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    Onyx Ortho Chair

    • 4.8/51500+ Reviews
    • From ₹12,999 SHOP ONYX
    • Advanced Orthopedic Support
    • Nylon Fibre
    • Mesh Fabric Cover
    • Multiple Adjustments Tilt Lock Mechanism

    • L 27 X B 22 X H 42 inches

    • 120Kg

    • Class 3 Samhongsa Gaslift

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    Aristo SmartGRID Chair

    • 4.8/51000+ Reviews
    • From ₹12,999 SHOP ARISTO
    • Long lasting Comfort
    • Nylon Fibre
    • Tifanny Blue Premium Mesh Fabric Cover
    • Multiple Adjustments Tilt Lock Mechanism

    • L 27 X B 22 X H 42 inches

    • 120Kg

    • Class 3 Samhongsa Gaslift

  • Smart-Ortho-Pro

    Stylux Ergo Chair

    • 4.9/51500+ Reviews
    • From ₹16,999SHOP STYLUX
    • Ultimate Sophistication
    • Nylon Fibre
    • Breathable Mesh
    • Dual Lever Tilt Lock Mechanism

    • L 27 x B 22 x H 47 inche

    • 125Kg

    • Class 4 Samhongsa Gas Lift


How does a chair impact your health?

Chairs are essential pieces of furniture in any living space, whether at work or at home. Though many people do not take it seriously, chairs can significantly impact your health positively and negatively. A good office chair not only assists us in maintaining good body posture but also improves our performance. On the other hand, long hours spent in the wrong chair can cause stiffness, neck, shoulder, and back pain, and poor body posture. If you believe that a standard chair will suffice for long work hours, then you should reconsider.

Buying the best office chair online can be a tricky task. Because of the pandemic, people have begun to spend more time sitting and working from home, so choosing a good ergonomic chair that will support your body alignment and help relieve your muscles is pivotal.

If you're looking for a comfortable chair for your home, here are some of the most significant things to think about before buying online.

Factors to consider before buying office chair online

Personal requirements

When you decide to buy office chair online, you first need to consider your personal requirements. Every individual has different requirements based on their personal preferences, body structures, and some other factors. Chairs come with varied features such as size, height, adjustability, and material, and each has different benefits. Select the most suitable chair for you or people who are going to use it frequently.

Adequate Support

The next factor to consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair online is whether it is supportive enough. Many top brands in India pay special attention to and design chairs that provide adequate lumbar support and prevent body aches, hunched backs, and ruined natural spine curves.


Ensure that the ergonomic chair you've chosen complements the home décor style and fulfills its objective. You must always pick a color scheme and designs that match the home's cabinets, tables, walls, and sofas so that it doesn't look odd.


You can make your choice based on the material. Foam, fabric, leather, and mesh chairs are available online. It will help if you buy office chair based on your personal preference, the quality and durability of the material.


Buying the best chair online does not imply that you should disregard the price tag and purchase something that would cost you a month's salary. Choose a chair that is not only affordable but also offers an outstanding return on investment due to the excellent aesthetic used in manufacturing.

Are you confused about which brands in India have the best office chair?

When you search online for the best chair available in India, a long list of brands shows up. Amongst all the top brands in India, The Sleep Company is rapidly growing as the one and only brand to buy ergonomic chairs. The Sleep Company strives to optimize products by incorporating patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layers to deliver maximum support and comfort, either working or sleeping.

Whether you are looking for an orthopedic chair online or an ergonomic chair online, the Sleep Company designs the best office chairs in India.

Different types of chairs you will find at the Sleep Company

For the perfect look, it is critical to understand all types of chairs available and their proper placement in the office or home. Our collection is built with various personal requirements in mind.

Onyx SmartGRID Chair

The Sleep company’s Onyx SmartGRID Chairs are the best orthopedic chairs online. The unique design of the Onyx SmartGRID Chair offers additional back support. It is India's first and only ortho chair, and it adjusts to one's body structure to provide a pain-free living environment.

Aristo SmartGRID Chair

The Sleep Company's Aristo SmartGRID office chairs are the ideal blend of comfort and elegance. If you are looking for the chair for long sitting online then Aristo SmartGRID Chair is your answer. The SmartGRID technology layer in the chair delivers optimal comfort to your spine and buttocks throughout prolonged sitting hours.

Stylux Ergo Chair

The Sleep Company's Stylux Ergo Chair is a perfect blend of modern style, refinement, and futuristic comfort. Your search for the best Ergonomic chair for gaming ends here with Stylux Ergo Chair. It's the best ergonomic chair online, with an ingeniously carved traditional C-shaped back curve to give necessary lumbar support and reduce stooping.

All about Smart Chairs

The Sleep Company's SmartGRID office chairs are way superior due to the exquisite features listed down below:

Smart Grid layer

All chairs of the Sleep Company are called smart chairs for a reason, and that is the usage of the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer in them. The smartGRID technology layer is food grade, hypoallergenic, and hyper-elastic polymer. It's well-known for its supportive and comfy features, which wrap your bottom and provide additional padding.

Adjustable features

Another aspect of the Sleep Company's Smart Office Chairs is the adjustable headrest, armrest, and backrest, which allow the chair to be adjusted to meet individual needs. Swivels and caster wheels allow you to easily move chairs around without twisting and moving your body at odd angles.

Style statement

The Sleep Company understands the importance of appearance, which is why our Smart chairs are made with high-quality materials, innovative designs, and trendy color schemes.

Perfect fit for all places

Our Smart chairs are ideal for any venue due to their unique features and styles. They look great in the office, at home, in the conference room, or in the reception area. Anyone, from office workers to children to senior citizens, can use them easily and comfortably.