7 Common Dreams And Their Interpretations

7 Common Dreams And Their Interpretations

Dreaming is a natural occurrence of unusual, unpredictable pictures in your mind during sleep. Since ancient times researchers and interpreters have learned more about dreams and their meanings. So far, they have made plenty of assumptions about some dream sequences, which are quite common and seen by many people regardless of their age and geographical conditions.

So let’s take a look at some common dreams and their interpretations done by experts.



As you go over the edge into oblivion, you feel a rush of air on your face. You thrash around, desperate for something to cling onto before hitting rock bottom, but there’s nothing and no one to save you. Terror swallows you as the bottom approaches, and then bang!

You wake up sweating and fastened heartbeats only to realize that you are in your bedroom and on a soft, plush mattress and only dreaming.

Dreams of falling into nothingness are most common and sleep disturbing. According to interpreters, if you dream about falling, then you are afraid or insecure about losing control of your life events. It also expresses that you are unhappy with life events that are taking shape against your wishes, such as failing in relationships or not getting your desired promotion at work.

Being chased

You hurry to a safe area while feeling a chill run down your spine. But the invisible beast chasing you will catch up with you shortly. You make every effort to reach the refuge, but your paths are perplexing, and there is nothing in sight.

When you feel the heat of a monster’s coarse palms approaching, you freeze and try to get out of the path, but you quickly tumble off the mattress. Nothing is after you; it was all a dream.

One of the regular and common dreams of running away or being chased interprets your fear of something coming your way despite your wish to avoid it.

Losing teeth


You are chewing your favorite toffee and suddenly feel excruciating pain in your mouth as something breaks. Yes, it’s’ your tooth! You get startled as you find it’s not just any tooth but the front one. Your anxiety grows, and as you are about to lose your mind, you wake up abruptly only to realize that it’s a dream.

Dreams about losing teeth represent many things, such as,

  • Personal loss in case of a loved one’s death, relationship, job, or home
  • Paranoia about religious beliefs or morals
  • Upcoming major changes like marriage, new job, house or location shifting


You arrive home and find your beloved sleeping on the couch. You try to wake them up, but no response as they are lifeless. You start crying uncontrollably as you feel a great loss. Your heart breaks, and suddenly you find the heavy burden on your chest waking up from your slumber. A horrible dream has ended with afterthoughts.

According to interpreters, dreams are representations of what you feel at the subconscious level. When you see someone else or yourself dying, it can mean different things, such as,

  • A feeling of being out of control
  • Insecurity or low confidence level
  • Setting yourself free or
  • Letting go

Taking a test


You suddenly find yourself rushing to school to attend a board exam. And, you realize that the exam you are supposed to give is totally different from the one you studied for; ultimately, you will fail. As soon as you see the exam paper, you freak out and hear your mother calling your name to wake up for office.

Despite being working professionals, this dream of giving exams in school is indeed one of the craziest dreams you may see frequently. Taking a test in your dream may show that you are stressed in your real life about not being ready for upcoming events or unforeseen challenges.

If you see a dream where you are ready for your exam or passing out with good grades, it interprets your readiness to face your life confidently and succeed in all challenges.


In the open sky, you find yourself flying alongside some pretty birds and wonder where you got the abilities. You don’t think much and enjoy the feeling while spreading your arms and taking in the bird view city below. It all seems real as suddenly you are woken up by your parents for acting weird, making you realize it was just a dream.

Or you suddenly wake up startled as you see some planes flying in weird ways without colliding with each other making no sense.

Dreams of flying or flying planes are a symbol of various things like

  • you are overcoming all challenges in life
  • Rising to a new level in life, relationship or workplace
  • A good time is about to start
  • Self-awareness, consciousness,

Being naked


A bizarre dream where you find yourself without a single cloth on your body. Or you find yourself running naked in public, trying to hide or get a piece of cloth but all in vain.

Dreams of showing up naked in places like school, work, or events is not unusual, and many experiences it at one point in their life.

When we are born, we are naked, and seeing yourself in your birth suit has a different meaning, such as,

  • Personal awareness in society
  • Insecurities
  • Being free of worries
  • Losing control over emotions

Recurring dreams

You may find that certain dreams occur frequently and make you restless at a length that you make efforts to find out the reason behind it. According to experts, recurring dreams can mean an ongoing problem in wake life and have an adverse or stressful impact on life.

You have undoubtedly had one or more of these dreams since individuals worldwide have experienced them. They might fade from your memory, just like most individuals forget 90% of their dreams. However, if you ever remember having a dream about falling or dying, think about if any of the suggested theories apply to you and your life. If that’s the case, then your subconscious is trying to alert you, and there may be a situation that has to be rectified. Happy Dreaming!

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