we’ve all succumbed to these sensitivities eventually in our lives. Cough and cold are on the off chance that you’re a sensitivity victim, having previous experiences. What’s more terrible is managing irritated, red eyes and sniffling in the room, the one place in our house that ought to be a sanctuary. However, what large numbers of us don’t understand is that our bedding may be the reason for most of our unfavorably susceptible responses.

The very well-known reason for sensitivity to side effects at home is the residue bug or dust mite, a slippery little creature that makes your bedding its feeding place and feeds off chips of dead skin that fall off while we are asleep. To compound the situation, it’s not the residue bug you’re adversely affected by, it’s their dung.

You get up in the first part of the day with bothersome eyes, a cold, and a dim inclination. Maybe you spent a piece of the day presented to dust, or it’s because of the air you’re exposed to dust in the air that comes from the window or opening doors.

Our bedrooms are the safe space we go back to at the end of the day. It is our own space of calmness we look for and many emotions that we go through in that room. We bring or remove those that are close to us or do not fit in with us. But there are chances of germs and mites invading our sanctity

Does Memory Foam Mattress Cause Allergies?

Allergies could be different forms and reactions to various food or environmental issues. Kind of a few fragrances could make one uncomfortable or a few keep sneezing after coming to a dusty area. We have listed all the possible ways of reacting to allergies and how you could identify and cut them off your life.

Could be the Smell

There are chances that our bed sometimes produces a weird and not so regular smell. Off-gassing is the term used to describe smell. A few people have problems or allergies with the materials used in the mattress. So prior to buying a mattress read and researched to know about the materials used. Be sure to read the label thoroughly when looking for a mattress free of these substances. These can be eliminated by covering the bed with an organic or 100% cotton mattress that suits your health. These substances have been known to cause allergic reactions in some cases. Be sure to read the label thoroughly when looking for a mattress free of these substances.

Dust can be a major issue

We, humans, are all the time shedding dead skins which eventually will follow to the space we sleep in. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells from humans, we shed around 40,000 skin cells an hour. This abundance of nutrients makes dust mites develop.

These bugs’ discharges are much of the time what trigger hypersensitive responses and allergies. The bodies react and get skin redness, swollen eyes, or face. These parasites love living in sleeping pads since we invest such a lot of energy there, so they’re almost difficult to stay away from.

Do these bugs or mites start living on the Bed?

These mites or bugs survive on our dead skins. So if we are shedding them on our mattress it is possible they are living on the bed with us. Various types of mattresses have been argued to be the best pick for mite mitigation. Nonetheless, they all will hold onto them somewhat.

Materials like latex can be much more convenient to clear up. This is because most of the time these bugs keep settling on it and you could also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of these bugs and their residue. Froth and other level surfaces can likewise be vacuumed and cleaned completely. When fighting residue parasites, these sorts ought to be better than innerspring. Utilizing a hypoallergenic cover is probably the simplest and best answer for these tiny dead skin eaters.

Mattress-Related Allergies: Following Ways to Reduce Them

The thing is if you are experiencing any such allergies and they are not because of food or the environment. Then seeking an expert opinion is necessary. But along with those meds, a clean and safe living space also ensures you do not go through these issues. Let us go through the following:

Change Bedsheets and pillow covers at regular intervals:

These items are where we spend most of our time or come and jump off after a long day. It is equally important that we take good care and keep them clean at regular intervals.

Mattress must be changed:

Yes, this may be new to you. Changing mattresses after every 7-10 years is healthier for your body and space. There can be many cases of parasites living in them for a long period. It can hamper your family’s health.

Maintain a Healthy Home:

This can be easily achieved by practicing healthier hygiene habits. We have already discussed earlier how sheets and pillowcases ought to be habitually washed (something like one time per week) in steaming hot water to eliminate residue and take care of residue parasites. While the vast majority have this move toward a place. Cleaning the floors and windows where there can be the formation of dust particles to avoid attracting these bugs and mites.


There can be multiple other reasons that come along with having allergies and infections. Choosing the right mattress is also very vital. You should look for allergy-free mattresses if you are prone to waking up with sneezes or a running nose. These could be because of the space or the place you are sleeping in or living in. In case they continue to do so, get in touch with a doctor to find out if there is anything you can do.

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