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Have a Good Night Sleep

April 10, 2020 by The Sleep Company

Tips for a good night sleep.

Even after hitting the bed on time, a lot of you have trouble falling asleep or worse waking up again and again, disrupting a good sleep. The Sleep Company, one of the best mattress brands in Asia definitely gives you the best mattress to sleep on, but it’s up to you to make changes in order to truly embrace the mattress with a good shut eye.

  1. Well Ventilated room: Suffocating rooms can lead to bad sleep. A well-ventilated room with windows and clean air to breath while sleeping is crucial for someone to have a good night sleep. Also, the body shouldn’t regulate body temperature while sleeping. Sleeping in a humid environment increases wakefulness while very little humidity inflames the respiratory tract.
  2. Turn off lights: When there is darkness, our eyes send a message to our brain to feel sleepy while source of light makes the brain think it’s time to stay awake and being alert. During sleep, if the eye detects slightest source of light like your tv, disrupts the sleep. It is advised to sleep with no lights.
  3. Light Dinner: A light dinner allows your body to focus less on digestion and more on a good sleep which in turn helps in rejuvenation of the body and cell repair.
  4. Stick to a sleep schedule: It is good to have a set sleep schedule to keep your body clock in place. Setting a time to wake up and hitting the bed, even on weekends, helps the body to automatically set the tone when it’s time to sleep. This allows the brain to fall asleep, have a good night sleep and wake up fresh for the day.
  5. Sleep on a comfortable mattress: Mattress plays an important role in your sleep. A bad mattress can lead to stressful nights filled with tossing and turning to find the ideal position to sleep. Body aches like stiff neck and back ache are also caused if the mattress does not provide optimum support.

Conclusion: A lot of factors that lead to a tight sleep depends on you, exercising daily and clearing your mind before hitting the bed are also beneficial in order to have a good sleep. With Smart GRID mattress you will definitely notice the difference in your sleeping patterns and you will not be affected with a morning stiff neck or back ache since out mattress is a pain relieving sleep mattress making it the best mattress to buy. Keep in mind the tips and tricks for a good sleep and leave everything else on our Smart Grid mattress.

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