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Elev8 Smart Adjustable Bed Frame

Introducing advanced level of comfort with our revolutionary Smart Adjustable Bed. Take your sleep experience to the next level with our Smart Adjustable bed, designed to adjust your sleep position as per your comfort level at the click of a button and experience the zero gravity mode for balanced body comfort.

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King: Luxe Hybrid Mattress Size – 78X72x8 Inches ( 198cm x 182cm)
Queen: Luxe Hybrid Mattress Size – 78X60x8 Inches ( 198cm x 152cm)


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5 Year

Zero Gravity Mode - For almost weightlessness feel.

The zero-gravity (or Zero-G) position is a scientific sleeping position developed by NASA to reduce stress on the body and feel weightlessness. It eases back & neck pain, improves blood circulation, eliminates snoring and improves heart rate so you can get undisturbed sleep in the most relaxing position.

Anti-Snore Position – Enables Airflow freely

Snoring can be the barrier in the night time relaxation. You can simply use the remote to slightly elevate the position of your head that enables the air to flow more freely and reduces snoring and improves sleep.

Advanced TV / Reading Mode

Lounge in your favorite sleep position whether you want to enjoy watching tv or read your favorite book by simple relaxing in bed, do it all without adding a ton of extra pillows to keep yourself upright at a click of a button.

Dual Zone Massager - For Deep Relaxation and Better Sleep

Recline in our Smart Adjustable Bed for deeper relaxation and unwind your day with ultra-relaxing head & foot massage. You can control the intensity of the massage with our wireless remote to get the benefit of personalized massage.

One-touch Preset Flat Position or One Button Flat

You can easily return the bed to a flat position with the touch of a button. It allows to wake up in the morning with ease without any back or neck pain. Our wireless remote lets you control several adjustable settings with active touch technology to adjust your bed position that suits you perfectly.


DIY Easy Installation -

The Adjustable Bed can be installed in 4 simple steps:
1. Unfold the base to full Extention
2. Put the middle leg fastener into position C and install all the leg corners respectively.
3. Connect the main cord & Flip the base over.
4. Put the foot retainer on and connect to adapter and enjoy the comfort of our adjustable bed.

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