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Smart Cervical Pillow


Introducing The SmartGRID Cervical Pillow. The Super Specialized Pillow to solve all your pain problems.

It gives you complete head, neck, and shoulder support. What makes the SmartGRID Cervical Pillow so special is that it not only helps relieve head pressure but gives complete contouring support and cradles your head, neck and shoulders while you sleep.

Size: 24″ x 16″ (61cm x 41cm)

2499 - 4998

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Support and Comfort

Say goodbye to all your sleep problems because India’s 1st SmartGRID Cervical Pillow will give you support like nothing else. It’s time to bring back 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted, comfortable and blissful sleep

Stress-relieving Grid

This pillow is ergonomically designed to give your head, neck and shoulders maximum amounts of support while the specially designed stress-relieving grid will help to relieve head pressure and stress.

Scientific design; Seamless Support

The unique curve design combines with the soft rebound of the TPE to seamlessly fit the pillow to your neck and shoulders. It’s high-low design effectively meets different sleep needs.

Cool and Breathable

The breathable GRID combined with cooling TPE material will give you refreshing, breathable sleep. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, sultry night sweats and hello to cool, calm and comfortable nights.


The Smartest Cervical Pillow ever invented. Engineered to support your head, neck and shoulders like no other product in the market.

Why they love us

Aman Kujur


One Good purchase!

I recently shifted to a PG where we were 6 people living together, And we were provided with similar pillows for which most of us were very uncomfortable We insisted on buying the adjustable pillows. All of us are satisfied with the product as it provides comfort as per one’s preference

Shewta Singh


Full value for money

A very unique solution that The Sleep company has provided. I am very much satisfied by the purchase

Md. Taslim


A perfect pillow that is just as comfortable, just as thick and soft- how you’d love, And I have found one product that I’ve never thought I needed so bad The adjustable pillow, I can adjust a pillow based on my mood, based on how much support I require. ???.

Gurmeet Singh


My wife is used to sleeping with a thick pillow and the ones available were just uncomfortable for her. We both have our own preferences . It is amazing that we can adjust the thickness as per our preference.



The pillows are amazing, Most of the issues that I had been facing are resolved with just one purchase They don’t heat up like the ones that I used to have. They are soft and helps me sleep better at night.

saurav pillai


Comfort at its best, it is very convenient as the pillows are adjustable



After a long day, I was still struggling with sleep. You never know how much you need something until you’ve tried it. I use The sleep company mattress , pillow and even their comforter. The pillow is just perfect as I can adjust according to the support I require. The comforter is as so cozy, and the mattress helped a lot with my body ache. I’ve been sleeping better at night, which really helps me get through the day Keeps me healthy too.

Janardhan M


A ‘must try’ for people who are unsure about the type they require.

I have issue with my neck where I need a pillow with a perfect height and softness I recently discovered about The Sleep company Adjustable pillow I was very much fascinated by the solution, it was exactly what I have been looking for.

Rahul Kumar


The pillows are indeed very comfortable.

I am in love with the brand itself When I discovered about the Adjustable pillows, I was amazed by the idea The way they prioritize the comfort of the customer, The solution they come up with, It’s just amazing.

Payal Jain


Love the feeling!!

The pillows are great, the quality is premium, fabric used is of a good quality



Just perfect!

Perfect support for neck, Not too soft nor too firm

Niti Jha


Good purchase?

Being a side sleeper, regular pillows were very uncomfortable for me An adjustable pillow was the best solution available.

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