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When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, quality sleep is essential. A restful night’s sleep directly impacts how happy you feel when you get up each morning. Poor or interrupted sleep might result in mood changes, irritability, or grumpiness, which lowers productivity. It might have an adverse effect on your job and give your peers a wrong opinion of you. You need to eliminate all unnecessary distractions for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Before going to bed, put your phone away, eat healthily, unwind, and most importantly, get into the right size mattress. To fit in well, you must have a mattress that is the appropriate size that will give you enough space to twist and turn, so you don’t fall off the bed in your sleep.

A queen-size mattress provides enough area for two people to sleep without crowding the bedroom and fits well with smaller bedrooms.

Advantages Queen Size Mattress

Suitable for single person or couple

A queen-size mattress is the best choice if you are single or going to share your bed with a partner. Queen-size mattresses have the upper hand in their size on single or double beds as it provides more space even for two people and keeps them away from the fear of falling.


Sleeping on a queen-size mattress gives you the freedom to sleep in any position you want. Whether a side position with one hand spread in front or sleeping on the back with hands and legs spread, a queen-size mattress fits you well enough that your partner is least bothered and can sleep peacefully.

Suitable for smaller bedrooms

If your bedroom is not big enough to accommodate king size mattresses, then queen-size mattresses are excellent alternatives for that. They fit well in your smaller bedroom and give you a luxurious and hotel-like feeling.

Leaves extra space in big bedrooms

Even with the more oversized bedrooms, Queen size mattresses give you an advantage with extra space to put that favorite dressing table with a full-size mirror and some other artifacts. It also gives you ample space to walk freely in the room without bumping here and there.

Why should you buy a queen-size mattress from the Sleep Company?

If you buy a queen-size mattress from the Sleep Company, you are at an added advantage because it serves not one but two benefits.

Types depended on firmness.

The Sleep Company manufactures a variety of mattresses based on the firmness of the material according to customers’ requirements. From extra soft to extra firm, all types of ranges are available here, and that too in queen size.

Available mattress types
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress
  • Smart Luxe SnowTec Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Pro Mattress
  • Different sizes

    The Sleep Company has mattresses in different sizes within sizes.

    Don’t get confused! They have designed queen-size mattresses with some more variants based on the different height categories of people.

    The size chart
    72″ * 48″
    72″ * 60″
    72″ * 66″
    75″ * 48″
    75″ * 60″
    75″ * 66″
    78″ * 48″
    78″ * 60″
    78″ * 66″
    84″ * 60″
    84″ * 66″