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Does a perfect mattress exist? Some of our aching backs may scream for some firm orthopedic support from a great orthopedic mattress, while some of us may need just the right amount of comfort to cradle our bodies. In order to choose the most suitable mattress for you, it is important to be aware of the best mattress brands in India. There are specific mattresses for back pain and some just for just pure luxury.

Today’s two competitors are The Sleep Company and Flo. Both brands’ mattresses not only provide great comfort and support but thrive on innovations that shape the way we sleep. Right from elevated orthopedic support to optimum ergonomic comfort, these mattress brands are available in both king size mattress and queen size mattresses. We’re going to help you choose the best mattress online that best suits your needs through a detailed comparison of these two mattress brands.

MetricsThe Sleep Company MattressFlo Mattress
INSIDE THE MATTRESS1.  Revolutionary SmartGRID Layer
2. Ortho Support GRID
3. Felt Layer
4. Pocketed Spring
5. High Resilient Support Foam ”TSC_Inside_Mattress"
1. High Resilience PU Foam
2. Cashmere Zippered Cover
3. Flo Responsive Foam
4. Cotton Inner Cover
5. 3D Airflow Fabric”Flo_Inside_Mattress"
SMARTGRID Vs MEMORY FOAMSmartGRID mattress features advanced patented SmartGRID Technology that intelligently adapts to all body shapes, and provides relief at all pressure points.”TSC_SmartGRID"Memory foam regains up to 4 times slower than other brands, thus providing greater pressure relief, 80% less tossing & turning and deeper sleep.”Flo_Memory_Foam"
COMFORT LEVELThe advanced SmartGRID Technology instantly adapts and is highly responsive to your body movements, weight, and shape so that you get precise, personalized comfort and support.”TSC_Comfort_Level"In the Flo Ergo mattress range, the anti-allergenic high resilience foam allows for some bounce in the mattress while also providing optimum comfort while you sleep.”Flo_Comfort_Level"
FIRMNESS SCOREThe only mattress that provides the perfect balance of Soft luxury comfort and firm back support.
Firmness Score – Medium Firm (7.5/10)”TSC_Firmness_Score"
The high resilience foam top layer has been designed to provide firm orthopaedic support.
Firmness Score – Medium Firm (7/10)”Flo_Firmness"
ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORTThe SmartGRID Mattress provides firm orthopaedic support to your upper & lower back and helps to relieve stress from the spine, hips, neck and shoulders.”TSC_Orthopedic_Support"Responsive foam base comes with Anti-Sag technology ensures adequate orthopedic support for your back and spine while you’re sleeping.”Flo_Orthopedic_Support"
MOTION TRANSFERAdvanced Motion Isolation technology cancels out any kind of disturbance caused by the person sleeping next to you.”TSC_Motion_Transfer"The Flo Ergo Mattress helps isolate external motion as much as possible without waking up any of its sleepers!
HOT OR COLD SLEEPThe Structure of SmartGRID is designed in such a way that it has around 2500 air channels that promote airflow, relieve pressure points, release trapped heat and keep you cool all night long.”TSC_Hot_Cold"The foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology.”Flo_Hot_Cold"
FABRIC/MATERIALA zippered, machine-washable top cover made of quilted premium cotton viscose, non-toxic and hypoallergenic fabric that provides luxurious feel.”TSC_Fabric"Fabric infused with Aloe Vera gel microcapsules comes with zippered removable machine-washable cover.”Flo_Fabric."
EASE OF BUYINGFree shipping within India. The mattress comes rolled in a bag – easy to install in less than 20 mins. What’s more? 100-nights free trial, easy returns, No-cost EMI, and a 10-year warranty.”TSC_Easy_Buying"Avail 100 nights’ free trial, easy returns, Standard shipping is done via FedEx Ground and is free within India. 7-day delivery – guaranteed with 10-year warranty.”Flo_Easy_Buying"

The Sleep Company 

The Sleep Company is India’s leading comfort innovation company and the creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID mattress. Founded in 2019, the company aims to offer customers the best sleeping experience with SmartGRID technology that creates the ultimate comfort and optimal support to the body. The company has been single-handedly responsible for bringing India’s comfort technology ecosystem to the 21st century with its patented, revolutionary, SmartGRID technology. Today, with a wide range of products, it is revolutionizing the way people sleep and sit.


Flo Mattress was launched in 2018 to do away with middlemen and stay close to consumer preferences. It also claims to be a pioneer brand that has built awareness around healthy sleeping habits and developed a variety of innovative products for a pan-India market. Flo is for young shoppers with on-the-go lifestyles who enjoy their much needed sleep and appreciate innovation. 

The Sleep Company Vs Flo – Which is better?

The detailed comparative analysis above sheds some light on a few key metrics to consider when choosing the best mattress online for you.

While one can buy mattresses online in an easy, hassle-free way, it’s key to be aware of the mattress that just suits you right. Thus, based on our conclusion, and the above stats comparison, we would rate The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID a tad bit higher on the perfect sleep scale than Flo’s Mattresses. For more details, Visit – thesleepcompany.in