Orthopedic Mattresses

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    Smart Ortho

    • 4.9/52600+ Reviews
    • From ₹9,999SHOP ORTHO
    • Ultimate back pain relief
    • 5/6/8
    • Available
    • Medium

    • Revolutionary 1” SmartGRID to provide
      Ultimate comfort.

      3” Soft Transition Layer to enhance
      re-bounce and provide comfort.

      2” High Resilient support foam for strong
      support & durability.

    • Premium 550 GSM Cotton Viscose Cover

    • Medium Soft with slight firmness.

  • Smart-Ortho-Pro

    Smart Ortho Pro

    • 4.8/5100+ Reviews
    • From ₹14,990 SHOP ORTHO PRO
    • Advanced Pressure Relief with 5 Zone Body Support
    • 8/10
    • Unavailable
    • Revolutionary 1” SmartGRID to provide ultimate comfort.

      5” High Resilient Orthopedic Foam for strong support & stability.

      2” Scientist-Approved 5 Zone Support for distributed body support & eliminates back pain issues.

    • Premium 550 GSM Knitted Cover with Quilted Foam

    • Medium Firm for pressure relief.

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    Luxury & Ortho Support

    Smart Ortho Hybrid

    • 4.8/5600+ Reviews
    • From ₹17,450SHOP ORTHO HYBRID
    • Lavish feel and pressure relief
    • 8/10
    • Available
    • Medium Soft

    • Revolutionary 1” SmartGRID to provide
      Ultimate comfort.

      4″ Pocketed Spring Coils for pressure relief
      and extra bounciness.

      3” Ortho advanced support foam for strong
      support & spine care.

    • Premium 650 GSM Cool
      Viscose Cover

    • Medium Soft for luxurious comfort


Buy Orthopedic Mattress Online

Sleep is incredibly important for restoring and rejuvenating our bodies and minds. However, we may not be able to do this for various internal and external reasons, such as back and muscle pain, disturbed sleep cycles, an uncomfortable mattress, or any sleep-related illnesses.

A new orthopedic mattress can be the answer if you have suffered from excruciating body and joint pain all day.

Why should you buy an orthopedic mattress from the Sleep Company?

The Sleep Company’s Smart Orthopedic mattresses are not just any memory foam, latex, or spring mattresses but are made with patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer, a hyper-elastic polymer with food-grade quality material.

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Orthopedic mattresses have many more beneficial features than you can imagine.

Advantages Of Orthopedic Mattress


The Sleep Company’s Orthopedic mattresses provide adequate Firmness that gives enough support to your body parts.

Solves orthopedic problems

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Orthopedic mattresses alleviate chronic body pains and are an excellent option for those with osteoarthritis and other medical conditions that cause joint discomfort.

Spinal alignment

Orthopedic mattresses help you maintain your body posture and spinal alignment. It is because the mattress relieves pressure points by adjusting to the body’s contour and the spine’s curve.


The orthopedic mattresses are intended solely to provide your joints, back, and neck with the necessary support. It helps eliminate health issues, including body pain and sleeping discomforts, with firm support to all body parts.

Size and types of Orthopedic mattresses at the Sleep Company

After considering the varied requirements of customers, the Sleep Company has designed their SmartGRID Orthopedic Mattresses based on their Firmness and sizes.

Types of SmartGRID Orthopedic Mattresses based on Firmness

The Sleep Company designed 3 different orthopedic mattresses based on their Firmness, ranging from medium firm to extra firm.

  • Smart Ortho Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Hybrid Pocketed Spring Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

Different Sizes of Orthopedic Mattress

At the Sleep Company, Orthopedic mattresses come in different sizes to fit all types of customers based on their height, body type, and a number of sleepers. Single, Queen, and King size Orthopedic mattresses are made in a standard size, while for people with specific requirements, customized sizes are also available.