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4.9/5 (4041)

Smart Cervical Pillow

Smart Cervical Pillow

Introducing The SmartGRID Cervical Pillow. The Super Specialized Pillow to solve all your pain problems. The pillow's contoured shape follows the natural curvature of the neck, promoting proper alignment and reducing strain on the cervical spine.

  • Complete head, neck and shoulder support
  •  Stress and pressure reliever
  • Soft as a cloud
  • Contours neck and shoulder
  • 1000+ air channels for cool comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic

Size: 24″ x 16″ x 4.7” (61cm x 40cm x 12cm)

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Support & Comfort

Designed with precision and crafted to perfection, it is the ultimate solution for your neck and spine alignment.

Stress-relieving Grid

SmartGRID technology adapts to the contours of head, neck & shoulder for optimal alignment. It promotes healthier sleep posture and relieves head pressure & stress.

Scientific design; Seamless Support

Gentle curve seamlessly molds from neck to head as enhanced by the plush rebound of TPE. With dual-height options, this pillow effortlessly caters to your unique sleep preferences.

Cool & Breathable

Intelligent airflow system and breathable structure with cooling SmartGRID technology creates a refreshing sleep. It also prevents overheating and provides optimal comfort.

The Smartest Cervical Pillow ever invented. Engineered to support your head, neck and shoulders like no other product in the market.

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Buy Best Cervical Pillow For Your Neck

Do you wake up every morning with a sore neck and stiff shoulders? Then buy cervical pillow online from the sleep company. It's one of the best pillow for neck pain, providing ultimate relief from cervical problems and helping you sleep better.

The Smart Cervical pillow is a curved-shaped pillow with a layer of smartgrid technology. The ergonomic structure of the Smart Cervical pillow fills the hollow base of the neck and supports the head and shoulders, further reducing cervical issues.

You can get the best quality pillow online from the Sleep Company's pillow collection assortment, which is an ultimate source of comfort and support. We design all of our products with great care in order to deliver the best sleeping experience to individuals all around the world.

Try our other products, such as mattress, chairs, bedding, and adjustable beds, to enhance your overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. These pillows are specifically designed in a curved shape to provide support for the neck and head. 

    No. This is a patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer made from hyper-elastic polymer. This is far better than memory foam.

    No. Smart cervical pillows are not washable.

    Yes. These pillows are suitable for senior citizens.

    It may take a few nights to adjust to these pillows, but they should not be uncomfortable or interfere with sleep.