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SmartGRID Back Cushion


Ultra-cushioning for your lower back!
The best back cushion for a person working at their desk from home.

Introducing The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID back cushion for your lower back – made with our pioneering SmartGRID technology, our cushion aims to keep your back supported and well-cushioned for as long as you’re sitting.

Cushion Size: 15.5” X 18.6” X 2” (40cm x 47.25cm x 5cm)


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Made with patented SmartGRID tech

Just like all our other products, our back cushion comes integrated with our patented Japanese-sourced SmartGRID technology which helps relieve pressure points, allows cool airflow, and gives your back advanced posture support

Absorbant, smooth cushion cover

Our back cushion is designed to absorb sweat/fluids so that you can sit for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The smooth outer cushion cover gives you a luxe feel, along with the added cushion coverage

Secure strap to hold it in place

The secure strap fitted onto the back cushion helps hold it in place and avoids any movement while you sit and work so you don’t have to keep adjusting it or worry about it slipping. Our smart back cushion is a must-have accessory in your home office or even just your home!

Cooling comfort for your back

Our SmartGRID back-cushion is fashioned with a temperature-neutral grid entailing air channels that help facilitate cool airflow and hence, keep you sweat-free – despite external factors like heat or humidity.

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