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Smart Ortho Mattress

The Smart Ortho - The best mattress for back pain relief

10 Years Warranty
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We’ve got your back – literally!

Introducing the smartest Orthopedic mattress available today. The most comfortable mattress on the planet for your back and spine! Try our Smart Ortho inbuilt with our exclusive, groundbreaking SmartGRID technology, the first and only of its kind in India! It’s time to back your spine and back with the best in sleep technology.

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Why Choose Ortho

The flawless amalgamation of SmartGRID Ortho technology, along with great comfort is what every inch of our SMART Ortho mattress provides you with. This SmartGRID mattress is crafted with multiple layers of ingenuity; where each layer is scientifically designed to provide firm support for back and knitted with super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort, even during your long and lazy weekend slumbers.

SmartGRID Technology

Revolutionary Japanese SmartGRID Ortho Technology which gives you absolute pain relief, excellent spine care while intelligently adapting to your body’s shape for optimum comfort. Additionally, this dual layer mattress is also designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep. Available in 5/6 inches.


Soft cotton cover; SmartGRID with 2500 air channels to promote free air circulation throughout the night for sweat-free sleeping even during high humidity and hot summers. It is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic.


Ergonomically designed orthopedic mattress, with slight firmness for extra back support. This multi layer mattress is intelligently designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep,


What's under the covers?
5 Inches
6 Inches

Only the smartest sleep technology to ever be invented! Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology that beats any other mattress type in the industry boasting features like posture support, motion isolation and more that you cannot compare with any other mattress out there!


Why they love us

kavi banaras





Nice product

Jignesh Patel


Pressure relief

I absolutely loved this mattress! I've got back problems and wake up in a lot of pain every morning, after sleeping on this mattress I've noticed I haven't been hurting when I wake up anymore. It's the perfect balance of soft and firm and it feels like it forms to your body when you lay down. I sleep on my side and I feel like it molds to my contours in order to give me full support. I recommend this to everyone who wants a great night's sleep.

Rajesh Chauhan



Feel Much Better On Body Pains

We were very excited and were waiting for our mattress to come – it came in a very cute blue bag. We were super excited to open and unroll it – I still remember it opening and looking beautiful in the white and grey cover – very soft.  In the beginning it felt different and in few days my body pains started to reduce. I was sleeping much better – I hope it keeps its promise and we continue to love it ?.

Uma Maheshwari



Feels Amazing

Its our 5th day on this sleep company smart gel mattress and it feels amazing. First 2-3 days it did feel different as I believe we were adjusting to this unique layer. But now we are liking it.

Chandan kar


Back pain relief

The product is really good.I purchased it mainly for back pain and after using it I have experienced relief at a great extent.Thanks a lot to sleep company for such a good product with affordable price.

Amazon Customer


Good Product

“Good product…..got it 2 days back, on time…..
But keep in mind, it doesn’t come inside an outer cover with zipper as advertised…..just had a word with them regarding this and they said that they have stiched the outer cover as per customer reviews, they even changed the design of the fabric covering the sides, and they would be uploading the updates soon, so keep a watch on that….. rest its comfortable and seems like the product that i ordered…..as seen on advertising videos, earlier we could open the outer cover and somewhat see whats inside but now its not possible…..but after talking with the company i think it is what it says…..just waiting for the demo as per schedule…..its feels good and comfortable but after taking it out of the plastic seal you are welcome by some resin sort of smell which goes away though……go for it but do clear your doubts before buying…..”

Amazon Customer


 So for so good

It is only 4 weeks passed after I bought this bed, so for so good, It is good




Just Go For It

After a long hectic day at work, all we need is a good sleep and The sleep company mattress does the job. I am glad I purchased it.

Neha Singh


Quite Comfortable

It's bouncy and at the same time sturdy. Amazing

Akshay Pawar


Useful for back pain people

I have lower back pain since few years. I started using this mattress and it gives comfortable sleep. I would recommend to buy this mattress.

Ismail Mohd


supper quality.


Dr Mayur Jain


Ortho-Back support version - WORKS WELL, Dr. Mayur Jain MD Homeopathy

It's a joy for me to share my family's positive feedback for the SMART Ortho - 6″ (King) mattresses' and Smart GRID Hybrid Pillow... We are really satisfied, happy and experiencing spinal health recovery. I was looking out for a good healthy mattress for a long time. Purchased a good brand ortho care mattress in 2016 but the Spine-health was not getting better; also many of my patients were seeking my advice for mattress recommendations... that's why after going through all the best possible healthy mattresses available on market today, I finally decide to go with the latest technology SMART GRID. I am really happy with the decision and already recommending it to my patient and colleagues. The best point from my experience is that - it is soft and/or firm; where and as required by the body... may play a crucial role in your holistic health recovery. Thank you for the good mattress... Regards and all the best. Dr. Mayur Jain MD Homeopathy.


So far so good. Of all the mattress i went and tested, this one suprised me.

saw many reviews claiming that the mattress is too soft and you'd sink. That may be for luxe. But Ortho is perfect as it feels. Brilliant.

Badipalli Sreenivas


Smart Mattress Protector

sanjibani panigrahi


 Comfortable mattress, value for money.

Very comfortable mattress. And you actually don't feel the movement when the other person turns or moves. I have a dog who keeps jumping on and off the bed all night. And I actually don't feel it. I had back pain with my old sagging mattress. It's all gone now. Mattress is medium soft. Which is good.



 Very good product

"Excellent performance "

Neha Seth


No. 1 As Name Says

Smart mattress, Very comfortable loved it

Shubham Gehani


Good Quality

Quality is good

S. Satinder Pal Singh


Very Good Product

Very good

Looking for mattress for back pain? Get 2x more back pain relief with The Sleep Company Orthopedic Mattress. The Sleep Company is the Best mattress brand in India for orthopedic mattress. The Sleep Company Ortho Mattress has undergone numerous revisions to ensure that we have perfected the ingredients for a restful night's sleep.
The Sleep Company Orthopedic Mattress is crafted with multiple layer, with each layer is scientifically designed to provide firm support for your back and knitted with super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. You can buy mattress online from our range of SmartGRID Ortho mattress which is the best mattress brand in India actually helping thousands of customers helping get rid of back pain problems or SmartGRID Luxe Mattress which is the soft mattress with SmartGRID Technology.
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