Yes, it is appropriate for pregnant women since it includes a SmartGRID technology layer that gives increased comfort and a luxurious feel, as well as 2500 air channels for air circulation and a premium cotton Viscose cover that is soft and cool to the touch.

No, the SmartGRID mattress is an Indian product with a patented Japanese SmartGRID technology used in its upper layer to provide extra comfort and a luxurious hotel-like feeling at home.

Yes, you can use the SmartGRID Luxe Mattress on the floor. However, we recommend using a suitable bed or frame to increase the life of SmartGRID mattresses.

Yes, The SmartGRID mattress is foldable, and you can keep it folded for a few days or weeks. Also, it is very convenient to fold and carry SmartGRID mattresses while shifting. However, We suggest avoiding keeping it folded for months as it may affect the shape and firmness of the mattress.

Yes, The SmartGRID mattress has soft transitional foam in the middle layer, enhancing the re-bounce and giving you a hotel-like, luxurious feeling all night.

The SmartGRID mattress works well with any foundation due to its multiple-layered structure.

No, the top cover is not washable or removable. However, we always recommend simple wipe the covers or cleaning with a mild detergent if something spills.

No, since only the top side is beneficial since it is made with a SmartGRID technology layer, you can’t use both sides.

SmartGRID mattress is made with the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer, a hyper-elastic polymer that provides softness where you need comfort and firmness where you need support – the best of both worlds.

The base layers are made from high-density foam in 32-density. The top layer is the magical layer made from our patented SmartGRID technology, which is the most advanced technology to give you enhanced sleep quality with mind-blowing comfort.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Get Upto 5% off on MRP  

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  • Offer is valid on a minimum spend of Rs 20,000/- 
  • Offer is valid on a single transaction in a month 
  • Offer can be availed without any coupon code.
  • This offer is valid until 31st August 2022. 
  • HDFC Bank & The Sleep Company reserves the right to stop the offer promotion without prior notice 
  • Offer is valid on selected credit cards & selected BINs