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Top 5 mattress brands you should know about (August 2021)

June 11, 2021 by The Sleep Company

Top 5 Mattress Brands


While stress and work are the two words hitting an all time high in everyday usage, it’s surprising that not many of us are able to sleep well. And now, more than ever, with the hit of the worst pandemic in history, 90% of us have had sleep struggles. Even 6 hours of unperturbed sleep is a rare luxury for many. Although sleep depends on a plethora of factors such as ambience, mood, health, lighting, diet, and general lifestyle, it’s interesting to note that it is heavily guided by the mattress we sleep on. We have highlighted the Top 5 Mattress brand to make your research on mattress easier.

It’s crucial that we understand the different types and brands of Mattresses available in the market in order to provide ourselves with the best that enables a good night’s sleep for us. Here’s a comparative analysis of the top 5 mattress brands in India:

The Sleep CompanySleepyHeadSleepyCatDuroflexWakefit
The Sleep Company, most widely known for its first ever SmartGRID mattress, provides ultimate comfort. Adaptive to any body type or size, giving support and comfort to every inch of the body. SmartGRID also aids in relieving stress at body parts like hips, shoulders to reduce body pains.SleepyHead’s range of mattresses are designed for a variety of desires and demands. Right from getting rid of sweaty, humid nights to experiencing a cool night’s sleep, to a choiceable range of cushiony and/or springy mattresses.A purrfect sleep? Sleepy Cat offers two broad variants in their mattress domain, one that’s more on the firm side, the other that is for those who prefer a cuddled sleep. Right from elderlies who need maximum support to the everyday millennial who prefers warm, cozy sleep, sleepy cat caters to all.Choose from a range of four qualities – Orthopedic, Energise, Natural Living, and Essential, Duroflex is a market leader in sleep accessories. With a strong research-backed portfolio of products, Duroflex provides the most safe and hygienic mattresses as well.With properties such as usability on both sides – one side for moderate firm, the other moderate softness, Wakefit has surely emerged as one of the most knowledgeable in the domain. Wakefit also houses some of the most doctor-recommended mattresses for orthopedic purposes.
The Secret to Sleep
SmartGRID mattresses do not comprise of memory foam and thus, provide 2500 air channels for air circulation to keep you cool, intelligently designed smart grid that’s soft at hips and shoulders and firm at the back, and also keeps sagging to a minimal low.Three Perfect mattresses, one tough choice – that’s the statement SleepyHead goes by as they feature 3 mattresses, one with cooling foam for superior cooling, the other with an orthopedic memory foam for those who need extra support, and one with dual side usability for those who need the best of both.Sleepy Cat presents luxury mattresses with 2 inch premium gel memory foam, orthopedic mattresses for all age groups, and air gel memory foam to choose from. These options aim to tend to a wide variety of people with varying sleeping patterns and demands.At the Duroflex world one can pick from Memory Foam, Coir, Latex Foam, Foam, Pocket Spring, and Bonnell Spring which are aimed at providing the best of support to different age groups and even accommodate customers with health-specific needs.Mattresses that build with a varying combinations of Memory Foam, Differential Pressure Foam, and High Resilience Foam ensure optimum comfort and support for all. While some provide firmness where it’s deemed necessary, the others cuddle you to a peaceful sleep.
The sleep of savings
Asia’s first ever Smart Grid mattress thrives on a technology that aims to bring the benefits of a good night’s sleep to all. Although not the most pocket friendly in the segment, The Sleep Company does come with many benefits that can make your purchase a sleep-worthy expense.Sleepy Head puts forth an interesting offering, which is when you buy online they don’t employ middlemen and ship directly from their factories which in turn reduces the cost by almost 60% of the actual. Also, they offer a 100-days trial period, if you cannot fall in love with your mattress within that time, Sleepy Head will take it back.Sleepy Cat offers benefits such as 30 days trial, free shipping, and a whopping 10 years warranty that just makes it a tad more lucrative in this range however, for the benefits these mattresses provide it would anway be a fair deal.Although a little higher on the pricing side, Wakefit mattresses come with the advantage of being recommended by many experts and also comes with 100 nights free trial, doorstep delivery, and even no cost EMI options, thus one can now afford a night of premium, unperturbed sleep.The most expensive in the category, Duroflex boasts of a plethora of different products to choose from in the mattress domain itself, however with their consistently running online offers and discounts, it might not be a big blow to your pockets considering a penny spent on good sleep is a penny earned.

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