The Benefits of Massage for Good Sleep

The Benefits of Massage for Good Sleep

Massage for a better sleep

Sleep is prominent in leading a healthy and better life. Everyone requires the average sleep hours every night without a miss. To prevent yourselves from the disaster of sleepless nights, you take all measures, from buying the best mattress online to eating nutritious food and running miles to get exhausted and fall asleep.

But sometimes, you get tired of making efforts and look for the easiest and most relaxing way to help yourself get a night of good sleep, like a massage. The sole purpose of massage is to relieve body stress and relax you enough to feel sleepy.

Since ancient times massages have made their way into the list of treatments to ease body pain, injuries, and other health issues. Whether you get a simple head massage or some professional massage sessions, you will find drastic improvement in your mental, emotional, and physical health.

How does massage help to get better sleep?

After a massage, your relaxed muscles may make you feel heavier, allowing you to snuggle more deeply into your mattress. According to research, a massage releases hormones like serotonin and endorphins in the body.

An increased level of endorphin hormones relieves you from body pain and aches. On the other hand, increased serotonin hormones help increase the level of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone in the body, further helping the body reset its circadian rhythm. Another research suggests that massage relaxes your sympathetic nervous system ( which works as a stress response) and activates the parasympathetic nervous system ( which works as the body’s relaxation response), further decreasing the stress hormone cortisol level.

Additionally, massage helps the body remove chemical poisons that have built up in tense muscles, which lowers the probability of experiencing nightmares or other unsettling dreams.

Other Benefits of massage apart from sleep

You receive many extra advantages from regular massages, calm night time sleep, and the comfort of the best mattress online.

Such as

  • Stress reduction and relaxation enhancement
  • lowering tension, discomfort, and stiffness in the muscles
  • enhancing blood flow, vitality, and awareness
  • lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • enhancing immunological response
  • Neuromuscular pain relief

Massage also helps in getting rid of

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Digestion issues
  • Muscle spasms and soft tissue injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Types of massage for good sleep

Since ancient times, many massaging techniques have been developed worldwide. Here are some specialized techniques you can use to improve sleep quality.

1. Abhyanga

Abhyanga is Ayurvedic massage therapy involving a mixture of herbal oils and whole-body massage. It relieves fatigue, improves complexion and stamina, and even encourages lifespan. It balances our chakras while nourishing practically every area of the body. It is considered a passive workout that strengthens the limbs and enhances sleep.

2. Thai Herb Pouch massage

Another oldest method to relieve stress and body pain is the Thai Herb Pouch massage which includes various plants and herbs like patchouli, kaffir leaves, ginger, turmeric, etc. The technique combines acupressure, aromatherapy, shiatsu therapy, and muscle and connective tissue massage. As the warming impact of pouches relieves the tension from your muscles, the therapists help you drift into sleep slowly.

3. Hot stone massage

A remarkable Swedish therapy sought to harmonize and improve the body’s chakra energy centres using volcanic or lava stones. Clearing blockages in jing Luo energy pathways are sources of sickness and pain. Chinese massage therapists identify restricted flow routes and utilize palm pressure to restore equilibrium, renewing the body and making you feel as good as new.

4. Traditional Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese massage is more beneficial and effective with the inclusion of acupressure and acupuncture therapies. Chinese massage therapists locate regional flow routes and utilize hand pressure to restore equilibrium, renewing the body and making you feel as good as new.

Tips for doing a good massage for better sleep

Hiring a professional massage therapist is the best option. However, it’s not feasible all the time due to lots of reasons. Therefore, doing a self-massage or getting a massage from a partner is also useful.

Here are some tips for doing for yourself or your partner :

  • Downward strokes: Start massaging from the upper body and travel downward, stroking all pressure points—massage on either side of the spine with your palms. Proceed down to the lower part of the body while moving your palms in a circular motion. Lastly, moving to arms and legs.
  • Moderate pressure: You don’t want a deep-tissue massage or therapy for pain or injuries when getting a massage for sleep. It will help if you put your full attention on calming your body. Thus, apply moderate pressure with slow movements.
  • Use oil or moisturizer: To get better results, use oil, whether it’s massage oil, body oil or simple homemade oil. Warm the oil before using it to help you relax muscles and improve their strength. You can use moisturizer instead of oil.

Another solution to getting good sleep

Massage is just one medium that improves sleep quality. You can try several other options along with massage to get better sleep every night. One of the main solutions that help you improve your sleep quality is following a sleep-wake schedule.

Turn all the lights off in your bedroom, as our circadian rhythm follows day-light to signal our body to sleep and wake. Buy mattress online from reputed companies like the Sleep Company that will help you get added comfort and support to improve sleep quality.

Perform exercises like running, walking, and yoga to tire your body. A tired body makes the brain release sleep-inducing hormones. Avoid things like alcohol, caffeine, and heavy meals before bed, as they stimulate your brain and keep you wide awake.

Bottom line:

Massage is indeed an excellent remedy to achieve better sleep quality. If you can’t visit a professional therapist to get a massage all the time, do it at home with the help of parents, partners, or self-help. However, ensure that you learn proper expert techniques to get the best results.

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