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Luxe Bundle

Say hello to our Luxe Bundle filled with SmartGRID Luxe, Bamboo Protector & 2 SmartGRID Hybrid Pillows!

10 Years Warranty
100 Nights Trial

Our most popular & luxurious bundle!

Save Big with our Luxe Bundle – Add the perfect size for SmartGRID Luxe mattress to the cart and the perfect matching size of soft Bamboo Protector and 2 Smart Hybrid pillows will be added to cart automatically and yay you will get the special bundle discount at the cart page. So Treat yourself to most luxurious Bundle and say Hello to happy & healthy Sleep.

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Why Choose Luxe

The most luxurious and plush feeling you will ever get when you crawl into a bed. Smart Luxe is our high-end plush mattress designed for the coziest sleep and luxurious cloud like comfort. Smart Luxe cradles your body and make it feel like you are sinking into a cloud.

SmartGRID Technology

World’s Most Advanced Sleep technology for your sleep – the only mattress that intelligently adapts to your body shape. Patented SmartGRID is SOFT where you need comfort and FIRM where you need support – so best of both worlds.

Cooling Comfort

SmartGRID with 2500 air channels has temperature neutral technology to keep you cool & comfy. And the premium cotton Viscose cover ensures further softness and cool touch. So you sleep cool all night every night!

Softness & Durability

Super soft, plush, luxurious feel with cloud-like comfort, with our patented Japanese SmartGRID technology. SmartGRID mattress is crafted with multiple layers; where each layer is scientifically designed to provide support for your back and ultimate comfort.

The innovative Hyper elastic polymer material from Japan not only intelligently adapts to your body, but also retains its shape, without sinking, crumbling or collapsing, even after 10 years of use.

Ultimate Luxury

Smart Luxe provides utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes, and provide relief at all pressure points for a good night sleep. The premium cotton viscose top cover and the premium build quality provides you unparalled luxurious experience.

What’s under the covers?
6 Inches
8 Inches
10 Inches

Only the smartest sleep technology to ever be invented! Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology that beats any other mattress type in the industry boasting features like posture support, motion isolation and more that you cannot compare with any other mattress out there!

Why they love us



It’s The Just Right All Night Feeling You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

The mattress is a perfect blend of soft and firm characteristics. It gives your body the space to relax and accomodate while maintaining uniform balance relative to the body pressure; thus avoiding the sinking feeling and maintaining body shape. It regulates the air flow as promised.
The longevity and the durability will be answered in time.

Abhinandan Behera


Great product

Maha Harish



Excellent product

Amazon Customer


Comfy matress, comfy Sleep..

Except for unpacking the mattress…, for which I had to struggle a lot, it is very comfortable and worth the price.

aditya singh


Very Comfortable

I have been using this mattress since 6 months. My mom have been using this this and she loves it. Highly recommended. Thank you Sleep company for getting this in India.

Mubin Shaikh


Very Good Mattress Specially For Back Pain

Very Good Mattress Specially For Back Pain

sarmista Raulo


extreamly good quality

very comfortable ,helpful for back

Parveen Begum Shaik


Very relief in sleeping

It's very comfortable and relief in sleeping

Amazon Customer



Everything is fine but sometime i feel back pain

C Nanda Gopal


Super Comfortable..

Am very happy with the mattress. Super comfortable. It’s been 3 weeks now and all my body pains are gone. Its enjoyably soft and takes the shape of your body based on weight or pressure. Best buy for this price.

Sangeeta Desai



Excellent Innovative Product.

Excellent innovative product. Great mattress.



Very Good

Comfortable mattress.

Gaurav Sabhahit


Its comfortable and good support for back. Using since a month.

Tanya Bhola


expensive but worth it

"it is expensive but completely worth the money spent .. i was using a spring mattress which had lost its shape. The Sleep Company mattress is far more comfortable.. "



Good product

Nice one.

Swastik Poojari


Nice mattress

"I was initially not keen to buy a mattress online without trying. However given the company promised 100 Nights, I decided to try it. I would say it was a good decision and we have been sleeping nicely on our new mattress We love our mattress and are so happy we bought the sleep company. Enjoying great sleep and no back aches!!!"

Arnav Mehta


Most Comfortable Mattress

Most comfortable mattress

I had been using memory foam mattresses but was always tossing and turning at night since it was getting hot

Since I have been using the Sleep Company mattress I am able to sleep deeper and get up fresh

Highly recommend it

Daval katageri


Quality And Comfort Mattress

Quality sleep. Worth buying it. I am writing this review after 60 days experience.

Ajay Jacob


Awesome Matress from Sleep Company

After a lot of research, I had finally went for this. It's one of the finest and best matress , one could ever experience. Just close your eyes and go for it . You will never regret it. My back pain has drastically reduced after using this for a month . It is bit pricey , but you will forget the day you sleep on it .

Just a small suggestion : The company should advertise the product in all Media for people to buy and experience it . Thanks ?

H.N.Ravindra Kumar


Very good comfortable mattress

Very good mattress worth buying itz comfortable,can have quality sleep , has reduced the back pain , quality of the mattress is vry good

If you are searching for best Mattress in India then we covered you with Smart Luxe mattress the best mattress with the perfect combination of state of the art SmartGRID technology and the plush comfort SMART Luxe is the most luxurious and best mattress available in the segment. Quilted viscous cover at the top makes it even more desirable for the unparalled comfort it offers.
If you want to buy mattress online then you must look for our Luxe Mattress which is soft mattress with plush feeling made with innovative Smart GRIDs that provide utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes. Ths mattress online provides relief at all pressure points for a good night sleep. The quilted viscous top cover and the premium build quality provides you unparalled luxurious experience.
Your query for Best mattress brand in India ends here with our World’s Most Advanced Technology for your sleep – the only mattress online in India that intelligently adapts to your body shape. If you have larger bed we have covered you with the mattress for your bed. The Sleep Comapny has the Best King Size Mattress Online and Best Queen Size Mattress Online.
You can check our products which includes Bamboo Mattress Protector, Fiitted sheet, Mattress, Comforters, Hybrid pillow.

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