Patented SmartGRID Technology provides superior comfort to your sitting experience - a better cushion and robust air circulation.

Smart Adjustable Cushioned Backrest ensures body & back comfort for long hours of sitting.


Celeb Spotted


Aura SmartGRID Executive Chair


Patented SmartGRID® Technology

Smooth and Durable Leather

Smart Adjustable Backrest

Seat Slider suitable for any height

3D Armrests

Adjustable Headrest


Felix Office High Back Chair

Ergonomic Masterclass

Patented SmartGRID® Technology

Masterclass Postural Back Support

Masterclass Ergonomics with 4D Armrests

Masterclass Aesthetics with Adaptive Mesh


XGen Pro Gaming Chair


Patented SmartGRID® Technology

Xtreme Recliner with Legrest

Xtreme Posture with 4D Armrests

Xtreme Design & Aesthetics


Stylux Ergo SmartGRID Chair

Ergonomics Redefined

Patented SmartGRID® Technology

Stylish Aesthetics

SpinePro Lumbar Support

BIFMA Certified


Onyx Ortho SmartGRID Chair

Ergonomics Redefined

Patented SmartGRID® Technology

Advanced Orthopaedic Support

Multiple Adjustments

BIFMA Certified



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What is an office chair?

In simplest terms, an office chair is a seat designed to use in an office or workspace. No matter if you work from home or work from the office, a comfortable office chair is a must. While it may seem simple to you, getting your hands on a best ergonomic chair is no easy feat. It comes in different shapes, sizes and for various needs and body types. However, SmartGRID office chairs at the Sleep Company have some of the best orthopedic chairs for back pain which are specifically designed to maintain a healthy posture of your back and spine.

Features of an office chair

Here are some of the important features to look for while purchasing an ergonomic chair online :

  • Lumbar Support: A proper lumbar support is the first and foremost feature to look for while buying a chair. It reduces the load on the lower back and aligns your back and neck.
  • Armrest: While looking for a new chair, make sure that you buy one with adjustable armrests. It's a good support system for your arms which promotes relaxation, de-stresses the back and neck, and maintains a good posture.
  • Adjustable headrest: The adjustable headrest gives support to your neck and shoulder and keeps your body in a healthy natural seating position.
  • Adjustable height: Adjustable height is just another important feature in a chair that improves comfort and corrects the bad posture habits.
  • Quality material: While buying a chair online ensure that your chair is not only stylish but also has a sturdy frame for a better durability.
  • Seat material: Sure leather seats are regarded as a matter of class but a mesh seat material design allows air to circulate your back keeping you cool and comfortable while you sit.
  • 360 degree swivel: The 360 degree swivel is the most essential function for doctors, people in offices and other professionals. With a swivel chair, you can easily move from one place to another without having to get up.

Choose the best office chair online

Whether you are working from the office or working from home, a comfortable chair makes everything endurable. To buy a comfortable chair online is like looking for the sea in the desert and with so many brands in the Indian market, sure it is strenuous to get your hands on that perfect one. If your work requires sitting at a place and working on the computer for long hours, or you are someone who loves gaming then explore the best ergonomic chair online that meets all your preferences. The chairs at the Sleep Company are exclusively designed with Patented SmartGRID technology that redefines your sitting experience.

Why choose SmartGRID chairs?

The chairs at The Sleep Company are the world's and first only SmartGRID chair with a perfect combination of design aesthetics and comfort. For long hours of comfort, it cradles

your tailbone and gives your tushy extra cushioning. Not just that it has more 2500+ air channels to ensure your seat stays cool and comfy.

Things to consider before buying an office chair online

Below mentioned are some tips to consider before buying a chair online :

  • Budget: Deciding a specific budget before buying a chair is the most important thing to consider.
  • Size: While buying a chair online , look for the right size according to your height and body to get the feel of the most comfortable sitting experience.
  • Material: A stylish chair might impress anyone, but a chair built with proper materials guarantees not only durability but also ensures maximum comfort while you sit and work for long hours.
  • Comfort level: With features like adjustable headrest, armrest, height, lumbar support, etc are something that derives the level of comfort. Make sure your chair has all the necessary features before you buy as concurrently it will boost your productivity.
  • Look for reviews: Keep the glasses on and do your research. Read reviews and guides online before buying a chair.

Sit in style with SmartGRID chair!

Often, we don’t realize how much harm our sitting posture can cause us and with growth in sedentary lifestyle - spending hours sitting in one position can be detrimental for one’s health.  With our innovatively designed chairs, we just made your search to buy chairs online easy for you. Your quest for the most comfortable chair ends here! 


    The Sleep Company has pioneered the Smart Sitting Technology with the introduction of the 1st & only SmartGRID®chairs. After years of rigorous research, SmartGRID® was invented by DRDO scientists. SmartGRID® is not memory foam or latex and it's the only inner material with a grid-shaped hyper-elastic polymer. The SmartGRID® construction allows the grids’ walls to bend down on body curvatures ensuring that there is no pressure placed on any part of your body while also providing enough cradling and cushioning. No matter how you sit, it is firm enough to support your glutes, but also soft enough to adapt to the shape of your body for a comfortable long duration sitting experience. There are many air channels in a SmartGRID® structure that facilitate enough airflow, giving cooling comfort for longer hours.

    Founded in 2019, The Sleep Company is the brainchild of husband-wife duo, Priyanka Salot & Harshil Salot. The Sleep Company is the result of years of meticulous research by Dr. Tripathi (ex-polymer head from India DRDO) in the field of sleep and material science. India’s leading comfort innovation company and the creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID® chairs, we aim to offer customers the best sleeping and sitting experience with SmartGRID® technology.


    • SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair is our premium model with all benefits of comfort and elegance while SmartGRID Onyx Ortho Chair is specially designed only for Orthopaedic Support
    • SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair has SpinePro adjustable lumbar support which is adjustable to your lower or middle back while we have a firm Lumbar Support in SmartGRID Onyx Ortho Chair
    • SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair has headrest with cushion which is not available in SmartGRID Onyx Ortho Chair
    • SmartGRID Stylux Chair has stylish aesthetics with breathable grey mesh while SmartGRID Onyx Ortho Chair has SmartGRID on both the backrest and the seat cushion

    A chair that supports the back, neck, and arms is recommended for long hours of sitting in the office. Look for chairs with adjustable seat height and depth, lumbar support, and armrests. The Sleep Company's Smart Office Chairs are an excellent alternative for those looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and ergonomic office chair.

    Chairs with SmartGRID technology layer are designed to provide several benefits, including increased comfort, support, and airflow. The SmartGRID Technology layer conforms to the body, eliminating pressure points and promoting healthy posture, while its unique structure promotes ventilation and heat dissipation. Additionally, SmartGRID-enabled chairs can help lower the risk of back pain and other discomfort caused by prolonged sitting

    An ergonomic chair is meant to improve proper posture, alleviate strain on the body, and increase comfort when sitting for long periods. Consider features like adjustable seat height and depth, lumbar support, and armrests when purchasing an ergonomic chair. The chair should also allow for good hip, back, and neck alignment and a comfortable seat and backrest made of breathable materials.

    The best office chair should support your body perfectly, allowing correct hip, back, and neck alignment. Chairs with adjustable height and depth, lumbar support, and armrests are perfect for long working hours. To pick the best choice for your needs, choose a chair made of comfortable and breathable materials, and consider your budget and the amount of time you spend sitting.

    It's better to replace your chair in 8 to 9 years. However, if there is evident wear and tear, it is best to replace your chair.

    Stylux Ergo Chair and Onyx Ortho Chai are Two different types of chairs with SmartGRID technology.

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