Top 4 mattresses for back pain

July 8, 2021 by The Sleep Company

While sleep is not only a lifestyle essential but an essential for all the right medical and health reasons as well, not many of us analyze the way we really feel after we wake up. Neck and back pain is one of the most common conditions people face due to improper sleep / bad sleeping accessories. However, more often than not, the cause is attributed to longer work hours, incorrect posture, and so on.

Seldom do we realize that the everyday stiffness in our neck and shoulders could also be a result of a below-par mattress, and that’s exactly what we will discuss in this blog – the 4 best mattresses for back pain one should be in ultimate know about in order to do away with the notorious back pain that emerges after we wake up.

Wakefit’s Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Comfort SleepyHead’s 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Duroflex’s Back Magic Orthopaedic Certified Coir Mattress
This orthopedic mattress from Wakefit is equipped with a unique four-layered spine protection feature that provides utmost cushioning on the areas it’s required thus making it a recommended product when choosing the best mattress for lower back pain. The memory foam addition makes sure that the mattress adjusts to your body shape and size in order to guarantee consistent and uniform support throughout. Owing to these orthopedic features, the mattress takes away the risks of blood clot formation, and/or restlessness, thus, taking away back pain and stiffness. The differential pressure zone layer’s function is to align your spine in a straight line, thereby improving your sleeping posture. A unique creation among the 4 best mattresses for back pain from the house of India’s most effective innovators in the domain of sleep – built on the one-of-its-kind Japanese SmartGRID, a technology that’s developed from the patented hyper-elastic polymer. It allows the mattress to provide support in areas of stiffness while providing warmth and cushioning where it’s needed. Thus, relieving you of back pain with its six inches of plush comfort and orthopedic benefits. With smooth airflow and hollow grids that ensure no heat is trapped between the layers, this also comes with body-adaptive layers that take shape as per your body and help you do away with severe pain and other sleep-oriented orthopedic ailments. This mattress is thus a clear winner. The best part of SleepyHead mattresses is that they are neither hard nor spongy and strike an ideal balance between the both to provide superior comfort and care. Featuring a tactfully designed array of 4 breathable layers, this mattress is responsive, adjusts to one’s body shape, and provides ideal care and support at its best. The supportive foam base can provide maximum support for almost 90% of all body types without compromising on softness and cushiness. This mattress is also loved for its ability to provide a beautiful sinking feeling, much like a water bed. One of the best aspects of this mattress is that it provides a beautiful sinking feel without disturbing your partner. Thus, you can move around while sleeping and let your partner have a great night’s sleep as well. This mattress is unique in the sense that it comes equipped with a five-zoned support to help alleviate back pain. This is not only helpful but is also recommended by the NHA as one of the most preferred mattresses for severe backaches and neck stiffness. The first zone is for providing support to the head and neck, the second zone looks into the shoulders and the upper back. The third zone takes care of the hips while the 4th zone is meant for the upper waist and knee portions. This step-by-step comfort distribution is a welcome change in the domain of orthopedic mattresses. This seven-layered mattress provides ideal support to your body, starting with the Knitted fabric with PU Foam Quilting to offer a plush feel that helps you in confident decision making when choosing the best mattress for lower back pain.
  • Best-in-class back and neck support
  • Convenient to move around and roll up
  • Neither firm nor springy, excellent for back care
  • Delivers an effortless feel
  • Unique, patented SmartGRID Technology – India’s 1st & Only
  • Removes body heat and offers excellent comfort
  • Best in customer service.
  • Perfect firmness to get maximum relief from back pain
  • 100 nights offer
  • Kids can jump around without causing any change in the mattresses’ shape
  • Coir provides the perfect firmness to offer the highest relief from pain
  • Seven-layered support is unique.
  • One of the most comfortable mattresses available
One-sided mattress Pricing is a bit high but it’s totally worth it! A darker shade for the outer cover would have been appreciable A bit on the heavier side

These are the top 4 mattresses that one should know about if looking for a mattress to alleviate back pain.

When it comes to The Sleep Company, our one-of-a-kind, patented SmartGRID sleep technology inbuilt into our – what we like to call – SmartGRID mattress is designed with the ultimate levels of sleep technology. Our mattresses are guaranteed to give you the best sleep you’ve ever experienced. The unique patented grid technology has been tried, used and tested rigorously in different arenas – industrial, commercial, and in households to ultimately conclude that we possess sleep technology that is truly life-changing.

The unique SmartGRID technology provides the ultimate levels of comfort while you sleep, relieving any pain or pressure points that you may have. The soft transition foam enhances the re-bounce effect and the soft and breathable cover enables free airflow while you sleep, keeping you cool at night, keeping those annoying night sweats at bay. Our SmartGRID is so intelligently designed that it is soft in certain places like your hips and shoulders while firm in places where it should be like your back, giving you advanced levels of posture support – an extremely crucial feature in any mattress. Our ultra-elastic material will ensure that you experience zero sagging.

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