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Ortho Bundle (Copy)

Say hello to our Ortho Bundle filled with SmartGRID Ortho, Bamboo Protector & 2 SmartGRID Hybrid Pillows!

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Perfect Bundle for Smart Comfort!

Save Big with our Ortho Bundle – Select the perfect size for SmartGRID Ortho mattress  and press add to cart and you will get the special bundle discount of 1000 INR at the cart page. Treat yourself to perfect Ortho Bundle and say Bye to all body pains and Hello to happy & healthy Sleep.

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Why Choose Ortho

The flawless amalgamation of SmartGRID Ortho technology, along with great comfort is what every inch of our SMART Ortho mattress provides you with. This SmartGRID orthopedic mattress is crafted with multiple layers of ingenuity; where each layer is scientifically designed to provide firm support for back and knitted with super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort, even during your long and lazy weekend slumbers.

SmartGRID Technology

Revolutionary Japanese SmartGRID Ortho Technology which gives you absolute pain relief, excellent spine care while intelligently adapting to your body’s shape for optimum comfort. Additionally, this dual layer mattress is also designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep. Available in 5/6 inches.


Soft cotton cover; SmartGRID with 2500 air channels to promote free air circulation throughout the night for sweat-free sleeping even during high humidity and hot summers. It is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic.


Ergonomically designed orthopedic mattress, with slight firmness for extra back support. This multi layer mattress is intelligently designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep,


What's under the covers?
5 Inches
6 Inches
8 Inches

Only the smartest sleep technology to ever be invented! Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology that beats any other mattress type in the industry boasting features like posture support, motion isolation and more that you cannot compare with any other mattress out there!


Why they love us



Worth The Price

After using this mattress for 3 months, I can say it’s worth the price and very comfortable to sleep.

Sampath Kumar


Pretty soft and comfort

">Package Perfect package and good suppportprovided video links on how to open. >Unboxing Very great experience in Unboxing the package. Felt very excited on the decompression. >Material Felt very premium cloth and nice texture on the Top side (white) Bottom also pretty nice Grey color texture >Size and Comfort Size is exactly what was ordered 78*72*8 Comfort is excellent. Very soft, my kid wants to sleep on this bed as she felt soft. Cons : no Cons at all. since I was adjusted to hard mattress so far, body adjustment to this soft and luxe is little taking"

Suresh Singh


 So far So good

"Good as of now "

Rahul Sonkar


Cool & Comfy

"I really like it! It stays firm as you sleep I was using a foam mattress and it had completely sagged - shifting to the sleep company has been amazing. we have been using it for last 1 year and it is still same comfortable and same support. Fingers crossed ! Best service - the sleep company customer care team is very good. they guide you on how to buy the mattress .. post buying they will call to confirm size. the delivery happened before timeline. And the best is company calls to really get an honest review on how you like the mattress .. "



Kid's love

The Smart Grid Luxe is just amazing and my kids love this mattress.

Amazon Customer


Perfect Realisation of Sleep

I bought this after lost of research and I am very much satisfied with my decision. It gives comfort to whole body, specially your back. They are using new technology which work perfectly. I would highly recommend to go for it…!

srinivas raju



Sleeping On A Cloud

I bought the mattress a month back –  i cant be happier about the choice. it is true to its word .. i sleep so much better every night – most comfortable. i dont feel like there is anything under me – its like sleeping on a cloud.

their service also has been amazing  from the start till date. thank you

V Kavin


Disappointed with the delivery agent

I'm completely satisfied with the mattress eventhough I've given only 4 stars it's just because of the delivery agency. Hope you will change the delivery agent for my next order

Subhankar Dutta



"Like floating on a cloud! This mattress gives a truly different feeling. Support where you need it, cushioning where it hurts. Stays Quite cool overnight compared to memory or HD foam mattresses. My pillow feels warmer by comparison now. Bounce isolation is comparable to pocket spring mattresses. It does take some getting used to,transitioning from any other mattress type. But I sleep like a baby now. Highly Recommended for heavy people. Back & waist pain is all gone"

Tanu Goyal



Really Cool And Comfy

When I heard about this Gel Mattress, I visited their amazon page. On first look I found it very different – seemed like some serious R&D and thought gone behind the product. Loved Dr. Teddy ? and my son keeps on asking to open the website. I visited the website and did more research – the grid structure is very unique. I have been sleeping on this for now 2 weeks and I can never think of going back to my old memory foam mattress which felt hot and now I realize how uncomfortable that was.



It's an amazing product

This is the type of bed humans must sleep on. Buy a 10 inch one for best comfort.

Patel Sagar


I love this mattress

 So happy I purchased this bed and mattress I am very pleased with the quality of sheets/pillows/ and mattress protector as well. Definitely worth every penny:)

Sultan Shaikh


Great for back pain even in pregnancy

we bought this as my wife was having back pain during her pregnancy. smart ortho really helped her. also she has delievred and the bed is so comfortable. we are scared of lack of sleep as new parents but this is magical.. gives amazing back support and comfort thank you sleep company




"Go for 8 inches because for 10 inch mattress u wont find perfect waterproof cover as in current market there are waterproof covers for only 6 and 8 inches and not for 10 inch. Other than that mattress is extremely good"



Very Comfortable

Reviewed in India on 8 January 2020
Amazing mattress ? love it

Bina Arora



Super Satisfied

After several years of waking up with lower back pain, and knowing full well that the mattress had to be replaced, we finally settled on sleep company. There are lots of competitors in this same space – we tried the grid mattress at our friend’s house and liked it on the first night. I wish they had launched this grid mattress earlier. Happy and thanks

Prasoon Prashant


Very good

We used other company mattresses but found it stiffer but in this mattress it's just perfect my mother who is found of softness happily abdoned her old mattress which she previously thought is the softest option for her

Amazon Customer


The Great Sleep Company

Great product, great technology, great quality sleep, thank you The Sleep Company. I will recommend to all who inquire to me.....My request to the team if they can provide customized mattresses for my sofa cum bed I will definitely go for it....Good job ....Keep it up.....

Hemant Jadhav


 8 inch is perfect for comfort seekers

"Pros Spring action of smartgrid is very supportive It makes room for expanding belly of Stomach sleepers while breathing Softness is medium, surface doesn't sink below 2 inch for 80kg person. No trapped down feeling as of beach hammock It supports even when slept on edges Smaller pillow is required No disturbance to fellow sleepers No back pain after 2-3 nights Lastly, given the comfort it provides you fall asleep immediately Cons 1 week is required for the varnish odours and heat trapped inside to die down 2 to 3 weeks are required for body to get adjusted if one had cotton mattress previously 100 night trial is not applicable on Amazon purchase Mattress is little heavy to handle but its ok if they are giving 10 year warranty against 1 inch sagging No call was made by their sleep expert Lastly in humid climates, AC is a must above 30 celsius otherwise body sweats heavily."

Hardik Aher


Extremely satisfied with the product

We usually see mattress as a product which should be bought physically seeing all the necessary comfort. But, because of the lockdown we decided to order the mattress online for a change. So, after days of research we came accross this Smart grid Ortho mattress which was the only product which felt feasible to us. We were shocked by the quality of packaging the sleep company gives in the first place. The quality of the mattress was also top notch. Specifically the Grid technology which this mattress provides differentiates the product from others. The edge support, size, comfort, overall support, size of the mattress everything checks in. Really worth every penny. And, would recommend you to buy this product without a doubt

Looking for a orthopedic mattress for back pain? Get 2x more back pain relief with The Sleep Company Orthopedic Mattress. The Sleep Company is the best mattress brand in India for orthopedic mattress. The Sleep Company Orthopedic Mattress has undergone numerous revisions to ensure that we have perfected the ingredients for a restful night's sleep.
The Sleep Company Orthopedic Mattress is crafted with multiple layer, with each layer is scientifically designed to provide firm support for your back and knitted with super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. You can buy mattress online from our range of SmartGRID Ortho mattress which is the best mattress brand in India actually helping thousands of customers helping get rid of back pain problems or SmartGRID Luxe Mattress which is the soft mattress with SmartGRID Technology.
Your query for best mattress brand in India ends here with our World’s Most Advanced Technology for your sleep – the only mattress online in India that intelligently adapts to your body shape. If you have larger bed we have covered you with the mattress for your bed. The Sleep Comapny has the Best King Size Mattress Online and Best Queen Size Mattress Online.
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