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Is Memory Foam A Rip-Off?

August 25, 2022 by The Sleep Company

SmartGRID vs Memory Foam

SmartGRIDMemory Foam
The 2500 air channels keep your body cool and don’t trap body heat.Memory foam is designed to react to body heat. It traps body heat and increases body temperature.  
The SmartGRID mattresses are made with food-grade hyper-elastic polymers.Memory foam mattresses are made with chemical-based polyurethane foam.
The grid pattern adapts body curvature and buckles under smaller body parts like hips, shoulders, and head while remaining firm under bigger parts like the back and providing adequate support.Memory foam buckles equally beneath body parts contrary to their size and weight. Therefore, it fails to provide support.
The open grid texture and 2500 air channels allow enough air flow and do not absorb body heat, making it suitable for any season.Memory foam mattress structure does not allow air flow and retains body heat, making it unsuitable for all seasons.
These are made with food-grade, non-volatile organic compounds, and chemical-free polymers.These are made with toxic, volatile organic compound chemical- polyurethane bases with Silica and calcium fillers.
  The SmartGRID mattresses maintain airflow and don’t smell and sag over time. Thus, it doesn’t require frequent flipping or airing.Memory foam mattresses don’t circulate air, smell, or sag over time. Therefore, it requires frequent flipping, airing, and dusting. 
Its flexibility and hyper-elasticity adapt to body curvature, making it suitable for all sleeping positions.Memory foam does not adapt to body curvature like the SmartGRID mattress and sinks equally beneath all body parts. Therefore, it is not suitable for all sleeping positions. 
It has a chemical-free non-toxic, food-grade polymer, making it safe and healthy.
It has toxic chemical components that cause health issues over the period.
Its grid texture and 2500 air channels allow users to breathe easily and don’t cause any respiratory issues. Memory foam is a mixture of toxic chemical compounds like polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, boric acid, antimony trioxide, and petrochemicals that create harmful gasses which increase respiratory disorders. 

The first thing people look for when purchasing a mattress is comfort. Memory foam was the ultimate in comfort and luxury for many years.

However, scientists focused on developing more comfortable and superior mattresses as technology advanced. And now, they’ve created the SmartGRID mattresses, which combine the benefits of memory foam, latex, or spring coil while avoiding their drawbacks.

Is SmartGRID a modern-day invention? Is it genuinely superior to memory foam mattresses? Or is it just another ruse used by corporations to boost sales?

Let’s find out more:

What is SmartGRID Technology?

SmartGRID Technology

SmartGRID technology material is a hyper-elastic polymer layer. It is a food-grade, hypoallergenic rubber-like material that is an all-in-one package of comfort, luxury, and support. Its grid structure is designed in such a way that it adapts body curves neatly and provides adequate support for correct parts.

Features of SmartGRID mattresses

Though not so old, SmartGRID mattresses made their impact on the market with outstanding features

1. Air circulation

SmartGRID mattresses are designed in a grid pattern with around 2500 air channels, making it easy for air to flow between mattress and body. Its temperature-neutral technology prevents heat absorption, ultimately allowing the human body to remain free of night sweats.

2. Adequate support 

The SmartGRID mattress automatically adjusts to body shape due to its column-like structure. These walls Snuggle smaller body parts like hips and shoulders while being FIRM under larger body parts like the back to maintain the spine straight. 

3. Adequate comfort.

The SmartGRID mattresses are designed in multiple layers with a top layer made of hyper-elastic polymer that adapts body curves easily and provides ultimate hotel-like comfort. 

4. Motion Isolation

The rubber-like material of the SmartGRID mattress is flexible and comes in a grid pattern that is soft to medium-firm, which creates excellent motion isolation. It prevents disturbances when one of you moves, tosses or turns without exchanging energy between partners. 

5. Hypoallergenic 

The SmartGRID layer is made of food-grade polymer and doesn’t have volatile organic compounds like memory foam, making it perfectly healthy and safe for its users. 

Benefits of SmartGRID Mattress

Hyper-elastic polymers used in the SmartGRID mattresses work as super-soft, cloud-like material. Its grid structure is beneficial in many ways, such as support, air circulation, and others. Let’s look at what benefits the SmartGrid mattress offers its users.

Maintains body temperature

Relieves back pain

Adapts body curves

Provides comfort

Isolates motions

No health issues

What is Memory Foam

Viscoelastic or low-resilience polyurethane foam is commonly known as memory foam. After its invention by NASA in the mid-60’s to enhance aircraft cushioning to ensure the safety of aircraft passengers during crash situations, it was introduced in the mattress industry. 

What is it made up of?

Memory foam is made of polyurethane and other chemical components like polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, boric acid, antimony trioxide, and petrochemicals. The different combinations of polyurethane and other chemicals are responsible for the viscosity and elasticity of memory foam. When it reacts with body heat, memory foam’s chemical formation softens the mattress and molds it according to body shape. 

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

Famous for more than four decades, memory foam mattresses give certain benefits to their users, such as comfort and affordability. Let’s understand it briefly.



Drawbacks of Memory Foam Mattress

Contrary to belief, the infamous memory foam has more drawbacks than benefits, which are sometimes life-threatening. Let’s have a look at its drawbacks.

Heat absorbing



Health issues


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