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The Sleep Company Mattress Vs SleepyCat Mattress

April 12, 2022 by The Sleep Company

Do you remember when was the last time you slept like a baby? If you’re still thinking, then maybe it is time to give a thought to your sleep. As we grow old, we tend to neglect our sleep schedules and blame our “busy” life for that. In reality, instead of blaming our outer world, we forget to notice the importance of the most essential support foundation of our sleep – The Mattress. It cannot be stressed enough that a best mattress can save you from your worst nightmares of having extreme back pain issues or having trouble falling asleep.

For a good night’s sleep, it is unfair to expect a peaceful sleep experience from an ordinary mattress. The power of a happy & peaceful good night’s sleep lies only with the best mattress. It can become a tricky task for some people to buy mattress online. For that reason, we are guiding you through a detailed comparison of the two best mattress brands in India. Here’s a guide that gives a detailed overview comparison of The Sleep Company and SleepyCat mattress, including their, construction, Firmness Score, Comfort Level, Orthopedic Support, and more.

MetricsThe Sleep Company MattressSleepyCat Mattress
INSIDE THE MATTRESS1. Premium cotton viscose top cover
2. Revolutionary SmartGRID layer
3. Ortho Support Layer
4. Soft Transition layer
5. Pocketed Spring
6. High Resilient Support Foam
1. Zipper Cover
2. Gel Memory Foam
3. Aeroflow Transition Foam
4. High Density Foam
5. Breezy Inner Cover
6. Anti-Skid Base
SMARTGRID Vs MEMORY FOAMSmartGRID mattress features advanced patented SmartGRID Technology that intelligently adapts to all body shapes, and provides relief at all pressure points.
The gel memory foam comfort layer offers great support and pressure release. A favorite among side and stomach sleepers.
COMFORT LEVELThe advanced SmartGRID Technology instantly adapts and is highly responsive to your body movements, weight, and shape so that you get precise, personalized comfort and support.
Soft Aeroflow transition layer extends the feeling of comfort from the top and is highly responsive. Latex foam facilitates opulent and magnificent comfort for better sleep.
FIRMNESS SCOREThe only mattress that provides the perfect balance of Soft luxury comfort and firm back support.
Firmness Score – Medium Firm (7.5/10)
A gel memory foam mattress that provides you a medium to firm feel for comfort.
Firmness Score – Medium Firm (6.5/10)
ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORTThe SmartGRID Mattress provides firm orthopaedic support to your upper & lower back and helps to relieve stress from the spine, hips, neck and shoulders.
The premium high-density foam at the bottom ensures better spinal support and helps increase the longevity of your orthopedic mattress.
MOTION TRANSFERAdvanced Motion Isolation technology cancels out any kind of disturbance caused by the person sleeping next to you.
The adaptive nature of the memory foam reduces motion transfer so you sleep disturbance-free.
HOT OR COLD SLEEPThe Structure of SmartGRID is designed in such a way that it has around 2500 air channels that promote airflow, relieve pressure points, release trapped heat and keep you cool all night long.
The open cell structure of the memory foam layer promotes free air circulation throughout the night and helps to regulate temperature that keeps you cool every night.
FABRIC/MATERIALA zippered, machine-washable top cover made of quilted premium cotton viscose, non-toxic and hypoallergenic fabric that provides luxurious feel.
Visco-knit fabric with four-way stretch with a concealed zipper at the base for easy removal and the material is machine-washable.
EASE OF BUYINGFree shipping within India. The mattress comes rolled in a bag – easy to install in less than 20 mins. What’s more? 100-nights free trial, easy returns, No-cost EMI, and a 10-year warranty.
Unbox your comfort as every mattress delivers in-A-Box! Avail 30 nights free trial, easy returns, free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is India’s leading comfort innovation company and the creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID mattress. Founded in 2019, the company aims to offer customers the best sleeping experience with SmartGRID technology that creates the ultimate comfort and optimal support to the body. The company has been single-handedly responsible for bringing India’s comfort technology ecosystem to the 21st century with its patented, revolutionary, SmartGRID technology. Today, with a wide range of products, it is revolutionizing the way people sleep and sit.


Established in the year 2017 With a mission to provide you with the best sleep experience, SleepyCat has simplified and curated a range of premium sleep products that are manufactured and delivered to your doorstep at factory prices. The brand is built to offer a personalized shopping experience with its unique concept of delivering comfort in a box, anywhere across India.

The Sleep Company Vs SleepyCat – Which is better?

Considering all the factors in mind, we have finally arrived at the conclusion while both mattresses provide an excellent sleep experience with their different & unique mattress features. However, If you are looking for the perfect balance of both orthopedic support and luxury comfort then there is no better option than the SmartGRID mattress. Ready to bring home the smartest and best mattress online? For more details, Visit – thesleepcompany.in

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