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Buy Pillows and Cushions Online

To get a peaceful night’s sleep there are many players like mattress, temperature, light, and noise that play an important role. Similarly, another important player in this team is your pillow. You might still be struggling while sleeping even if you have the best mattress in the world, and to eliminate that struggle it's about time that you should change your pillow.

Pillows are essential elements of bedding sets to provide extra comfort and support to your head, shoulder and neck band. It is not enough to buy a mattress online, you also need a set of the best pillows online that not only give you cushioned comfort but also support your neck, head and shoulders. After extensive study and testing, the Sleep Company designed the smartest pillows with the greatest features. The Sleep Company didn’t stop there, they also recognised the significance 0f back and seat cushions and developed the smartest cushion to provide extra comfort and support while sitting.

Why pillows are important for sound sleep?

Imagine… resting your head on the softest pillow and instantly falling asleep without having to turn or toss multiple times. Well, that’s why pillows are important for sound sleep. Just as a mattress plays an important role f0r sound sleep the same way pillows are interconnected with the luxury of sound sleep. Choose the best quality pillows online by The Sleep Company, designed with precision to give your head and neck cloud-like comfort. Built with Patented SmartGRID technology, the pillows and the cushions are soft to touch and comfier for a good sleep.

Types of Pillows and Cushions

The Sleep Company has designed some of the best range of quality pillows that offer you ultimate comfort and support and allow you to sleep without compromising your health.

Smart Adjustable Pillow

We are not the same if you never adjusted your pillow while you were struggling to catch that peaceful night’s sleep! This super Smart Adjustable pillow allows you to adjust the softness level with help of a zipper. Within seconds, you can go from firm and supportive to super soft and comfy in few seconds.

Smart Hybrid Pillow

The Smart Hybrid Pillow is the best in sleep science and the only SmartGRID pillow that has more than 1000 air channels to ensure your pillow stays cool and breathable. It is coupled with high-quality TPE material that will help you to get rid of those annoying allergies and gives you peaceful, undisturbed sleep, allowing you to wake up well-rested and energised.

Snowtec Adjustable Plush Pillow

Sleep cooler every night with our uniquely designed Snowtech Adjustable Plush Pillow. It is built with innovative technology that helps you sleep at 4-6 degrees cooler for a deeper sleep. Get the feel of an instant icy cool sensation with its thermal conductivity and feel cooler with every use.

Smart Cervical Pillow

If you are looking pillows for neck painthen your search ends here! Presenting the SmartGRID cervical pillow that solves all your pain problems. This pillow is ergonomically designed to give your head, neck and shoulders the maximum amount of support. Its high-low design effectively meets different sleep needs.

Revlax Reversible Pillow

Unwind relaxation and experience the dual comfort of SmartGRID and 100% Natural Latex in a single pillow. The newly launched Revlax Reversible Pillow is designed with Patented SmartGRID technology in a honeycomb structure on one side and 100% Natural Latex on the other side. Simply flip the pillow for the desired comfort.

Types of Cushions

The Sleep Company’s smart cushions are the ultimate comfort and support provider while you are working or sitting for too long. There are two uniquely designed cushions with distinctive usage features.

Smart Seat Cushion

The seat cushion at The Sleep Company is an ergonomically designed SmartGRID cushion that ensures your spine is aligned for maximum comfort and support. It's ultra-soft and is designed with an open grid for optimum airflow perfect for offices, cars, wheelchairs or elderly people.

SmartGRID Back Cushion

The back cushionfrom The Sleep Company incorporates patented Japenese-sourced SmartGRID technology that relieves pressure spots, allows airflow, and provides enhanced posture support to your back and spine.

Benefits of buying pillows and cushions online from The Sleep Company

The following are the benefits of buying pillows and cushions online from The Sleep Company are:

  • It's durable
  • It is made with the best quality material
  • It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • It provides adequate comfort and support

Things to consider while buying a pillow

Sleeping position : Considering your sleeping position before buying a pillow will play an important role to provide you with the desired support and comfort your body needs. For example, a back sleeper will need a pillow that will support the back and neck, a side sleeper will require a pillow that will support the head to keep the spine aligned in a neutral position and a stomach sleeper will need a pillow that is softer.

Size : The size of the pillows may range from standard to king and for most people a standard-size pillow is big enough but if you need something bigger then one can opt for the king size that also goes well with the king-size mattress.

Weight : Sleeping pillow comes in different sizes and in weights. A memory foam or a latex pillow will weigh heavier while a synthetic pillow will be lighter in weight.

Fill : The comfort and support your body requires will also depend on the type of fill which are generally memory foam, cotton, wool, latex, etc. The pillows at The Sleep Company are made with SmartGRID technology and 100% natural latex that allows you uninterrupted sleep all night.

Material : The Sleep Company offers 5 different types of pillows which are distinguished through their construction and materials. These pillows meet various needs of people with different preferences.

Look for reviews : Once you have decided on the type of pillow you prefer, research and read reviews to choose the right pillow as a quality-made pillow will last longer and help you sleep better.

Choose comfort with our SmartGRID pillows

Waking up with neck pain is a nightmare for everyone. There are several reasons you suffer from neck pain; one is the wrong sleeping position and the other could be sleeping without a pillow or improper support. If you want the best pillow online for neck pain, then The Sleep Company’s pillows are the best option that cradles your neck and back and keeps them in a neutral position.

Frequently Asked Questions

    The Sleep Company has 5 different types of pillows for various preferences and needs. 

    • Comfort
    • Sleeping position
    • Chronic pain
    • Number of sleepers
    • Height, weight, etc of the sleeper

    When choosing the right pillow online keep a few aspects in mind like fill, weight, fabric, size, quality and materials. The right pillow should keep your head, neck and spine aligned. 

    The Revlax Reversible Pillow is a 2 in 1 pillow with SmartGRID on one side and 100% natural latex on the other side that relieves pressure points and provides adaptive support to your head and neck. .

    The unique Honeycomb structure with SmartGRID technology allows the grid walls to bend as per the pressure applied. 

    SnowTec technology helps you sleep 4 to 6 degrees cooler if you tend to sleep hot. It absorbs heat and moisture that makes you feel cooler with every use. 

    The adjustable pillow comes with a zipper that allows you to adjust the comfort level of your pillow. You can easily zip in for a firm feel and zip out for a softer feel. 

    People with neck and back pain should use a cervical pillow to reduce the pain. Cervical pillows are also known to be beneficial for back sleepers.  

    No, it is not recommended to wash the pillows.

    The Smart Cervical Pillow and Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow are best for senior citizens.

    The Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow is filled with 100% virgin micro-fiber cotton that makes it as soft as a cloud while keeping your head and neck cool and sweat-free throughout the night.

    Go for a pillow with a dry cleanable cover and wash it regularly at intervals. Give your pillows daily fluffing to restore their shape and remove dust.