Tips to Keep Your Bones Healthy Through Better Sleep

In the experiment that was carried out using laboratory rats, the researchers observed that a lack of sleep led to a stoppage in the creation of new bone. In furthermore to, the density of the bones that the rats already had proceeded to diminish as it normally would over time. 

When it came to the bone marrow, they discovered a reduction in the amount of fat and an increase in the number of cells that generate platelets. The conclusion that can be drawn from all of this is that the rats used in the study had far less flexibility and had bones that were more brittle.

Another study conducted in China discovered a correlation between getting less sleep and having reduced bone density in women who were middle-aged or older. The study participants were middle-aged or older.

Understanding bone health

Understanding bone health

We can deduce from this that in order to take proper care of one’s bones, one’s body must be capable to go through a process known as bone remodeling. The process is also essential to maintain the body’s flexibility in order to prevent fractures, which is why it is so important. When we return to our regular routine, our bones swiftly recover from the typical wear and tear that occurs. 

On the other hand, a drop in bone density is possible when sleep deprivation has a harmful effect on the remodeling of bones. As a result, we run the risk of becoming less flexible, which makes us more likely to suffer from fractures and osteoporosis. There is no room for debate; getting enough sleep is necessary for maintaining healthy bones. Continue reading for some helpful pointers on bone health that can contribute to an increase in bone density.

How does sleep help bone health?

In the course of sleep, the body goes through a variety of beneficial processes, one of which is bone remodeling, which is the process of removing old bone tissue and replacing it with new bone tissue. There is a pattern that repeats itself throughout the day. If you are sleeping less than usual, one possibility could be that the rebuilding of your bones isn’t taking place as it should.

Tips to Keep Your Bones Healthy Through Better Sleep

Increase your levels of melatonin. 

In addition to assisting with sleep, melatonin also performs the role of an antioxidant, minimizing the bone damage that can be produced by both physical activity and the presence of free radicals in the surrounding environment. It can speed up the recovery process after a broken bone or surgery.

Even while taking melatonin pills can make us dependent on them, there really are numerous other natural solutions that can assist in increasing the amount of melatonin that our bodies produce. Take in some natural light each day, but try to sleep in a room that’s as dark or as softly lit as possible.

Incorporate melatonin-rich foods into your diet. Some examples of such foods include sunflower seeds, almonds, eggs, and sour cherries. These foods can help you get started on the path to increasing the density of your backbone.

Get your blood pumping:

 Even just 10 minutes of aerobic activity can improve your quality of sleep for the rest of the night. Be sure to get your workout in throughout the day, and avoid doing it too close to bedtime. After exercise, you must give yourself time to rest and recuperate before continuing.

People frequently ask what kind of physical activity is best for developing bone density and strength. Exercising with a load, also known as weight-bearing conditioning, has been demonstrated to be advantageous for greater bone health. Walking while wearing a weighted vest is one of the most well-liked and secure ways to get in some extra exercise without going overboard it.

Because it helps people become more flexible and improves their balance, yoga lowers the chance of broken bones from falls. A healthy body weight is something that should be maintained at all times. Obesity is linked to sleep apnea, a condition that makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep.

Minerals and Vitamins

Magnesium has been lauded as a sleep aid, and it is also fantastic for creating strong bones. Making sure you get enough of the proper minerals and vitamins is important. There is evidence that calcium, iron, and zinc all contribute to protecting against osteoporosis. Because it makes it easier for the body to absorb calcium, vitamin D is an essential component in the treatment of osteoporosis.

You can obtain vitamin D from being exposed to sunlight, as well as by consuming saltwater fish, liver, or foods that have been fortified with vitamin D. A restful night’s sleep is much easier to achieve when your nutritional needs are met. This, in turn, contributes to improved bone health.

Sleep schedule

Develop a regular pattern for your sleep. Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule, including on the weekends, by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day.

stress and sleep

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders struggle to fall or stay asleep, and it can become difficult to determine whether the inability to fall or stay asleep is causing the anxiety or whether the anxiety is causing the inability to fall or stay asleep. It’s possible that the answer is both.

It’s a known fact that stress and anxiety can either initiate sleep issues or exacerbate those that are already present. A lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your mood, contributing to irritation and even despair in some people. During the various stages of sleep, your brain performs critical operations that help you learn new things and form new memories. These functions also leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is stress?

Everyone, at some point or another, will experience the normal human reaction known as stress. In fact, the human body is intended to be put under stress and to respond to that stress. Your body will go through both physical and mental changes in reaction to the changes and challenges (stressors) that you put it through. This is a form of stress.

The ways in which your body reacts to stress help it adapt to new circumstances. The ability to remain vigilant, motivated, and prepared to avert danger is a beneficial side effect of stress. For instance, if you have a crucial test coming up, chronic stress may encourage your body to work harder and keep you awake for a longer period of time. However, stress can become problematic when the factors that cause it persists without being alleviated or replaced with times of rest.

The rate of your heartbeat, your breathing, and even the changes in your vision are all under the direction of your body’s autonomic nervous system. The “fight or flight” response is the body’s built-in stress response, and it assists the body in dealing with stressful conditions.

When a person is under stress for an extended period of time, this is referred to as chronic stress, and it causes the body to experience the continued activity of the stress response, which leads to wear and tear. The patient begins to exhibit physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.

What is quality sleep?

A person’s level of self-satisfaction with the entirety of their sleeping experience is the defining characteristic of their sleep quality. The four components that make up the quality of one’s sleep are as follows: sleep efficiency; sleep latency; sleep duration; and waking up soon after falling asleep. 

Antecedents include physiological factors (such as age, circadian rhythm, BMI, NREM, and REM sleep), psychological ones (such as stress, anxiety, and depression), and environmental factors (such as room temperature, television/device use), in addition to family and social commitments. 

Feeling rested, having normal reflexes, and having healthy relationships are all benefits of getting sufficient amounts of high-quality sleep. The implications of having poor sleep quality include increased levels of weariness, irritability, daytime dysfunction, slower responses, and consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

How to get quality sleep during stress?

Let’s have a conversation about the steps you can take throughout the day and in the hours leading up to bedtime in order to decrease the possibility that stress will keep you awake at night.

In conclusion

Your quality of sleep and your stress levels are intertwined. Ultimately, finding strategies to better control one can help you get relief from the other.

If you’ve tried all of these techniques and you’re still having trouble falling or staying asleep, you might want to talk to your primary care physician or to a specialist who specializes in sleep disorders. There is a wide range of potential treatments for conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder and sleep disorders.

Hormones are vital in the functioning of the human body. Technically speaking, hormones are the molecules that act as a communicator between the brain and other organs to perform distinct physical and cognitive actions such as growth, reproduction, emotions, hunger, and sleep. In fact, hormonal changes and sleep patterns are interrelated, as one triggers the other, and overall, both bring a drastic change in a person’s physical and emotional health. 

Having sleepless nights can have many reasons, and hormonal changes are one of them, with a significant impact. Therefore, to find a solution to keep hormones in check to get those quality hours of sleep and not just lying on the mattress tossing and turning, it’s essential to know which hormones are responsible. 

Hormones affecting sleep


Adrenal glands produce Cortisol, which is in the kidneys and is best known as the stress hormone. It helps to control your metabolism and minimize inflammation. Also, when Cortisol is released, it elevates your blood sugar levels and blood pressure in anticipation of physical work.

Cortisol production follows the same circadian rhythm as our body. Therefore, it rises in the morning and declines as night comes near. Generally, the rise in Cortisol level makes you wake up early in the morning in a fresh mood. And as the day progresses, the level of Cortisol starts decreasing. The rise in the level of Cortisol usually occurs when you face a stressful situation. Therefore, if you struggle with stress, you may find it difficult to sleep as this emotion increases cortisol levels while lowering melatonin levels


The brain’s pineal gland produces Melatonin, which is well known as the sleep hormone. The production of Melatonin depends on daylight. The darkness causes the pineal gland to produce Melatonin while light stops the production. Melatonin regulates circadian rhythm and helps to manage the sleep-wake cycle. 

The rise in Melatonin leads you to fall and remain asleep at night, while the decline of Melatonin level means sleep deprivation. Multiple reasons can cause an imbalance in Melatonin, such as a rise in Cortisol level, exposure to light during sleep hours, changed circadian rhythm, constant traveling between continents, etc. 


Estrogen or Oestrogen is mainly produced in women’s ovaries, while adrenal glands and fat cells pay small amounts. They are present in both men and women. It is best known as sex hormone or falls in the category of sex hormones whose primary work is related to the reproductive system, menstrual cycle, and other essential functions. Though Estrogen doesn’t directly affect the sleep cycle, it plays a vital role in functioning. 

The level of Estrogen keeps fluctuating during menstrual periods of women. And during menopause, Estrogen levels can slump abruptly, bringing various symptoms such as hot flushes, irregular periods, mood swings, and body pains. This further impacts sleep quality as night flushes can wake you up with excessive sweating. And if your mattress has material with absorbable quality, then changing it with the Sleep Company’s mattress, which has the SmarGRID technology with 2500 air channels, is worth trying.


Progesterone is another female sex hormone, just like Estrogen. The adrenal cortex, gonads which consist of the ovaries, and the testes produce Progesterone hormones. It helps to maintain the uterine lining in the event of a pregnancy, which is why women have high progesterone levels following ovulating until they gradually fall. Other roles Progesterone plays as neurosteroids, anti-anxiety, and sleep-inducing hormones. 

A drop in Progesterone level during the menstrual periods or menopause highly impacts sleep patterns. Also, low levels of progesterone hormones sometimes mean high levels of Estrogen, which results in mood swings, night flashes, cramping, and fluid retention. It is better to take prescribed medications by the doctors if you face an imbalance in the levels of Progesterone or Estrogen, at that matter. 


Testosterone is a male-dominant sex hormone found in both males and females. The testes mainly produce Testosterone; the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland control it. It plays a significant part in the reproductive system of males and females. It also helps males to manage muscle and bone mass. Like Estrogen and Progesterone, males don’t face an immediate drop in the level of Testosterone, but it declines slowly over the years. 

However, the decline in testosterone level affects your sleep. Since the levels of Testosterone keeps fluctuating during the day while being at the highest peak during REM sleep. Suffering from REM sleep issues can cause issues in Testosterone levels and visa-versa.


Thyroid glands produce thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormones. They are essential for regularizing metabolism, digestive functions, brain development, and emotional behavior. 

The thyroid gland becomes too much activated (Hyperthyroidism) or not activated as required (Hypothyroidism), causing significant hormonal imbalance. However, despite any condition, it does affect sleep patterns. 

While Hypothyroidism makes you feel sluggish and tired, Hyperthyroidism makes you nervous and irritated and increases heart palpitations and sweat bouts. In both cases, it widely affects sleep patterns. 

Also, Hypothyroidism which causes fatigue, can lead many people to sleep apnea. It is better to take medical help in case of thyroid imbalance rather than just home remedies. 

Bottom Line:

Once we know how hormonal imbalance affects your sleep, it becomes vital to take help of things such as dietary changes, exercising, creating a sleep schedule, comfortable sleeping environment along with proper mattresses, ventilation, and darkened surroundings becomes primary. Apart from these home remedies, seeking a doctor’s help is necessary. 

The atmosphere in your bedroom may have a big influence on how well you sleep. Your bedroom could be at fault if you frequently wake up exhausted after a poor night’s sleep. Here are our best suggestions for making the most of your sleeping area. Changing up the style of your bedroom will help you experience better sleep quality.

1.Choose Right Mattress

Serenity and relaxation should be your top priorities when choosing your bedroom’s decor. While choosing a paint shade, try a calming tone like blue or lavender. If you want to add wall art, views of nature and moonlight vistas are excellent for promoting mental clarity. Increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep by introducing soft textures, luxurious bedding, and blackout drapes. If you’re confused about which mattress to choose for your bedroom, there are plenty of mattresses available and you can buy mattress online if you are planning to replace your mattress soon. Buy king size mattress online to add extra sleep space for your master bedroom. 

2.Don’t Bring Work To Bed

Even if you work from home, you shouldn’t have an office in your bedroom. Although working in your pyjamas while in bed may seem like a convenient alternative, over time it might train your brain to link the bedroom with stress from work rather than rest, recharge, and relax. Make sure to keep all of your technology and work supplies away from your sleeping area. However, if you want to enjoy working from your bed then there are exceptions. Try adjustable beds that allow you to adjust your sitting and sleeping positions with a click of a button. You can buy adjustable bed online and enjoy working from bed by switching to reading mode. 


A calm atmosphere can be quickly destroyed by clutter. It’s one thing to have a lot of decorations, books, and trinkets, but it’s never a good idea to let the bedroom get messy with items left out. Invest in clever bedroom storage solutions like nightstands with drawers or under-the-bed trays.

4.Explore Your Bed Lighting Options

Lighting alternatives should be available in every bedroom since they aid in relaxing before bed. You should have a bedside light, as well as perhaps some fairy lights or mood lighting, to assist you in progressively dimming the room in addition to your primary light, which you most likely already have. Additionally, it’s a good idea to prohibit any blue light emitting gadgets from the bedroom, such as televisions, computers, and cellphones.

5.Lower The Room Temperature

One of the most unpleasant feelings there is being too hot to sleep, which makes for a sleepless night. Because studies have shown that a temperature of roughly 15 degrees is perfect for optimum sleep, keep your bedroom cold to promote better sleep. If you’re wondering how you can save yourself from sultry nights, then a cooling mattress is the perfect solution. Try our Smart Luxe Mattress with advanced SnowTec Cooling Technology that helps you keep cool and comfy all night. It almost keeps you 4 – 6 degrees cooler at night. 

6. Purchase Quality Bedding

When it comes to bedding, it might be enticing to choose the least expensive choice, but your body will appreciate you spending a little more money on high-quality materials. The correct bedding, from plush sheets to firm pillows, may help you wake up each day feeling refreshed.

7. Lessen The Noise Pollution

Our ability to sleep can be disturbed by a variety of stimuli, including traffic noise outside and television noises, and smartphone beeps. Try your best to maintain silence in your bedroom, and for disturbances that are out of your control, think about using white noise. According to sleep experts, ambient noise can mask background noise and improve the quality of your sleep.

8. Bedroom Scents Are Underrated!

Another element to consider while remodelling your bedroom is the scent. Lavender has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate, promoting restful sleep, so think about using a pillow spray or a diffuser that’s loaded with the herb’s healing properties.

9. Make Your Bed Each Morning

Whether or not you make your bed in the morning can affect the quality of your nighttime sleep. According to sleep experts, those who make their beds frequently believe that doing so has a significant impact on how well they sleep.

10. Try Meditation To Relax

How well you sleep depends largely on the things you want to do in the hours before bed. Consider a more soothing pastime like reading, taking a hot bath, or even practising meditation as a method to unwind at the end of the day rather than browsing through social media or watching TV until it’s time to go to bed. Make a little hideaway in your bedroom where you may practise mindfulness before bed.

How to refresh yourself with a quick Power Nap?

There is something about naps that everyone loves. Who doesn’t love to shut their eyes for a few minutes and wake up refreshed like a daisy? A quick afternoon nap is like hitting the reset button in your brain, according to scientists. Have you ever feel like this? It’s 3 p.m. on a weekday, and your eyes feel like they’re dangling from their sockets. You’ve attempted a mid-afternoon snack for a sugar boost and ended up in an even worse slump. If yes, then you should try power nap to restore your energy. Our contemporary lifestyles can be hectic and can require a little break in the middle of the day to increase our energy levels.

What is Power Nap?

A power nap is a brief period of rest that occurs during the day. Even fifteen-minute naps may recharge your batteries and boost your energy levels. Power naps reduce brain and body activity just enough to re-energize you. Sleeping for lengthier periods of time slows down your pulse and brain wave activity even more, making you feel lethargic when you wake up.

A little nap has been proved to be the most effective approach to combat afternoon fatigue. Power napping can strengthen your immune system, improve your memory and clarity of thought, increase your attentiveness and creativity, and help you relax. If you do it correctly, you’ll start your day with a fresh, alert mind rather than a lethargic post-sleep fog.

Here are several reasons why we should all close our eyes during the day – 

  1. 1. Easy way to get some relaxation and to reduce mental fatigue.
  2. 2. Restore alertness
  3. 3. Restore wakefulness and promote learning
  4. 4. Reverse the hormonal impact of a night of poor sleep.
  5. 5. Enhance both physical & cognitive performances
  6. 6. Reduce stress and immune perturbations after a short night. 

How to take Power Nap?

The purpose of a power nap is to make the most of a short period of rest during a hectic day. Longer naps might not only make you feel drowsy, but they can also influence the quality of your nocturnal sleep. In fact, power naps aren’t recommended for people who have trouble sleeping at night. Only take a quick snooze if you’re fatigued during the day. Here are a few basic principles to follow in order to get the most out of your power nap:

Perfect Nap Time: According to Harvard Medical School research, we should take a lunchtime sleep to avoid the midday slump. Our circadian cycle is at its lowest during this time, which is why this afternoon nap is so lovely. The Sleep Council’s research also claims that there is a best time of day to nap in order to get the most advantages and it is 3 p.m.

Our circadian cycle is at its lowest during this time, which is why this afternoon nap is so lovely. In addition, 3 p.m. corresponds to that tired post-lunch sensation, when awareness may be at an all-time low. Naps should be 20 to 30 minutes long, as prolonged periods of sleep may make you feel drowsy and may impair your sleep later in the day.

Nap Environment If you’re napping at home, the most comfortable spot to sleep is in your bed. You don’t want to feel too comfy, either, as this may prevent you from waking up. Sleeping on the comfortable mattress is the best option to get cozy nap during the day. If you’re looking to buy mattress online, then make sure to choose the right one that provide enough comfort and support to your body. One can also try orthopedic mattress for back pain to avoid body pain issues during nap time.

Finding a comfortable place to snooze at work might be difficult. Many companies, fortunately, provide napping areas for their staff during their breaks. You can also doze off for few minutes on your office chair.  If you don’t have this luxury at work, consider napping in your car. Bringing an additional seat cushion or blanket each day will make dozing in your vehicle more pleasant. 

Once you’ve created the ideal sleeping environment for yourself, keep your distractions to a minimum so your mind doesn’t wander.

After Napping: When naps last longer than 30 minutes or lead you to transition into or deep sleep, they’re more difficult to get up from and frequently result in severe lethargy, which is referred to as sleep inertia. A transitory time between sleep and waking is known as sleep inertia. If you wake up with sleep inertia, you’ll feel tired and sluggish for several hours following your nap. Don’t over-sleep when your alarm goes off – even if you feel a little drowsy for the first two minutes. This will pass and you’ll enjoy a new burst of energy. 

Practical tips to Nap Wisely

1. Napping means lying down, eyes closed, deep breathing. 

2. Time your naps about 12 h from the middle of your usual sleep period. If you usually sleep from 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. that means napping around 3 P.M

3. Aim for naps of between 15 and a maximum of 30 min.

4. If you can’t sleep and your brain won’t settle down, consider meditation instead.

5. Find the perfect napping environment. For effective napping, try a comfortable mattress for nap. Buy mattress online and add extra comfort to your nap time.

6. When you wake up from a short nap like this, you should feel refreshed and alert within 15 to 30 min.

7. You can consider having a coffee before your nap to help the subsequent wake-up process.

8. If your post-nap grogginess persists longer than that, it suggests there’s something else going on like a chronic sleep deficit.

How does temperature impacts sleep?

How often do you wake up feeling hot & sweaty in the middle of the night? There are several factors that can contribute to sleeping troubles, one being temperature. If your body temperature becomes too hot or too cold at night, it can lead to sleep disturbances and can affect the stages of sleep the body must go through to repair itself and feel completely rested.

Research showed that night sweats, otherwise known as being a “hot sleeper,” can affect anywhere from 10% to 41% of people. Therefore, we sleep better when we’re cooler. By paying attention to our sleeping state, we can help ourselves sleep better, cooler, and deeper.

What is SnowTec Cooling Technology?

During the course of the night, there is a drop in core temperature of about 1°C, with the lowest body temperature occurring in the early morning. A drop in core body temperature signals our body to prepare for sleep. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your restful sleep at the perfect temperature. However, during those restful hours, your mattress can retain a lot of heat, which causes you to have night sweats and restless sleepless nights.

To combat this widespread problem and provide a solution to help people sleep cooler and deeper at night, The Sleep Company unveiled the SnowTec cooling Technology – in a new cooler version of the Smart Luxe mattress with SnowTec Cooling Technology.

Introducing the most advanced SnowTec Cooling Technology, inbuilt with our Patented SmartGRID Technology and infused with an instantly cool-to-touch fabric that feels up to 4° to 6° cooler than our original mattress. SnowTec cooling technology is different than any other cooling technology.

While cooling gels by other mattress brands keep you cool for an hour or two, SnowTec works to keep your temperature neutral and keeps you cool and comfortable all night. Enjoy the extra cooling comfort of the Smart Luxe mattress with the added innovative features of SnowTec cooling Technology.

Meet the coolest Mattress: The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe mattress with SnowTec cooling Technology

SmartGRID mattress when paired with SnowTec cooling technology provides 10+ hours of cooler sleep. The latest cooling enhancements in the Smart luxe mattress are backed by rigorous research, testing, and strategic design. It allows more airflow that gives you a natural icy feeling and cooling comfort. The only mattress you need this summer, whether it is hot or humid, no matter what the temperature is outside you can always sleep cool and cozy with our SnowTec cooling Technology.

The cool-to-touch eco-friendly fabric cover keeps you ultra-cool antibacterial sleeping environment. Along with this, SmartGRID’s 2500+ air channels allow maximum airflow through and help to regulate the body temperature to minimize heat retention. Our Cooler Extreme Cover with SmartGRID enables better airflow for a cooler, deeper sleep all night long. Ready to sleep cooler and deeper all night? Now buy coolest mattress online

Yoga Pose for Deeper Sleep

You might have tried all the tips and tricks to get a good night’s sleep. Amidst the chaos of life, you forget to rest enough to give yourself a dose of energy and refreshment.

Many factors contribute to your sound sleep associated with your good health. Many of you find it challenging to fall asleep for hours, and some studies say that more than one-third of Indians tend to suffer difficulty in sleeping occasionally. A good mattress can help you immensely with good night’s sleep. You can get a mattress online if your current one is not supporting your body evenly.

If you have insomnia and experiencing wakeful nights, embrace yogasana to mitigate this problem. Practicing yoga poses to balance your sleeping pattern and subtly imparts magical benefits to your health.

Yoga Poses for a Peaceful Slumber

While easing your body, performing yoga daily keeps you in good health. Here are some of the yoga poses for your uninterrupted sleep:

Halasana (Plow Pose)

Halasana is considered an excellent pose for falling asleep quickly. If you perform it for 1-5 minutes every day, you observe an improvement in your sleeping pattern. Let’s understand the steps to perform Halasana:

• Firstly, lie on your back and feel comfortable. Now, gently move your legs towards your head and touch the flat surface behind you.
• Ensure your hands lie on the floor or stay behind your back for support while performing this asana.

This yoga turns around the blood flow and ignites a spark in your body, calming your mind for a peaceful sleep.

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

This yoga pose effectively gives you a peaceful slumber and relieves stress or anxiety. However, if you are suffering from glaucoma or sciatica or are pregnant, it may have adverse effects on your health. Here are the steps to perform Uttanasana:

• To perform this pose, stand with your legs 6 inches apart.
• Then, bend your body forward, reaching your chest towards the ground. Also, bend your arms while your palms face the ground.
• You must keep your knees crooked, which helps release tension from the hips and legs.

While helping you get rid of headaches and insomnia, Uttanasana also reduces anxiety levels. When you perform this pose, it compresses your stomach, causing minor difficulty breathing. So, you can sway a bit on either side to inhale and relax. It promotes ease of breathing and a soothing sleep experience.

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-legged Standing Forward Bend)

Beneficial for improving the functioning of internal organs, Prasarita Padottanasana improves digestion as well. Are you wondering how to perform this fantastic yoga? Here are the steps listed below:

• Widen your leg enough to keep a 4-5 feet distance with your toes angled inward. Take a breath and move your chest up.
• Exhale the breath and slowly bend your body forwards from your hips while spreading your arms wide and facing the mat with the elbows bent.
• Hold this position for 10-15 breaths; it helps relieve the tension and promotes better sleep.

This pose stretches and relaxes your muscles, giving you a sound sleep at night.

Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Butterfly)

Supta Baddha Konasana is slightly different from the basic butterfly pose. It assists your body in diving into the rest mode and feeling relaxed during the discomforting nights. Willing to know how to do this pose? Go through these steps and get supreme comfort:

• Lie on your back and let your body rest properly. Ensure your feet are together while you are lying on the back.
• Gradually, spread out your knees in a diamond shape and the sole of your legs must face each other.
• During this exercise, keep your arms open and on a flat surface.

Mounting stress leads to sleep deprivation, giving your health hazards. Have you often faced difficulty in sleeping due to anxiety? This yoga pose helps relieve your stress. An interrupted night’s sleep makes us feel strained the following day, and this yoga gives you calming nights.

Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

Performing for one minute, the locust pose cuts down on your belly fat, and you can adjust easily to your sleeping positions. This is what you have to do to perform Salabhasana:

• To start, lie on your stomach. You can consider placing a blanket underneath or performing it on a yoga mat for additional comfort. Hold your hands behind your back and hold tightly.
• Keep your head straight with your chin resting on the flat surface. Now, try lifting your arms towards your ears, keeping your elbows bent.
• Raise your arms and chest and inhale. Hold this pose and take 10-15 breaths in this position.
• Coming back to the original pose, release your hands to the mat. Exhale and push your body back to a normal pose.

Salabhasana helps relieve your lower back pain, and you can sleep comfortably at night.

An Alternative for Comforting Slumber – SmartGRID Mattress!

The yoga asanas lower stress levels and relieve tension in your body. Thus, the yoga poses serve as a natural and effective snooze remedy to help you sleep better appropriately. Along with practicing yoga, you can replace your old mattress for additional comfort.

If you buy a SmartGRID mattress online, it imparts significant sleeping benefits to you. These mattresses keep your body evenly supported. The blend of a gel material and the GRID technology gives you intelligent support while offering firm support to your back and spine and gives cushiony comfort to your arms, shoulders, and pelvis.

Wrapping Up

Are you facing issues in sleeping? Let the SmartGRID mattresses take a hold on this. We have innovated smart mattresses that cater to your individual sleeping needs. If your old mattress is taking a toll on your health, it’s time you bring the SmartGRID mattress home to mitigate body aches and have refreshing mornings.

At The Sleep Company, we endeavour to offer pain-relieving comfort and give you a heavenly sleeping experience. Get your favourite mattress online to get cosy nights.

We understand how bad it feels when you have a bad night’s sleep. While many health-related concerns or external factors impede your sleep, your old mattress can be one of the causes of your groggy, sore, and fatigued mornings. To recharge and recoup for the day, you need to sleep peacefully during the beauty hours.

Do you feel your current mattress is doing its part? Is it offering you the rest you need to feel calm and relaxed? If you struggle consistently to find the best comfort at night, you may consider buying a mattress topper or a new mattress. However, some of you may find buying a new mattress is expensive.

So, let’s provide you with some valuable insights to know whether you should buy a new mattress or a mattress topper.

To find comfort in your mattress, you can buy mattress online. Purchasing a new mattress can be overwhelming and expensive too. Here is a quick guide to knowing if you should pick a mattress topper or a new mattress:

More Firm Mattress

Picking a new mattress can be a one-time investment for at least 8-10 years. Going for an overly firm mattress can be daunting enough to scare you for years. Whether you sleep on your back or stomach, these mattresses may create high pressure on your head, stomach, shoulder, arms, and pelvis. Waking up in the morning can be more tiresome if you rest on these mattresses.

To keep your body well-rested, you can save your pocket with a mattress topper. Moreover, you can add life to your mattress by placing a mattress topper over your age-old mattress; it adds a comforting layer and enhances your sleep quality

Dipping Mattress

Indentations and the sagging in the mattresses are one of the most common tell-tale signs of an old and discomforting mattress. This only gets worse, and you get wakeful nights. In the longer term, it potentially gives you neck and back pain.

In a dipped-down mattress, you struggle to move your body comfortably. Later, it develops joint discomfort and postural issues. In a sagged mattress, investing in a mattress topper will not help you for sure. If the base of your mattress is not even, the mattress topper is more likely to follow its shape. Breaking it to you, in such cases, you must consider buying a new mattress for a restful night.

Heat Locking-in

Sleeping with sweat lines dipping down your body can be really irritating at times. We need an optimal temperature while we sleep at night; even for a powerful nap, we need cooling comfort to revitalize our bodies.

The ordinary mattresses may lock in the heat and aren’t that breathable for your peaceful sleep. Such mattresses may compel you to compromise on a good night’s rest.

If your mattress doesn’t allow proper airflow, you can enhance your sleeping experience with a breathable mattress topper. Designed to add cooling comfort, the mattress toppers bring huge benefits to those who feel the heat while sleeping.

Uneven Body Support

To keep your posture intact with the proper alignment of the head and spinal length, a quality mattress plays a major role. Is your current mattress not providing you with the proper comfort? Probably, it’s the time to say bye to your mattress.

Even after being soft to your body, it may not be the right choice. Moreover, layering a mattress topper won’t be useful to add comfort. In such cases, you can go to buy a new mattress.

If in doubt, just go for medium-firm mattresses that would coddle you the whole night, reviving your mind and health. A new mattress would be comforting enough to offer even support to your body and calm down muscle strains.

From the above-mentioned points, if you have concluded to buy mattress online, here is why you should buy a SmartGRID mattress:

Airy Comfort

Made with the combination of a hyper-elastic gel material and GRID technology, the SmartGRID mattresses are designed with 2500 air channels in them. Enabling the proper air circulation, these mattresses deliver cooling comfort, and you don’t have to battle to fall asleep.

Orthopedic Support

If you have back or neck aches, the SmartGRID mattresses take your body pain and give a cozy comfort. Based on your sleeping position, the SmartGRID mattresses intelligently follow your body shape. Giving a soft cloud-like comfort to your head, arms, pelvis, and shoulder, these mattresses support your back and spine with a firm comfort.

Zero Partner Disturbance

A worn-out or saggy mattress feels discomforting and you don’t find peace the whole night. If you sleep with a partner, ordinary mattresses may not retain motion transfer. However, laying your head on the SmartGRID mattresses gives you a zero partner disturbance and get uninterrupted sleep.


Usually, the mattresses last long and open the way for the allergens to sit in over the years. If you pick the SmartGRID mattresses, you don’t have to worry about the development of allergies. We use the top-notch material that favours your skin and offers no space for pathogens causing harm to your health. The SmartGRID mattresses are hypoallergenic and promote better sleep.

The Sleep Company – Smart Solution to Jittery Nights!

The Sleep Company strives to provide the best sleeping comfort to everyone. Understanding the sleeping needs and deeds of the customers, we have designed the SmartGRID mattresses that intelligently adapt to all body types.

With the patented GRID technology in the bedding accessories, we are India’s first and only solution for advanced comfort. Our mattresses put an end to the need for mattress toppers or other mattresses to look for comfort. To put you at ease, you can roll over the mattress and sleep comfortably as per your sleeping position. We are a solution to reduce your everyday hassles of sleeping and save your pockets with budget-friendly accessories. Explore and buy mattress online.

sleep tips for new mom

Sleepless nights, frequent feeding, fussy baby. Let us guess, you just had your baby and now you are unable to get a wink of sleep at night. While taking care of yourself can be a challenge when you have a newborn, making sure you get enough rest needs to be a priority. The newborn phase can be stressful, and you want to be as rested as you can be. Your patience is shorter when you don’t get sleep, you’re more emotional and you feel a little exhausted.

We understand that the sleep routine of a new mom changes overnight after having a newborn. The one thing that new moms can expect is losing on sleep. But don’t worry, there are several practical steps you can take to deal with that fatigue, as well as try to get some extra sleep for yourself. Our sleep experts are here with some sleep tips for new moms.

1. Don’t push yourself for a sleep routine

Sleep tips 1- don't push

Remember you just had a baby and it would do no good if you’ll try to follow a rigid night routine for yourself. It would be rather stressful for you if you will push yourself to get back to your old night-time routine and sleep schedules. Sleep experts suggest that new moms should initially take time to understand the sleep patterns and feeding cycle of their newborns. It is perfectly normal not to have a consistent sleep routine for a few weeks. It’s important not to be hard on yourself. You aren’t going to be able to get the same amount accomplished with a newborn that you could prior to having children. It’s going to take time for you to develop a routine.

2. Use comfortable bedding accessories

sleep tip for new mom two

Exhaustion and being a new parent go hand-in-hand. The trouble with lack of sleep is that it impacts every single facet of your life. It can also leave you feeling mentally drained and physically unwell. Sometimes, dealing with the post-birth can be confusing for a new mom and their body may require as much restful comfort as possible while recovering.

There are plenty of comfortable bedding accessories that a new mom can choose from The Sleep Company such as Smart Cervical Pillow, Bamboo mattress protector, comforter, and knitted blanket. For extra comfort use multiple pillows while sleeping, that can help you to relieve neck and shoulder pain. You can also buy mattress online and add extra support and comfort for your restful sleep at night.

3. Count on Naps

sleep tips for new mom three

Newborns take frequent naps lasting anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, for a total of 16 to 18 hours of sleep each day. When the baby is sleeping or taking naps you may also treat yourself with extra rest during the day. You may also use the baby’s naptime to do chores. Don’t feel that your house has to be spotless or that you have to accept every invitation that is extended. Expect that it will take some time to figure it all out, and before you know it, your baby will be sleeping through the night and so will you.

4. Share the Load

sleep tip for new mom four

Who said you have to do this alone? There is no harm to ask for help from your partner, friends, or even family member. If your baby wakes up frequently at night, then don’t feel overwhelmed to ask your partner to divide the time for the baby. This will help you to split your baby duties and share the load so that you can enjoy the recovery sleep that you deserve.

5. Practice breathing for anxiety

sleep tip for new mom five

Between the sleepless nights, recovering from giving birth, the constant feeds, and the mental fatigue of coping with the pressure of caring for a baby, it’s no wonder you feel anxious every other night. Practice some relaxing breathing exercises before bed to overcome anxiety. You can also try to listen to some relaxing music or podcast that may help you to fall asleep faster.

6. Try orthopedic mattress for back pain

It is often seen that new moms frequently put their own comfort on the backburner. Women may undergo bodily trauma during childbirth that directly involves the lower back pain and additional pain and discomfort. Studies state that 30 to 95% of women experience back pain during the first year after giving birth. Typically, back pain after delivery should subside within 6 to 8 weeks, although in some cases, it could last a little longer.

To combat the postpartum back pain issues, new moms can try an orthopedic mattress for back pain. If you’re a new mom and looking to buy orthopedic mattress online then, The Sleep Company’s Smart Ortho mattress is the perfect choice for you. It helps to adapt body movement, relieves lower back pressure, and provides firm back support for a peaceful good night’s sleep.

7. Practice good sleep hygiene

Sleep tips for new mom six

Good sleep hygiene can help you get more rest, whether or not you have a newborn at home. Avoid caffeine before bed as this stimulant can interfere with your sleep cycle. Do Not use electronics before bed, you may want to post the latest pictures of your baby on social media, but using mobile phones, tablets, and computers at night can interfere with total sleep time.


sleep tips for mom seven

Lack of sleep is an absolute killer, and there are no quick fixes for babies who are up all night. The most important thing to remember is that eventually, your baby will sleep for longer spells, and eventually they will sleep through. Follow and share these tips if you’re coping with the sleepless nights and remember it won’t last forever so just relax!


Does the surface on which you sleep affect your quality of sleep? Absolutely!

On a general level, experts agree that people have improved their sleep and thus their overall health by changing their mattresses or the surface on which they sleep. Apart from that, which kind of mattress is the most comfortable can be subjective. But to better support this claim, let’s see what researchers and medical professionals have to say about mattresses and the most important kind of rest for every human being. 

What makes a good mattress?

Research says a medium-firm mattress with adjustable firmness can promote comfort, proper spinal alignment, and quality sleep. And if you have issues such as body aches and pain, a softer mattress can definitely make a huge difference in comfort levels. 

There are studies that suggested that, compared to memory foam, latex foam puts less pressure on the body. This helps in better resisting the ‘sinking in’ feeling commonly associated with memory foam. Although latex can’t completely avoid this problem, it only delays it. It will help you stay at a comparatively comfortable temperature and sleeping position. One of the main jobs of any mattress is to support the healthy curvature of the spine. It should also not heat up too much while sleeping.

Mattress types and which one’s the best?

The most widely-known options in the market are innerspring, foam, and hybrid. There are many other types of foam as well, such as polyurethane memory foam, natural latex, and synthetic latex. Apart from this, mattresses by The Sleep Company, which are an outcome of rigorous research and scientific testing, solve the problems memory foam or spring mattresses create that prevent great sleep. It’s the biggest Innovation in Mattress Technology that ensures your body gets zero pressure for amazing sleep all night, every night. But more on this later! 

While looking for the right mattress for your sleep needs, chiropractors say it’s equally important to keep mattress life spans in mind. Foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses all have different life expectancies. 

Picking the right mattress, hence, is crucial for a comfortable sleeping environment and helps in getting uninterrupted sleep. Choosing the best mattress for sleep disorders means choosing the right material that helps in considerably relieving pressure points, including the hips, shoulders, knees, and head. Since mattresses also affect the temperature of the person, and temperature fluctuations can cause problems during sleep, breathable materials would solve this issue by regulating temperature and prevent overheating. Thus, there are many benefits of sleeping on a good mattress.

The Sleep Company, most widely known for its first-ever SmartGRID mattress and one of the best mattress brands in India, provides the ultimate comfort you desire. It’s adaptive to any body type or size and provides support and comfort to every inch of the body. 

benefits of sleeping on good mattess

SmartGRID mattresses, such as SMART Luxe and SMART Ortho, do not consist of memory foam and thus, provide 2500 air channels for air circulation to keep you cool. The intelligently designed mattresses are soft at hips and shoulders and firm at the back. This also keeps sagging to a minimum. Getting adequate amounts of undisturbed sleep will have both an instant and long-term effect on your wellbeing. If you still don’t feel a mattress can make a huge difference to your sleep quality and overall health, wait till you hear about the number of conditions a bad mattress can cause:


Snoring is a result of the upper airway passage becoming partially restricted. The easiest way to avoid snoring is to keep your head and body well supported during sleep. When mattresses get old and the springs start to give away, they get weighed down by accumulated dust and sweat, and thus the original firmness starts decreasing. A new, medium-firm mattress can prevent snoring by keeping your spine well-aligned, as well as distribute your body weight. 


Older the mattress, the more the accumulation of dust, sweat, and allergens – causing potential allergies. These can cause congestion and swelling in your throat, disrupting sleep and causing snoring. This poses a bigger risk to asthma patients.


A disturbed sleep directly makes you drowsy all day long. And nothing can disturb your quality of sleep than the surface you’re sleeping on. Lack of good sleep tremendously affects areas of the brain responsible for controlling speed and accuracy. It also affects your ability to retain information, come up with new ideas, and put together information. 


Surprising, isn’t it? Due to constant drowsiness, we tend to stop exercising regularly and spend time cooking healthy food. Apart from this, if you don’t get the required sleep, your levels of leptin drop. Leptin plays an important role in making you ‘feel full’. Thus, tiredness directly makes you feel hungrier, which makes you start wanting high-calorie, unhealthy foods.

Asia’s first-ever SmartGRID mattress thrives on a technology that aims to bring the benefits of a good night’s sleep to all. The Sleep Company comes with many benefits that can make your purchase a sleep-worthy expense, especially when you’re looking to buy a dual comfort mattress online at the best prices.

SmartGRID is not memory foam, nor is it latex or spring. It is the only mattress with hyper-elastic polymer (food grade) organized in a grid shape. It is the biggest Innovation in Sleep technology which is designed in the form of a grid structure that allows the walls of the grid to buckle down on body curvatures (like the hips, shoulders given the smaller surface area). Hence, it provides mind-blowing comfort while the walls will withstand the pressure under bigger body parts like the spine to provide back support. Hence, giving you the best of both worlds! So think again before you decide to buy memory foam mattresses online.

The Sleep Company was created with a mission to upgrade the sleep quality for every individual. We have Asia’s First & Only SmartGRID mattress – the only mattress that intelligently adapts to every body shape. No matter your sleeping position or your body shape – you will sleep like never before all night, every night!