The Office chairs are the essential pieces of furniture in the office decor. Unlike most other office furniture, the office chairs are used predominantly, and that too roughly sometimes.  

The usage of office chairs is the maximum compared to other furniture, which also has to carry the weight of a human throughout the day. Also, continuous movement affects the product quality and damages the chair more often than usual.  

Thus, taking good care of the office chair is crucial to make them last longer.  

Maintain your chair 

Maintenance of the chair is not a difficult task, and if done regularly and adequately, it remains easier along with maintaining the chair’s life. 

Here are some quick tips to take care of the best office chair  

  1. 1. Use vacuum cleaner 

Office chairs catch dust and grime over the period. Vacuuming the chair timely helps it to maintain its upholstery and continue to provide comfort and the lifespan of the office chairs.  

Just like vacuum cleaning, it’s important to wipe it regularly with leather cream for leather chairs to keep its new look intact. Also, oiling the metallic parts of the chair on a regular basis keeps them away from rust and strong enough to carry the weight for a long time, just like the day one. 

The wheels are the parts that take all of the pressure off the chair and are prone to get dusty due to their contact with the floor. Apart from this, the casters of the wheels catch the dust, making them jammed and making the wheels lose their flexible movement. Vacuuming or using an air compressor to clean the wheels once in a while helps them stay away from catching dust. Also, it’s important to use oils or other lubricants to maintain the caster and wheel’s life.  

Over the period, screws and levers of the chair become loose or get damaged. Sometimes, they are missing or come of cheap quality when you buy a new chair. Thus, it becomes vital to check those loose ends and fix them before they induce further damage to the chair and its users.  

Signs when to change the chair 

Despite taking enough care and maintenance regularly, if you face the issues below, it’s time to change the chair. 

Office chairs also have an expiry date, just like other products. Office chairs lose their traits over time, even with the best quality material or top brand tags. The average lifespan of office chairs is around five years, and it’s essential to change it afterwards to ensure that you get proper support and cushioning without any issues.  

If your chair is worn out or damaged, it’s time to change it. To avoid the bumps and tears in the chair, you change your sitting position, being uncomfortable and affecting your body posture, leading to future problems. 

Lumbar support is essential to keep your body structure intact and maintain spinal health. If your chair is missing that lumbar support, then sitting in the chair for long hours may damage your body posture.  

Your office chair must maintain your body posture naturally and help you to stay away from any impairing spinal structure. Thus, if your chair fails to have proper lumbar support, height or adequate sitting space, then it’s time to change your chair. 

Since we spend most of the day sitting in an office chair, it’s essential to feel comfortable without pain. If you suffer from body or back pain, it’s time to change the office chair as it may be one of the causes that are hurting you.  

Pointers for buying a new chair 

When you buy a new office chair for any reason, it’s essential to consider some things that will help you buy the best chair for long hours of sitting. 

Thus, here are some tips to consider while buying a new office chair online or from retail stores. 

Budget is the essential thing to be considered when buying office chairs. Since office furniture is generally bought in bulk, therefore it costs a lot of money. To make sure that the office chairs that are purchased last long and give the best output without any financial loss is necessary.  

Many brands sell reasonable and comfortable office chairs with more extended durability, good lumbar support and good quality.  

Quality is the only thing that anyone is reluctant to compromise. Thus, when purchasing office chairs, it becomes essential to take the proper time and research the manufacturers or companies that deliver the best quality products. In fact, most of the time, we even compromise on the budget to get the best quality product to give you a comfortable and long product life.  

The companies like the Sleep Company, which promises to deliver quality products that are satisfactory for their customers, have invented a range of SmartGRID office chairs, like Onyx SmartGRID Chair, Aristo SmartGRID Chair, Stylux SmartGRID Chair, which have their Patented SmartGRID Technology.  

The next thing that must be looked at while purchasing the office chair is whether it provides proper support or not. We spend most of the time sitting in the office chair. We must get the comfort and support we need for a healthy spine and body posture. Thus, check whether your chair provides proper height, lumbar support, and enough sitting space when you buy it.  

Last but not least, when you buy office chair, make sure that it is easy to operate as every individual has their preferred sitting position and requires you to adjust the chair that fits perfectly.  

Bottom line: 

Thus, with the help of the above points, make sure that you identify the need for a new ergonomic chair for the best comfort and support while working those long office hours.  

Every day we sit for long hours throughout the day, in the house, while traveling, eating food, during office hours, and every time we get a chance. Though there is nothing actually wrong with sitting, spending long hours sitting causes lots of problems like, 

A maximum number of working people sit for hours with their heads down and deeply concentrated on their desktop screens on office chairs tend to harbor more of this problem than those who find some time to relax and exercise. However, many people can’t regularly exercise due to their hectic work schedules.  

Thus, to avoid health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, follow these simple tips. 

Maintain posture 

To maintain our body posture, we need firm support for our spine. Our spine stiffens when we sit for too long, making us bend in an awkward position. Thus, to avoid that, we must sit in a proper position with a straight back, firm support, and comfortable. Nowadays, many companies are making ergonomic chairs which are specifically designed office chairs to provide necessary support and comfort while working for those extended hours.  

The Sleep Company’s new Stylux SmartGRID Office Chair is one of the best office chairs, with Patented SmartGRID Technology that provides healthy spinal alignment that engulfs and supports your lower back, SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support, advanced multi-level adjustments, effective head comfort with its adjustable cushioned headrest, and a super lounge recline at 135° seat tilt, all of which aid in the improvement of your natural sitting posture. 

Take a break 

Though hard work takes us on the road to success, sitting on an office chair for hours and hours paves the road toward health issues. Therefore, take frequent breaks for 3 to 5 minutes after every 30 to 45 minutes rather than taking one long break.  

You can take breaks to refill your water bottle, a work-related chat with a co-worker, a short walk around the office, or stretch your legs at your desk. 

Do stretching 

Despite having a comfortable office chair, sitting for long hours stiffens your body. Stretching helps you loosen up stiff muscles and relax, as well as makes your muscles stronger and flexible, while no stretching can result in joint and muscle pain after a while.  

You can do simple stretching exercises while standing near your desk, or if you feel awkward, there are certain exercises that can be done while sitting, like hand and finger stretches, neck stretches, and back stretches while sitting.  

Take a walk 

Due to extended hours of sitting in one place and lack of exercise, our body fails to get the required amount of movement to maintain its flexibility and strength.  

Walking is another better option that can help you reduce your body pain due to excessive sitting or lack of exercise—for example, taking stairs to the office if it is around the 5th to 8th floor, short walks during the breaks, or while talking on mobile, and going on colleague’s desk to give important work messages rather than pinging on hangouts or mails. 

Follow healthy diet 

It’s important to maintain a proper diet to avoid any metabolism-related issues which occur due to sitting for extended hours. Thus, try to avoid eating junk food or overeating while working and eat fruits, dry fruits, and proper meals at regular intervals.  

Make it more effective 

Even though your office chair is comfortable enough,  

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