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Say hello to your lifelong partner in your journey towards perfect sleep. Our ultra-elastic material will ensure that you experience zero sagging. Our SmartGRID mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty which begins at the date of purchase and is valid up to 10 years from the date of purchase.

SmartGRID doesn’t sag or sink like memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are high density, heavy, and slowly contour to your body’s shape. Memory foam doesn’t consistently give you the support you need throughout the night and generally sleeps hot. Unlike memory foam, the SmartGRID doesn’t trap body heat. As a result, our mattresses can maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.

SmartGRID is a unique grid structure, designed with hyper-elastic polymer allows the grids’ walls to bend down on body curvatures like the hips and shoulders, ensuring that there is no pressure placed on any part of your body while also providing enough cradling and cushioning. SmartGRID is engineered to be both soft and supportive.

No, it’s not required since The SmartGRID layer used in the mattress is an invention of Dr Tripathi, which helps reduce back pain.

Yes, you can use this mattress on the floor. However, it is not recommended.

It’s not compulsory to use a mattress protector. However, it is recommended to use a mattress protector to prolong mattress life.

The upper white layer is made of premium soft cotton viscose fabric.

No, the SmartGRID layer buckles down on smaller body parts like hips and shoulders to cuddle them while remaining firm on a body like the back to keep your spine straight.

The Smart Luxe is designed to give you hotel-like, luxurious comfort, whereas the Smart Ortho mattress provides relief from orthopedic issues.