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Why Prefer A Smart Grid Mattress – Important Reasons

January 23, 2020 by The Sleep Company

Comfort is a most important thing in the whole wide world. You are planning for holiday you will look for a comfortable place to stay, Comfortable way to travel and even a comfortable bed to sleep on. 

Mattress market has improved a lot these past few years, many mattress brands have come up with different different & attractive features . One of the mattress types has gotten all the attention and one of the most loved mattresses in Asia is nowadays is Smart Grid Mattress.

Smart Grid is made from a hyper elastic polymer gel material which has properties of absorbing pressure and providing comfort to the different body parts. The Grid has been designed to give a SOFT feeling on body curvatures like hips, shoulder while a FIRM feeling on back. This helps to reduce and avoids back pain and other body pains over time.

The Sleep Company set itself on the mission to really step-change the quality of sleep for each one of us. And was born The Sleep Company – the outcome of years of research with each layer created with SLEEP SCIENCE as the foundation. It is No Memory Foam, No Spring or Latex.

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