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Hybrid Pillow

The Hybrid Pillow - The Best in Sleep Science

We’re bringing something super big and super soft your way
A treat so comfy for your head, and neck, you’ll wake up so refreshed, everyday day! Introducing, the one and only SmartGRID Hybrid Pillow – India’s 1st & Only SmartGRID Pillow. Cloud-like comfort for your head and neck. The softest, comfiest pillow science can design. The Ultimate Pillow for the Ultimate Comfort! Get ready for the most blissful sleep of your life. Pillows are nonwashable.

Size: 26″ x 16″

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Super cool and breathable

The SmartGRID has more than 1000 air channels to ensure your pillow stays cool & breathable. This combined with cooling TPE material will give you cool, calm and comfortable nights.

Soft as a cloud

The Hybrid pillow, while giving your head and neck scientific, seamless support like no other, will make you feel like your head is drifting on a floating cloud of heavenly softness.

Hypoallergenic & non-toxic

The special GRID coupled with the high quality TPE material will get rid of those annoying allergies and give you peaceful, undisturbed sleep, allowing you to wake up well-rested and energised.

Scientific design, seamless support

The unique design combines with the soft rebound of the TPE to seamlessly fit the pillow to your neck and shoulders. It’s high-low design effectively meets different sleep needs.

Unique, patented SmartGRID Structure

The specially designed stress-relieving SmartGRID structure will help to relieve head pressure and stress, while giving you oodles of comfort all night long.


Why they love us



Recently, I have purchased this product through online. Its package was very good by The Sleep company and quality is great. It is very very comfortable for all age group people and premium look, matching with premium mattresses



Was going through with the neck pain from last 1 year. As per my research I tried every pillow, I have given a trial to this company pillow also and 80% of the pain went away.



Love the design and the material of the pillow.



After trying various sleep method and different pillow, I think this is one that has worked the best for me so far. I suffered alot from my back from work and I couldn’t sleep well. Now I am resting much more. Thank you SmartGrid hybrid pillow is too soft and comfortable


No matter in which position I sleep the pillow adapt and gives me the best comfort and support.



The pillow and its quality is awesome

Guntu raju


I am very satisfied with the Smart Grid Hybrid pillow.

sayyad awez


Gives good support to the neck.



Pillow material is the best quality. It takes its original shape within 4-5 seconds



The best SmartGrid pillow I have ever bought. Loved the technology

Subhrajit Pyne


I would personally recommend a Hybrid pillow. Really worth of money

Deepak panwar


Hybrid pillow is a good product, I faced neck pain for two weeks back but after I decided to purchase this & using for a week it's awesome now my neck pain & shoulder pain is fully recovered.



The sleep company’s Hybrid Pillow are the best as it has helped me a lot to sleep comfortably. I used to get neck pain which has reduced drastically 

Mohm Ali


Got this pillow for my mom because she always has back pain and she loved it, it is pretty comfortable and also gives mild cooling effect



It is also helpful to be used as a protective pillow for the new born and kids as it is harmless to kids.

Ajit Thakur


Ordered this mattress for my Parents. They are very happy with the product. perfectly suitable for their requirement.



This Hybrid pillow is too heavy and bulky so I read about it that heavy pillow are good for durability so it is. Am happy with this. Good Luck



Good quality as it stays in the same shape after using it for months

Vishal Chaudhary


The SmartGrid hybrid pillow is very comfortable and drags you into sleep fast because of its tenderness.



Very comfortable and value for money. Product is better than other top brands in the market

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