How to Make Your Bedroom Monsoon Ready?

How to Make Your Bedroom Monsoon Ready?


The monsoon season is regarded by many as their favourite season of the year due to its reviving characteristics, including the earthy aroma of soaked soil, the humid atmosphere, and the appearance of new life everywhere. Despite being invigorating, the persistent rain, little sunlight, and the chilly temperature make us feel lethargic and want to cuddle up in a warm bed.

Thus, we tend to spend maximum time in the bedroom, so getting your bedroom monsoon ready is advisable to help you enjoy the weather without any worries.

Make it water-tight

Although it is secure behind the four walls of your bedroom, away from howling winds and the relentless rain outside, we must check for leaks in the ceiling and walls to prevent damage to your bedroom decoration, dampening of your mattress, and disruption of your sleep. So, to prevent damage, protect your walls with waterproof mortar and paint.

Refresh the look

Compared to other times of the year, we spend more time in the bedroom during the monsoon. Because of this, the human mind is prone to get bored by the same sights, making us more anxious and restless. Pre-monsoon bedroom decoration with some vibrant colors can instantly transform a dreary mood into an upbeat one. Though it’s impossible to change wall colors every season, you can try fresh, vibrantly colored mattress sheets, pillowcases, and bedcovers to add that x-factor to your bedroom. Use various sets of light material curtains rather than heavy ones so you may adjust them to your mood, and they can dry quickly.

Control the humidity


During the monsoons, high humidity is an inevitable source of worry for everyone since it damages the furniture and mattress and harbours bacteria that can cause illness. It’s usually important to maintain your bedroom adequately aired by opening windows and doors to let natural light and fresh air in whenever possible. Wipe wet floors and windows with a dry cloth to keep moisture from entering the space. An anti-humidifier is the easiest way to keep the humidity in your bedroom how you want it.

Uphold proper hygiene

Maintaining proper cleanliness is the most important aspect of sickness prevention. The monsoon season can be deadly for the furnishings in your bedroom and any living things within because it is when dangerous bacteria, insects, ants, flies, and mosquitos can flourish. It’s crucial to put an end to them by taking measures like scrubbing the floor with antibacterial cleaners, avoiding letting damp items touch the bed or mattress, and utilizing home remedies like camphor and essence. Also, executing bug management before the monsoon may have long-term effects.

Make it pleasant

Most of the time, prolonged moisture and inadequate ventilation might produce undesirable odour, making it impossible to remain in the bedroom for an extended period. Aromatic candles, air fresheners, and essential oil diffusers work their magic to convince you to stay inside for as long as you like.

So, after implementing the tips mentioned above, enjoy the lush and vivid air of the monsoon without any concern.

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