Smart Luxe Mattress

Smart Luxe Mattress

4.6/5 (1400+ Reviews)

Our most luxury mattress with soothing and supportive comfort. Designed with patented SmartGRID Technology, the only mattress in Indiathat is both soft for luxury comfort and firm for back support! The mattress is specially designed to let you experience the cosiest sleep and cloud-like comfort.

₹14,235.00 onwards
Smart Luxe Hybrid

Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

4.7/5 (800+ Reviews)

The Smart Luxe Hybrid is our high-end plush mattress designed for luxurious cloud-like comfort. The combination of SmarGRID and pocketed spring coils allow more airflow while sleeping.

₹17,940.00 onwards
Smart Ortho Mattress

Smart Ortho Mattress

4.7/5 (2400+ Reviews)

The most comfortable orthopedic mattress on the planet for your back and spine! The SmartGRID Ortho technology provides optimum comfort and firm back support. designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep.

₹11,925.00 onwards
Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

4.7/5 (1200+ Reviews)

The Smart Ortho Hybrid mattress is designed with the combination of SmartGRID Technology, Hybrid Spring, & advanced ortho support that relieves back pain and provides comfort all night.

₹20,940.00 onwards
Smart Luxe with SnowTec Cooling

Smart Luxe with SnowTec
Cooling Technology

4.8/5 (300+ Reviews)

SmartGRID mattress when paired with SnowTec cooling technology provides 10+ hours of cooler sleep. The latest cooling enhancements in the Smart luxe mattress are backed by rigorous research, testing, and strategic design.It allows more airflowthat gives you a natural icy feeling and cooling comfort.

₹19,235.00 onwards

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Choose the best mattress online 

To buy mattress online is no joke and to buy the right mattress online is even more challenging. There are plenty of mattress brands in India that promise the best comfort to you. To buy the best mattress online in India takes time and consideration of elements such as comfort, durability, strength, and style. If your mattress is worn out or feels saggy, you can explore the mattress online that meets your sleeping needs. The Sleep Company aims to redefine sleep culture through the scientific innovation of patented SmartGRID Technology. We are here to help you choose the best mattress in India.

Why Choose SmartGRID Mattress?

SmartGRID Mattress is the biggest sleep innovation, designed to improve your sleep quality. The SmartGRID mattresses are designed with the patented SmartGRID technology and hyper-elastic gel material. The 2500 air channels in a SmartGRID structure facilitate enough airflow, and you get the most relaxing sleeping nights. The exclusive SmartGRID technology is crafted with multiple layers of ingenuity, and each layer is scientifically designed for ultimate comfort and back support. 

Benefits of Sleeping on SmartGRID Mattress

How to buy SmartGRID Mattress online

The Sleep Company has outreached the top mattress brands in India, rolling out India’s first SmartGRID technology, offering pain-relieving comfort for relaxing nights. SmartGRID mattresses are designed to adapt smartly to your body shape and size and deliver ultimate comfort. Unlike memory foam mattress, SmartGRID Mattress provides both soft luxurious comfort and firm back support so that you enjoy both softness and firmness support while you are asleep. When you sleep on an ordinary mattress, the saggy or worn-out mattresses cause sore back and lazy mornings. However, the SmartGRID mattresses provide equal support to your body.  In addition, it comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring a higher return on investment. What more? Enjoy 100 nights trial to ensure that you’re sleeping on the best mattress online.

Mattresses in Custom Sizes

It’s critical that you sleep on a mattress that fits your bed frame properly. As a result, when you buy  luxury mattress online, be aware of the various sizes available and determine if they will suit your bed. All SmartGRID Mattresses are available in Single, King, Queen, and custom sizes as well. Buy king size mattress online if you’re looking to upgrade your bed mattress. If you want the right mattress for your bedroom, buy a queen size mattress online and sleep in luxurious comfort all night. If you’re still confused, you can send the dimensions of your bed and choose our custom size mattress that will be made for you.

Best Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain

If you’re having trouble sleeping and waking up with neck, shoulder, or back pain, it’s time to switch to an orthopedic mattress. If you’re looking to buy orthopedic mattress online, The Smart Ortho is the best orthopedic mattress for back pain that deliver even support to your body, providing cushioning comfort to your head, shoulders, and pelvis while supporting your spinal length. Back pain issues can be solved by sleeping on an orthopedic mattress. Choose the best mattress for back pain and sleep peacefully all night.

A well-rested you is a flawless you!

When you bring the best mattress brand in India into your house, you can rest easy. Your investment in a good night’s sleep deserves the best mattress. To buy best mattress online, fortunately, you no longer need to go far and wide for exceptionally comfortable sleep aids since we have them all for you. You won’t need to hunt for a mattress shop near me if you trust us.

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