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Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed with Frame

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Introducing the most supportive, sturdy & super stylish upholstered Bed Frame. The frame is designed to give your Elev8 Bed a complete look and is a perfect addition to your bedroom setup. Whether you’re relaxing in zero gravity position or watching your favorite show in advanced TV mode, now enjoy the customize comfort features of Elev8 Bed with a little extra support of upholstered headboard. The modern upholstered details create a contemporary minimalist look with lifestyle-enhancing features that complements every space. 

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DIY Easy Installation -

The Adjustable Bed can be installed in 4 simple steps:
1. Assemble the headboard & footboard. Use bush at the bottom surface of two corner ends of the headboard & footboard. Attach both side frames with headboard & footboard using 8 Flat head screws.
2. Tighten the screw using the Allen key and fix the screw with Hex nuts and washer. Your Metal bed frame is ready! Attach the side, foot & head cushion to the metal bed frame using screws. Fix the screws with the Allen key.
3. Fix the 4 legs inside the bed frame using Flat head screws. Carefully place the Elev 8 Adjustable bed on the metal bed frame.
4. Adjust the bed to the TV position using the remote. Align the bottom of the Elev 8 Adjustable bed inside the legs of the metal bed frame. Your Adjustable bed Frame is ready!

Three Positions Proven to

Achieve Healthier Sleep

Sleeping with an inclined head angle helps reduce snoring thus improving your blood circulation. Enjoy watching TV or reading a book before bedtime simply by raising your head up. 


Sleep with almost a feeling of weightlessness with Elev8’s Zero G Mode. Scientifically designed by NASA, keeping your head and legs raised in  Zero G position reduces the pressure on your spine thus reducing neck & back pain while improving blood circulation.


Raising your feet up and relaxing is the perfect way to unwind your day. Elevating your legs helps to promote peaceful sleep, reduce swelling, and eliminate the chances of lower back pain as the position follows the natural curve of the body.

Anti-snore Position with advanced TV Mode

Sleeping with an inclined head angle helps to reduce snoring and improve blood circulation. Now enjoy watching your favorite TV show or reading a book before bedtime, do it all with ease by just raising the head section. It can be your perfect work-from-home buddy.

Upholstered headboard for extra Comfort

The upholstered cushioned headboard gives extra back support. The elegant headboard is upholstered by premium soft, breathable fabric that provides comfort whilst you sit or relax in bed. Pair your SmartGRID mattress with elev8 adjustable bed base and frame to enjoy a truly luxurious night’s sleep.

Sturdy & Stylish Frame

The outer bed frame is built with a metal frame covered by elegant grey upholstery that can enhance the overall look of any bedroom space. It’s everything you need to style up your bedroom. Apart from this, The frame is super easy to setup. It takes less than 30 minutes to setup the frame with the handy instructions given in the manual.

Dual Zone Massager

Activate the built-in massage feature that gives your head and lower back a dream massage taking away all the stress of the day with a relaxing sleep experience.

Elegant, Simple Remote
  • Wireless remote with 12 button interface.
  • Easy Up/Down buttons for head and foot sections.
  • Switch to Zero Gravity Mode with (ZG) button.
  • One touch flat mode setting.
  • Enjoy TV mode with the (TV) Button.

Elegant, Simple Remote

  • Wireless remote with 12 button interface.
  • Easy Up/Down buttons for head and foot sections.
  • Switch to Zero Gravity Mode with (ZG) button.
  • One touch flat mode setting.
  • Enjoy TV mode with the (TV) Button.

Salient Features

  • Head and foot elevations
  • Wireless Remote
  • Head and Foot Massage
  • Mattress bar to prevent mattress from sliding
  • Supports a maximum weight of 1000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Adjustable bed base has 6 legs-Exceeds industry standard of 4
  • Quick and easy assembly

Lift Angle

  • Max Head Tilt (Upper body ) – 0 to 60 degrees
  • Max Foot Tilt (Lower body) – 0 to 45 degree

Maximum Weight

  • 390kgs

Bed Base

  • Polyster Upholstery
  • Steel Retainer Bar

Frame & Legs

  • Steel Frame
  • Steel Legs


The Sleep Company adjustable bed frames come with a 5-year warranty: 5 Years warranty on the bed base, a 2-year warranty on motors, and a 1-year warranty on the remote.

For the first year, repairs and replacements are covered by The Sleep Company. After that, The Sleep Company offers a limited warranty for years 2-5. Parts may be replaced but the customer is responsible for service and transportation costs related to new parts during this time, and the defective parts must be returned to our facility within 14 days.


Our adjustable bed comes with free shipping and is shipped to the delivery address within 48 hours of placing the order. Once it leaves our facility, it can take 4 to 8 days for the product to get delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions 

An adjustable base bed, or recliner base bed, is a bed with a convertible multi-hinged lying surface that converts into different positions according to the user’s requirements, such as sleeping, sitting, or watching television.

Adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional bed frames as they tend to provide customised support with multiple sleep positions like reclining and zero gravity position that results in healthy posture, pressure relief, and proper circulation. 

Adjustable beds offer the benefit of being able to adjust your bed to a position that you feel most comfortable in. This will enable you to be able to fall asleep faster and avoid tossing and turning throughout the night.

The orthopedic health benefits of these beds can greatly benefit different people, especially those suffering from chronic back pain, joint pain, those recovering from joint surgery, or people who snore.

With the wireless remote, Elev 8 adjustable bed allows the raising and lowering of the head and foot of the bed, providing sleepers with a fully customizable rest experience based on their personal preferences.

All our SmartGRID Mattresses are excellent for Elev8 Adjustable Bed. 

Adjustable Bed during Pregnancy is working as the saviour for women. Being able to adjust your head and feet to achieve a zero-gravity feeling in an Elev8 Adjustable bed will provide significant relief for joints as well as promote circulation.

Yes, sleeping in Elev8’s Zero G position can help prevent or ease back pain. By customizing your sleep position, you can redistribute your body weight better. Raising your legs and knees can limit strain and reduce pressure on your lower back. 

Some doctors recommend adjustable beds to relieve symptoms of a medical condition. A doctor may recommend an electric bed if you have sleep apnea, acid reflux, arthritis, chronic back pain, or Restless Legs Syndrome.

An adjustable bed is the best investment for better sleep. Elev8 adjustable bed lets you customise your position, helping to keep your spine aligned and reducing pressure on your lower back and hips. 

An adjustable bed can be used just to relax and watch your favourite Tv show by just reclining the headrest with TV mode. You can also read a book, and work from your bed using the same TV mode.

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