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How to Buy a Mattress Online?

September 16, 2022 by The Sleep Company

How to Buy a Mattress Online?

Everyone wants to live long and in good health. And we all know that to achieve that dream, we need to complete those 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night, amongst other things. However, most of us don’t know that good quality sleep and a good quality mattress go hand in hand.

Almost every mattress brand in India has embraced e-commerce as it expands globally to reach a wider audience. While many individuals have already started using e-commerce or online buying platforms, some still do things old-fashioned.

Mattresses are generally one-time investments and come at a higher price than other products. Also, our sleep quality depends on mattress quality; therefore, online mattress shopping is still a cliche topic for many. However, buying a mattress online is equally easy and safe as buying it from physical shops as well as it has added benefits compared to shopping from physical stores. 

So, for those who are in a dilemma about whether to buy mattress online or not and how to do it without struggle, we have come up with complete guidelines about online mattress shopping.


Buy a Mattress Online

Before we move forward, let’s look at some basic pointers one must consider before buying a mattress online.

1. Body requirement

2. Mattress material

3. Size of mattress

4. Firmness of mattress

5. Support

When should your mattress be replaced?

when to change the mattress

Before moving ahead with elaborated guidelines to buy mattresses online, understand why and when you need to change your mattress. 

Since mattresses also come with limited life periods, they perish in a few years and must be changed. The average life of any mattress runs between 8 to 10 years. 

Other than limited lifespan, you need to replace mattresses for various reasons such as sagging, broken, worn out, damaged, etc. 

No matter the reason, change your mattress if it fails to provide you with the comfort and support your body requires to get quality sleep for an extended period. 

Why is buying a mattress online beneficial?

Turning to e-commerce websites was a smart move made by sellers due to plenty of benefits. However, it’s not one-sided, as it gives numerous advantages to buyers also. Let’s analyze a few of them.

Tips for Buyers

Tips for Buyers

As we clear concerns about the advantages of buying online and why we need to change mattresses, let’s dive deeper into pointers we need to consider and steps to follow while shopping for a mattress online.

1. Body requirements

We use the mattress to get comfortable and ultimately achieve a goal of quality sleep and healthy life. Therefore, you need to consider your body’s needs before buying a mattress. 

Every person has different needs, and for that, they must use a particular mattress, Such as

Sleeping position:

A person generally sleeps in three positions: back, stomach and side. And every position creates different pressure points on different body parts, which requires additional firmness and support. 

Existing health issues:

The wrong mattress can trigger existing health issues like body pain, back pain, or respiratory disorders. Therefore, considering these issues while buying a mattress online is mandatory.

Body weight:

The sleeper’s body weight decides how firm a mattress is required to avoid sinking deeper or not enough. Also, the number of sleepers on one mattress is a point of consideration.

2. Mattress material

After determining your body requirements, the next step is to decide on mattress material. More than a few mattress materials are available in the market with similar or different features and advantages. However, not every material is suitable for your body. Therefore, decide which one is better for you all.


Recently invented Patented Japanese technology, SmartGRID mattresses have hyper-elastic and food-grade polymers that provide adequate comfort and support to all body parts by adapting natural curves.


Mattresses made with foam material are comfortable due to their soft and sinking under-body weight features. There several types of foam material mattresses are available in the market, such as memory foam, HR foam, coir and foam, cool gel foam, rebonded foam and PU foam.

Down feather

Down feather mattresses are good thermal insulators and provide soft padding to body joints, further relieving pressure. 


Spring or coil mattresses have extra bounce and softness. In these mattresses, fabric covers metal springs.


Hybrid mattresses use the best features of different materials together to provide support and comfort. These mattresses have a combination of metal core for support along with foam, latex or polyfoam for comfort. 


Latex mattresses are either made with synthetic latex from petrochemicals or natural latex from rubber trees. Latex mattresses are famous for their durability, eco-friendliness and adaptability to body curves.

3. Size of mattress

Mattresses come in different sizes to fit your room and bed frame, along with the number of people sleeping on them, such as single, with partner or kids, and pets. 

Mattress sizes come in two different patterns one is standard, and another is customized. Almost all mattress brands in India have standard mattresses categorized in several measures, such as single, twin, double, king, queen and California king, with the exact dimensions or slightly different to maintain their authenticity. Apart from standard-size mattresses, you can get customized mattress sizes as per your preferences.

Mattress sizeDimensionsBest for
Single72”*36”– Children
– Teenagers
– Single adults
Twin75”*38”– Taller teenagers
– Taller single adults
Twin (XL)80”*38”– Single adults
– Teenagers 
– Healthy people
Double75”*54”– Single adults
– Healthy people
– Couples
– More than one children
Queen80”*60”– Couples
– Single adult who wants extra space
King80”*76”– Couple who want extra space
– Single adult who share their bed with child, or pets
California84”*72”– Couples with height
– Couples who sleep with children, or pet

4. Firmness

Just like mattress size, the firmness of the mattress is also vital for getting adequate sleep without any body pain or health issues. 

From extra soft to extra firm, mattresses are divided on the standard scale of 1 to 10 with increasing firmness which almost every mattress brand in India follows. 

Firmness On scale of 1-10Best for
Extra soft1-2– Side sleepers
– Light weight people
Soft3-4– Side sleepers
– medium weight people
Medium firm5-6– Medium weight side sleepers
– Stomach sleepers
Firm7-8– Back or stomach sleepers
– Person with orthopedic issues
Extra Firm9-10– Back sleepers
– With chronic orthopedic issues

5. Support

Our body has a natural curvature and requires adequate support on each part to maintain that alignment. Also, when you sleep in different positions or have specific health issues, you need a mattress to provide support in varying quantities. Such as for side sleepers, a mattress needs to provide support below bigger body parts while needing to be soft and comfortable beneath the neck, hips and shoulder to reduce any pressure on them. 

Brownie points

If you follow the points mentioned above without hesitation, online shopping for mattresses becomes a piece of cake. 

However, considering the increased number of mattress brands in India and buyers’ trust factor, here are some brownie points that we would like to explain to you. 


Our every desire to shop depends on one thing, and that is budget. People invest a fortune in mattress shopping and tend to use it for longer. With so many variants of mattresses and increased competition amongst mattress brands in India, the cost of mattresses varies from high to low range.

Many factors affect the cost of mattresses, such as

Mattress Brands Policies

When you are buying online, the trust factor becomes prominent. Therefore checking the policies of mattress brands in India and the e-commerce websites you are buying from turns out to be crucial. There are several factors you need to check while going through brand policies, such as,

Bottom Line:

Mattress shopping in India had become much more accessible than before as brands began selling online and offline. Also, many shoppers are turning towards e-commerce websites and online stores due to various advantages. However, to avoid any issues with mattresses, make sure that you consider all points mentioned above. After all, it’s a matter of money, sleep and most importantly, your health. 

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