Tips for Remodelling Your Bedroom This Diwali

Tips for Remodelling Your Bedroom This Diwali

Diwali is the festival when people clean their homes, give them a new look to their homes, and make them more welcoming, refreshing, and lively. However, many people think that the bedrooms are a somewhat private and exclusive part of our house which is not used for public display or attending to any guests. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to renovate it.

But that’s very much wrong interpretation on different parts as we all require a good and vibrant bedroom to help us get rid of all day’s tiredness and fatigue and sleep with peace, positivity, and comfort. And, what’s better than Diwali, the festival of lights to do it.

A complete renovation or rearrangement

When you plan for renovation, it’s not always that you want to change it completely. Sometimes you have old furniture or decor as good as new and one of your favorites that you don’t want to change at all.


Therefore, before you begin renovation, decide whether you want a complete change, small changes, or rearrangements of interior and furniture.


Things to consider before revamping the bedroom


There are specific points you need to weigh before starting bedroom renovation.



Planning is an essential stage of every activity, including the renovation of bedrooms. It helps you get a fair idea of what you need to do and saves time and money while keeping you stress-free. Since you don’t want your house in a mess during guest visits on Diwali, ensure to plan renovation way before the festival begins.

Make a list of questions like

  • Why do you want to renovate?
  • Are you renovating all bedrooms or just one?
  • Are you renovating from scratch or just doing the needful?

Select a contractor

In today’s world, you can get many options, guides, and equipment for DIY renovations. However, sometimes many reasons don’t allow you to do it by yourself, such as no time, lack of expertise and equipment. Therefore, hiring contractors or experts is feasible as they have enough experience, human resources, and instruments.

Select a theme

Once you finalize the contractor, it’s time to decide on the theme or the design you want for your bedroom. Here you can take the help of contractors that you have hired who have in-house interior designers and catalogues with different themes, designs, and concepts.

Also, you can use search engines, interior design magazines, or references taken from houses of known people.

Set a budget

While you work on finding contractors, themes, and other things, do not forget the main thing, budget. You need to decide the budget for renovations and then finalize everything within it to avoid a lack of finance as the work progresses.

Ideas to revamp your bedroom

Color Scheme

The color of the walls is crucial to the overall appearance of the bedroom. As a result, choose a color palette that appeals to you, complements your persona, and creates a relaxed environment in the space.

Color scheming provides several alternatives; thus, don’t restrict yourself to primary colors and experiment with different combinations and tints.

Colors that are basic, contemporary, and primitive make a room stand out. Cool hues will compliment a vast bedroom. For example, turquoise, most grays, and blue-violet provide a relaxing and tranquil impact. Smaller bedrooms might benefit from relaxing light shades like pastels, pinks, and yellows.

Also, keep in mind that various colors correspond to different energies. As a result, you want to choose something you won’t be sorry for. Avoid high-energy tones like strong reds, brilliant greens, or loud and tropical colors in the bedroom because it is a place of relaxation.

You can mix and match color combinations, such as when you buy mattresses online and get bedsheets that compliment wall colors and bedroom themes.


After selecting a color pallet, you next need to decide is Lighting. It should complement not only color scheming but also be helpful for your needs. Bedrooms are generally used for reading, getting ready for bed or going out, romance, or relaxing apart from sleeping. Therefore, select lighting options that won’t be too bright or loud to keep your brain active enough not to let you sleep.

There are many lighting options available nowadays that you can experiment with and bring an elegant look to your bedroom.

You can use some lighting ideas such as:

  • A Chandelier People use chandeliers mostly in living rooms, but they add elegance to your minimalist or contemporary bedroom. If you have a sitting area in the bedroom, you can use a chandelier to describe the difference.
  • Flush-Mounting Ceiling Fixtures Regular bulbs with decorative plastic or glass covers on the ceiling are the most common yet sophisticated lighting sources.
  • Wall Sconces People install wall sconces with the support of the wall to add extra oomph and a layer of Lighting in the bedroom.
  • Pendant Light Mounted and hung from the ceiling, pendant lights are standard in many households yet are stylish, trendy, and versatile light fixtures.
  • Recessed Lighting or downlights Mainly used in the living room, this Lighting can give your bedroom a contemporary look and goes well with other lighting fixtures.


Flooring plays a vital role in your bedroom. It should be safe to walk in and suitable for the bedroom interior at the same time. Apart from tile, several things can bring life to your floor in the bedroom and your personality. Such as,

  • Carpets - Using carpets to highlight floor colors is a classic move yet never becomes boring. Carpets give your feet and the bedroom a warm, soft, and cozy feeling.
  • Area Rugs -Area rugs act as artwork or supportive decor for carpets. Area rugs, available in various forms, sizes, colors, and patterns, are sophisticated and elegant solutions that complement any flooring.


Your bedroom decor is vital to make it look welcoming, warm, and homely. The bedroom is a place of relaxation and uses artwork that initiates a positive and relaxing vibe. You can use a different type of decor options according to your theme, such as,

  • Artifacts - People use artifacts to enhance the look of the bedroom. Using art that ensembles your ideals makes your bedroom feel more welcoming and warm. Also, the rearrangement of old artifacts refreshes the old look of your bedroom.
  • Indoor plant - Indoor plants are good options to bring some greenery inside your bedroom. Plants like the snake plant, areca palm, peace lily, and aloe vera are some choices you can use to beautify your bedroom and get more oxygen.
  • Window curtains - Window covers or curtains are an excellent way to add extra vibe and color to your bedroom and highlight the color scheme.


Without furniture, no house is completed, including a bedroom. Different types of furniture are available in the market, including specific designs for the bedroom. Such as,

  • Wardrobe -  Wardrobes or closets make the top list of must-have furniture in the bedroom. You can get readymade wardrobes or customized ones according to the space in your bedroom as well as you can design them as per your choice or the theme of the bedroom’s interior.
  • Dressing table - Most of us get ready in the bedroom, whether it’s for work or function, and a dressing table with a mirror becomes essential. From full-size mirror dressing tables to regular ones, you can get them designed per your choice.
  • Study table - When it comes to a children’s room, you may prefer to put a study table in it for them to have a silent, comfortable space to focus on their studies. You can get it customized or from the showroom with multiple drawers, study space, computer space, or extra racks to put books and stationery.
  • Bed - Bed, a prominent piece of furniture in the bedroom, needs main attention as you spend 30% of your life sleeping, sitting, or just relaxing. When you buy a bed, there comes a list of other things, such as


It’s a central structure made of different materials, from wood to metal. Also, you can buy adjustable bed online, which gives you the most comfortable feeling.


Once you finalize the bed frame, you can buy mattress online for comfort and support. The mattress brand in India offers a variety of mattresses, ranging from soft to firm, opulent to orthopedic.

Mattress protectors:

Mattress protectors are the ones who enhance the look of a bed as they cover the top part of it. You can buy protectors in different shades, materials, and patterns according to your choice.


You can buy pillows that will provide good support to your head, shoulder, and upper body and give an excellent look to the bed. Buy pillow covers that can match mattress protectors. 


Comforters are not generally placed on the bed but are used to protect us from colds or cover ourselves while sleeping. You can buy new ones or use homemade, customized ones as your choice.

Bottom Line:

Renovations are lengthy and mind-boggling tasks, which, if not done correctly, can ruin the complete look of your bedroom with money waste. Therefore, make sure to plan it properly, select contractors, and design it carefully according to your preferences so that you can flaunt it in front of your guests when they visit you this Diwali.

Happy Diwali

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