Easy 4 Ways To Make Your Bedroom more Sleep-friendly

December 12, 2019 by The Sleep Company

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and the same goes for buying the best mattress for that matter. If you have a problem falling asleep at night you are not alone my friend.

Some people can’t sleep because of stress, some perhaps drank too much coffee, others may b don’t have the best environment for sleep.

Try these 4 simple ways to make your bedroom sleep friendly

Get comfortable Mattress – 

Nothing disturbs a good night’s sleep than an uncomfortable mattress. Do you often wake up often at night? Or did you feel back pain in the morning? Then it might be time to change your mattress. Choose a mattress that gives proper orthopedic support which relieves the pain points which causes body aches. Yout mattress should keep you cool through the night with zero partner disturbance. The Sleep Company mattresses keeps check on all the mentioned points. You can buy the best mattress online without any hassle and get it delivered to your doorstep for perfect sleep.


Use aromatherapy – 

Certain aromas such as vanilla & lavender help keep you calm & help you to fall asleep quickly.


Shut the curtains – 

Keeping your room totally dark at night is very important, shut the curtains and enjoy your sleep. Research says dark room will give a signal to your body that it’s time to sleep the same goes when we open the curtain in the morning the light will signify that it’s time to wake up.


Turn off the electronics – 

It might be tempting to use Netflix before falling asleep but using electronics before bedtime can disrupt your sleep patterns. It is said that light coming from Tv, laptop or mobile is disruptive and keeps many people from falling asleep.

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