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Sleep on Your Side

Everyone has a particular sleeping position they end up in every night, whether for a nap or a usual nightly slumber.

According to various surveys, the maximum number of sleepers prefer to sleep on their side, either left or right. Do you know that despite the varied percentage, it is the desired sleeping position across the globe compared to other sleeping positions that are back sleeping and stomach sleeping? 

However, many still remain unaware of side sleeping, its impacts on health, and its relevance to a person’s character.  Thus, we set out to produce a guide that encompasses everything you need to know about sleeping on your side.

Types of side sleepers

Types of side sleepers

Have you ever thought that your sleeping position might reveal the inner emotional up-down that you often try to keep hidden? 

According to a study, just like our body language, our sleeping position also reveals the inner personality traits we often don’t understand. Also, those same studies reveal that there are various side sleeping positions, each having a different meaning.

So, let’s explore the common side of sleeping types and what it says about a sleeper.

1. Fetal Position

A classic sleeping position where you curl up like a baby with knees held tightly to your chest. It’s the most common sleeping position, with more than 41% of people using it every night. 

A person who sleeps in a fetal position is considered sensitive at heart despite looking tougher on the outer side. 

2. Log Position

Not so common or the least famous sleeping position where you sleep on your side with arms close to your body and stretched down. Around 6% or fewer people sleep in this position.

A person who sleeps in the Log position is generally very popular with others and is a social butterfly with an easy-going nature.

3. Pillow Hugger

A sleeping position where side sleepers take a pillow or pillows for cuddling. Many people tend to sleep with a pillow at night on a regular basis.

A pillow hugger is famous for dedicated behavior towards their relationships with others. They have lovely personalities, and other people respect them for it.

4. Yearning position

In this position, you sleep on your side with outstretched arms in front. Around 13 to 15 % of people sleep in a yearning position. Yearner sleepers are said to be suspicious people towards others. Also, their sleeping position suggests that they are yearning for something that they don’t have. They struggle with decision-making in life but remain firm on it once they make it. 

5. Thinker position

This position is a second version of the fetal position where you sleep with one knee pulled towards the chest and a hand under a chin as if thinking. 

This type of sleeper is generally a moody person. Their happy mood will make your day, but if they get angry, they will turn everything upside down with their anger and frustration. 

Benefits and drawbacks

Benefits and drawbacks

The side sleeping position has its benefits and drawbacks like any other. 


Sleeping one-sided on your mattress or bed has many more benefits than you can consider. From reduced snoring issues to relief from back pain, side sleeping provides a good option for those on the verge of being a patient with sleeping disorders. 

Our digestive system works whether standing, sitting or lying on a mattress for a night’s sleep. Side sleeping helps your digestive system function better and reduces gastronomical issues saving you from heart burns, bloating and constipation.

In recent years, scientists have discovered another benefit of the side sleeping position: improving the glymphatic system, which clears brain toxins and transports substances such as lipids, amino acids, glucose, and neurotransmitters.


Sleeping on the side has its benefits; however, some drawbacks can hinder your peaceful time whether you purchase a mattress online or from a famous shop. 

Continuous sleeping on the side can erect shoulder pain along with pain in other body parts.

Also, sleeping on the side can create a ruffle between your face skin and pillow cover, which ultimately causes you to have acne, face wrinkles, and fine lines.

Which side is better, right or left?

According to research, either side is beneficial when it comes to side sleeping position. However, sleeping on the left side turns out to be a more famous choice amongst doctors and experts.

But it is suggested to change sides often to avoid straining one side of your body.

For whom is it good?

The side sleeping position is the most advantageous for almost everyone. The doctors recommend pregnant women sleep on their side to improve blood flow to their uterus and fetus. 

However, when it comes to heart patients, whether sleeping on the side is beneficial or not is still a topic of debate.

Doctors and experts also recommend side sleeping during pregnancy to improve blood circulation in women and fetuses; as well as, for heart conditions, doctors suggest sleeping on the left side to improve blood flow. 

Tips for side sleepers for better sleeping

With its pros and cons, side sleeping is a top contender amongst other sleeping positions. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips and tricks to get better sleep on the side with little loss and maximum profits. 


Sleeping on your side or not is a personal choice; sometimes, it happens subconsciously. However, in both cases, make sure you buy a mattress online that will give you proper support and cuddle your body curvatures to avoid any destructive impacts. 

Mattress Firmness Guide

What are the main criteria before you purchase a mattress, for yourself or your kids? The size, the material, the softness or firmness, or lastly the brand! While keeping everything in mind the most critical point to consider is the firmness of the mattress one purchases.

In simple terms, mattress firmness measures how soft or firm a mattress feels when you lay on it for the first time. When a mattress is extremely firm or soft results in waking up with sore or painful back pain. In addition to promoting proper spinal alignment, the right firmness level will also cushion sensitive parts of the human body. An uncomfortable bed, however, can cause strain over time if it is overly soft or firm.

Our ultimate guide to sleeping well is here to help you get the most out of your mattress.

All To know: Mattress Firmness

All To know: Mattress Firmness

The firm nature of a mattress alludes to the balance of its delicate or hard it feels. As every maker might utilise their own strategy to gauge and level up the firmness, we utilize a standard 10-point scale. Gentler sleeping pads fall on the lower end, while firmer surfaces are of better quality.

Several factors contribute to the firmness of a mattress, such as its materials and construction. Comfort systems are layered over support cores in most models.  Selecting a potential mattress that ticks all the criteria with the material is a tough task. Where the materials, for example, polyfoam, adaptable padding, plastic, and fiber are normal. Thicker frameworks made of additional adjusting materials will generally give the bedding a gentler vibe. Pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders, are cushioned with a comfort system. 

The change of layer might go about as a cushion between the solace framework and the help centre. This part can extend the shaping and influence the apparent immovability. Sleepers should avoid sinking too deeply into their mattress by using a support core. In order to maintain a more levelled spine position, it is essential to provide even support.

There are many users who do not understand how support and firmness can be different. The layer of comfort is directly linked with the firm nature of the mattress. Whereas the support is known by the core of the mattress. Here is the twist, a mattress can be softer and give full support yet be very firm and not at all supportive.

Everyone has their own confront levels for sleeping. Many elements play a part here like an individual’s body weight, height, type of body, medical issues, positions, and postures one likes to sleep in. Preference from different individuals of buying a mattress, one can buy a mattress online or from a local store. Some prefer old traditional family mattresses.

Now firmness isn’t the one and only element that one thinks about while purchasing a mattress. Other direct factors are durable nature, water resistance, breathable or not, cooling temperature, etc.

Firmness scale for mattresses

Below we have ranked the mattress from 1 to 10 to differentiate the levels from soft to firm:

1 (Extremely Soft)   

Not supportive individuals with light or too heavyweight lead to sagging. Most times too soft surfaces are uncomfortable and lead to waking up with pain. 

2-4 (Soft to Average-Soft)

Really great for sleepers who like inclination ’embraced’ or the people who lean toward rich bedding. Great-built bedding might offer more than adequate pushback while being delicate.

5-7 (Average to Medium-Firm)

A decent equilibrium of help, solidness, and support.

Additionally thought to be the ‘all-inclusive support for an individual’s sleeping pattern and nature. The best kind of sleeping pad for constant back torment.

8-9 (Firm)

Extraordinary generally support that is totally agreeable. A supportive bed is suggested for

10 (Extremely Firm)

There may be a point at which the firmest is excessively firm to be comfortable.  It could make your pain points sore rather than just relieve the pain.

Right Choice for Mattress Firmness

Right Choice for Mattress Firmness

There are several focus areas we would like you to focus on before confirming a mattress, as it is an important one-time decision made for a long time: 

Posture and position:

Keeping all the factors and elements aside position and posture matter a lot. While varying from different person to person. Few are extremely strict with the side that they sleep on. So different ranges and ranks suit different people or sleepers.

Weight about it:

It is also important to consider your weight. People with heavy weight basically like a mattress with good thickness as it gives away a lot of layers of foam that are built to go through pressure support. Also, mattresses with springs inside may likewise give greater solidness to them.

According to Body type:

Choosing the right mattress also involves the consideration of the body type and the firmness required. People with light weight will feel the topmost layers which are softer and more comfortable in nature. While heavier sleepers will need a much firmer mattress with solid support. This decides the proper posture and alignment of the spine.

Firmness cannot be referred to as Support:

While buying a mattress please remember to not confuse firmness and support as the same. Any mattress with excellent support and not so soft can eventually help in relieving pressure points. And few firm mattresses may not have a soft texture but are extremely great built.

Be Careful with Softness:

When the word soft appears it all gets us to imagine a cozy and comfortable or plushy kind of bed. But too much softness can be uncomfortable as they are difficult to sleep in different postures and positions at night. You can like them for the starting week but eventually do not let you sleep with comfort. 


We have discussed the kinds of sleepers and the elements to consider. While regions and states and countries have remarkably different preferences. Most Indians can try to purchase from the best mattress brand in India, while others can buy mattresses online.

Everything that suits your checklist should be your best fit. Look for them, read about their materials then try them out and get them.

 stomach sleeper

Have you ever put so much thought while sleeping? Have you wondered if the position you sleep in is good or bad for your body? If not it is time to change the way how to sleep! Sleeping is one of the activities we all love and will be doing for one-third of our lives. 

Why not do it right?

A survey conducted back in 2012 revealed that 16% of people like to sleep on their stomachs! They find this position extremely comforting, even if dozing on the stomach can lessen wheezing or snores at night and reduce sleep disorders called sleep apnea, it’s likewise burdening for the back and neck. 

Which can result in stains or pain in the neck in the morning at certain times. Are you counting yourself in this group? Let us find out more about yourself:



On the off chance that you enjoy most of your sleeping time period with the front portion of your body facing against the bedding, then you’re a stomach sleeper. Certain individuals, in any case, tend to nod off on their stomachs however quickly change to another position once they’re completely snoozing. Regardless of whether you frequently nod off while sleeping on your stomach, the face is facing the pillow and which could allow numerous times of waking up with a stiff neck. 

How Does Sleeping Position Speak About One’s Psychology?

There have been arguments, research, and surveys made to come to a conclusion regarding sleep positions that define a person and their personality. According to certain psychological sites, it is said it may be a sign that you are feeling defensive or afraid if you are sleeping on your stomach. They may be perfectionists who have difficulty accepting criticism, and they take a lot of control of their lives.

Nevertheless, examining your sleeping position can certainly reveal some interesting details about who you are. Listed below are a few of the characteristics that are associated with sleeping on your stomach:

Highly motivated: This type of person knows what they need and they won’t hesitate to pursue it. Nonetheless,  one is most careful and carries it in a smooth and elegant way. Everyone loves an individual who is excessively self-confident.

Thrilling nature: These kinds of people are constantly looking for adventure, thrill, and new experiences in their life.  Simply make sure to remain down to earth and keep living the fun.

High Confidence Level: Stomach sleepers have practically no hesitations about what their identity is. They are very outgoing and confident. Utilize this for your potential benefit and remember to remain respectful toward everyone.

Vulnerable and mostly anxious: People who sleep on their stomachs might be struggling to keep their connections secure. Sleeping on the stomach could showcase vulnerability when sleeping with partners. It could also represent uncertainty.

Good and Bad in Sleeping on Stomach

Bad in Sleeping on Stomach

There are clashing conclusions about the potential medical advantages and dangers of resting on the stomach. Even though sleeping on the stomach could bring a few negative impacts while on the brighter side sleeping on the stomach also eliminates many other problems.

Negative Impacts:

Let us talk about what are a few negative issues that come along when one is sleeping on the bed on their stomach. Neck pain can result from sleeping on your stomach. You might have looked for a mattress online but still have neck pain when you wake up in the morning. Sleeping on your stomach might be the reason. It could further give stains on your back. Someone could also develop pain in their neck and shoulder, and experience stiffness. Stomach sleepers experience body pain when they wake up. In this position can likewise put an undesirable strain on our muscles and joints which are eventually responsible for the numb feeling or strains.

Positive Impacts:

It is not all bad when it comes to sleeping on the stomach. It helps in reducing snoring issues, as we already know sleeping on sideways of your bed or mattress helps in controlling snores. This position also helps in reducing the sleep disordered named sleep apnea symptoms. Some researchers talk about how it also decreases acid reflux.

In case you experience back or neck pain while sleeping on your stomach, try sleeping with a pillow.

The best way to sleep on your stomach

Imagine a scenario where all your life you have been sleeping on the bed on your stomach and you grow up to have joint paints and using orthopedic mattresses online. We cannot ask you to completely change the way you are sleeping. Rather we bring a few ways that could end up being useful to you to keep away from the expected problems:


This choice is completely a personal one but have you ever tried searching what traits or benefits or disadvantages it brings along? If not we have provided you with everything in the article above. 

Even if you best mattress online, if positions are not appropriate it can result in a lot of problems with the back and neck. In extreme cases we suggest consultancy but change begins at home. And it takes baby steps toward changing or improving your sleeping habits on the bed or mattress.

Bedroom Hacks

A bedroom is the most intimate space in the house, and we should endeavor to make it seem that way. There’s nothing like stepping away from it all and escaping to your cozy haven for quality slumber now more than ever. So, whether you’re planning a complete remodel of your sleeping quarters or simply want to create a welcoming atmosphere, consider these comfortable bedroom ideas to get you started

comfortable mattress


A restful night’s sleep is the secret to a long life. Your bedroom is the paradise that ensures that you sleep well. Follow the above-mentioned hacks and experience magic in your bedroom like never before! 

Dreams meaning

Dreaming is a natural occurrence of unusual, unpredictable pictures in your mind during sleep. Since ancient times researchers and interpreters have learned more about dreams and their meanings. So far, they have made plenty of assumptions about some dream sequences, which are quite common and seen by many people regardless of their age and geographical conditions. 

So let’s take a look at some common dreams and their interpretations done by experts.



As you go over the edge into oblivion, you feel a rush of air on your face. You thrash around, desperate for something to cling onto before hitting rock bottom, but there’s nothing and no one to save you. Terror swallows you as the bottom approaches, and then bang! 

You wake up sweating and fastened heartbeats only to realize that you are in your bedroom and on a soft, plush mattress and only dreaming. 

Dreams of falling into nothingness are most common and sleep disturbing. According to interpreters, if you dream about falling, then you are afraid or insecure about losing control of your life events. It also expresses that you are unhappy with life events that are taking shape against your wishes, such as failing in relationships or not getting your desired promotion at work.

Being chased

Being Chased

You hurry to a safe area while feeling a chill run down your spine. But the invisible beast chasing you will catch up with you shortly. You make every effort to reach the refuge, but your paths are perplexing, and there is nothing in sight.

When you feel the heat of a monster’s coarse palms approaching, you freeze and try to get out of the path, but you quickly tumble off the mattress. Nothing is after you; it was all a dream.

One of the regular and common dreams of running away or being chased interprets your fear of something coming your way despite your wish to avoid it. 

Losing teeth

loosing tooth

You are chewing your favorite toffee and suddenly feel excruciating pain in your mouth as something breaks. Yes, it’s’ your tooth! You get startled as you find it’s not just any tooth but the front one. Your anxiety grows, and as you are about to lose your mind, you wake up abruptly only to realize that it’s a dream. 

Dreams about losing teeth represent many things, such as, 



You arrive home and find your beloved sleeping on the couch. You try to wake them up, but no response as they are lifeless. You start crying uncontrollably as you feel a great loss. Your heart breaks, and suddenly you find the heavy burden on your chest waking up from your slumber. A horrible dream has ended with afterthoughts.

According to interpreters, dreams are representations of what you feel at the subconscious level. When you see someone else or yourself dying, it can mean different things, such as,

Taking a test

taking test

You suddenly find yourself rushing to school to attend a board exam. And, you realize that the exam you are supposed to give is totally different from the one you studied for; ultimately, you will fail. As soon as you see the exam paper, you freak out and hear your mother calling your name to wake up for office. 

Despite being working professionals, this dream of giving exams in school is indeed one of the craziest dreams you may see frequently. Taking a test in your dream may show that you are stressed in your real life about not being ready for upcoming events or unforeseen challenges.

If you see a dream where you are ready for your exam or passing out with good grades, it interprets your readiness to face your life confidently and succeed in all challenges.



In the open sky, you find yourself flying alongside some pretty birds and wonder where you got the abilities. You don’t think much and enjoy the feeling while spreading your arms and taking in the bird view city below. It all seems real as suddenly you are woken up by your parents for acting weird, making you realize it was just a dream.

Or you suddenly wake up startled as you see some planes flying in weird ways without colliding with each other making no sense. 

Dreams of flying or flying planes are a symbol of various things like

Being naked

being naked

A bizarre dream where you find yourself without a single cloth on your body. Or you find yourself running naked in public, trying to hide or get a piece of cloth but all in vain. 

Dreams of showing up naked in places like school, work, or events is not unusual, and many experiences it at one point in their life.

When we are born, we are naked, and seeing yourself in your birth suit has a different meaning, such as,

Recurring dreams

You may find that certain dreams occur frequently and make you restless at a length that you make efforts to find out the reason behind it. According to experts, recurring dreams can mean an ongoing problem in wake life and have an adverse or stressful impact on life.

You have undoubtedly had one or more of these dreams since individuals worldwide have experienced them. They might fade from your memory, just like most individuals forget 90% of their dreams. However, if you ever remember having a dream about falling or dying, think about if any of the suggested theories apply to you and your life. If that’s the case, then your subconscious is trying to alert you, and there may be a situation that has to be rectified. Happy Dreaming!


Have you often had difficulty going asleep and staying asleep? Have you ever tossed and turned all night on the mattress while your brain was on its own trip of random thoughts? For various reasons, everyone has gone through this sleep dilemma once in a lifetime for a shorter or longer period. 

Your body and mind must be relaxed and calm when it comes to peaceful and adequate sleep. Though it sounds simple, it isn’t. Many individuals find it troublesome to fall and remain asleep throughout the night on many occasions. 

Meditation is a science-backed and effective answer for sleepless nights. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise to achieve the highest level of spiritual awareness and gain benefits like relaxation, mental strength, and a break from stress and anxiety. 

It turns out to be beneficial when you overthink at night, and your brain remains overactive with daunting thoughts, further increasing stress and strain on body parts. 

A slow yet full of benefits, meditation is mainly a guided, self-disciplinary exercise that calms down the brain and creates a balance between brain and body, which makes suitable conditions to fall asleep and complete those 7 to 9 hours of zzz’s without disruptions. 

How does meditation help?

meditation help

Meditation is not some kind of switch to falling asleep but a practice that may be a valuable tool for well-being and sleep health over time. Many scholars have focused their studies on determining how to employ mindfulness to cure insomnia.

Here are some benefits that you can get out of practicing meditation before bedtime:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are inseparable parts of life, and they hamper sleep and peace of mind so negatively that their effects linger in life for longer than necessary. In some cases, severe stress and anxiety result in depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

Practicing meditation every night before sleeping helps you to eliminate these unwanted stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Induces the relaxation response in the body

Meditating every night before hitting the mattress helps you focus your mind on the current situation rather than wandering off in useless thinking. Breathing techniques in meditation induce relaxation responses within your body, promising sleep quality improvement. 

Creates balance in the nervous system

The central nervous system consists of two parts: one that keeps us attentive and the other that aids sleep. The sympathetic nervous system regulates

processes such as arousal and inflammation. The parasympathetic nervous system controls the anti-inflammatory and relaxation responses.  We require both, yet chronic stress makes them frequently out of balance. Meditation is beneficial in resolving nervous system imbalances.

Safer than other techniques 

Meditation is much safer than other techniques like medicines and physical exercises to cure sleep-related issues like insomnia. It has no adverse effects on your body and is an entirely safe, refreshing and spiritually awakening experience. 

Easy to learn and free to access, meditation techniques are suitable for everyone, despite age, gender or illness. 

How to practice bedtime meditation?

practice bedtime meditation

To get ready for meditation, you can start with creating calm surroundings, turning lights off, closing doors and windows to block sounds, and putting on comfortable clothes like loose pajamas. 

You can try various meditation methods to help you fall asleep and improve your health.

Deep breathing

Breathing exercises are always beneficial and help you distract from worries and overthinking and calm and relaxed. Breathing with the diaphragm is often used with several other meditation activities to help people unwind. Counting helps you control and slow your breathing. For example, the 4-7-8 breathing method entails breathing in for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds, and then exhaling for 8 seconds.

Body scan meditation

This method is related to systematic muscle relaxation, where you focus on each muscle from toe to head individually and then create a chain cycle of straining and relaxing muscles. 

You need to pay attention to the body parts touching the mattress below and then release the tension from those muscles with slow breathing and counting. This exercise helps you relieve any physical strain and fall asleep in the process. 


Exercising mindfulness requires your attention to the present moment and thoughts. You need to sense every muscle in your body, from toes to head and then relax slowly.


Counting ships or numbers backwards is one of the oldest and most effective methods to help you eradicate unwanted thoughts and fall asleep peacefully. When you slowly and steadily begin counting, you drift away into sleeping mode and proceed to deeper sleep. 

Guided meditation

You may try guided meditation with the help of some experts or mobile apps specifically designed for meditation. From movement-based meditation like Tai chi to visualization of beautiful and serene places can be used in guided meditation methods.

Other ways to achieve better sleep quality

Though meditation helps you improve sleep quality, other ways may increase meditation benefits. Such as,

Daily regime

Follow a daily routine of sleep and wake time. Also, you can include meditation in a pre-bed ritual to improve your sleep quality magnificently.

Sleep environment

Creating a sleep environment is very important, such as turning off lights, maintaining room temperature at low degrees and using a bed or mattress that is comfortable and supportive.

Make sure your bed or mattress is suitable for your body needs and does not hamper your sleep with its withered, old and inadequate firmness. You can buy the Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattresses to get maximum benefits, as its patented Japanese SmartGRID technology provides comfort and support simultaneously. 


You can try some exercises on a regular or alternate day basis in addition to meditation, such as walking, running, and yoga.


Make sure to eat proper nutritional food such as dairy products, poultry, vegetables, dry fruits and fruits to improve your sleep-inducing hormone level. Also, avoid eating heavy meals before bed to prevent digestion issues. 

Bottom Line:

Regular meditation has a proven track record of providing benefits since ancient times. And when you incorporate it with your sleep time routine, its benefits are innumerable. Thus, make sure you implement meditation habits in your daily regime to prepare your mind and body for better sleep.

Sleep Positions

Women for centuries have been bearers of pain, be it sore boobs, period cramps, or giving birth to a new life. Women have embarrassed pain so beautifully that there is so much to learn from them. Comfort and proper sleep take a long walk away from women when it comes to pregnancy. There is so much going on with a woman’s body during the period of pregnancy, changes in the hormones, mood swings, weight gain, and so much pressure to take care of the life building inside her. 

While taking care of herself and the bay sometimes many suffer from sleep deprivation or do not get any sleep at all. Before and after pregnancy sleep is the most sacrificed by parents, especially the moms.

In the article below we will go through all the issues and tips for sleeping positions to adapt along with sleeping habits mothers can choose for a comfortable pregnancy. Also, the best mattress to choose while you and your partner are pregnant. 

How necessary is Sleeping during Pregnancy?

Sleeping during Pregnancy

Sleep is a necessity for the functioning of both physical and mental health. For a pregnant woman sleep automatically become more important as the baby inside is also dependent on the rest she receives. Sleeping further is important for basic learning, concentration levels, memory building, and mood swings. These come in handy while bringing a new life to the world.

It is no secret that chronic sleep deprivation affects our immune systems negatively. Sleep is also responsible for keeping blood sugar in check. Sometimes hereditary health conditions also affect the pregnant moms sleeping conditions. While the excess of anything is bad, be it food, work, or even sleep. Yes! Too much sleep or too less sleep can be responsible for high pressure in pregnant ladies but mostly in the third trimester.

In early pregnancy lack of sleep can also risk the chances of having preeclampsia, which is a condition that can cause preterm delivery and negative impacts on the mother’s heart, kidneys, or other organs. When the mom rests the entire body utilizes that time in repairing itself. You can use it to fight the baby’s brain because it makes memories. The extra blood flow required to support your baby is putting intense pressure on your blood vessels, so it’s especially important to regain them now.

Why use Smart Grid Mattress during Pregnancy

Pregnant women need sleep at the best cost. A mattress that relieves the pressure and gives ultimate comfort. At times a mattress with excessive soft layers can easily sag inside, where hurts the alignment of the spine while sleeping. On the other hand, an extremely firm mattress can be stiff for the mom. Increase chances of back pain because of the firm texture, while providing solid back support while not being enough.

So what do we choose in that situation?

During pregnancy be smart and choose Smart Grid Mattress which uses advanced technology. They have mattresses that include 2500 air channels for fresh circulation of air. That doe not get you sweaty. Feel comfortable and luxurious with a premium cotton Viscose cover. The texture is soft and cooling and you cannot stop touching it. With pain in joints, one can also look for an orthopedic mattress online.

Smart Features of SmartGrid Mattresses For pregnancy

SmartGrid Mattresses For pregnancy

Let us find out why SmartGrid mattresses are your best friends during pregnancy:

Supports your back 2x more: 

SmartGrid mattresses have advanced technology that has grid-like formations that are smartly adjusted according to the shape of our bodies. It has a firm and also provides strong back support. While making sure that your spine is straight. Proves to deliver better support than most of the other mattresses

Assisting in motion isolation:

You won’t be disturbed by your partner’s tosses and turns by the smart grid mattress’ motion isolation. So sleep disturbance free all night.

Breathable Air Flow technology:

There are 2500 air channels in the Smart Grid mattress, creating a structure that has an open grid area that allows air to circulate freely. This ensures maximum comfort and prevents body heat from being trapped.


Food-grade polymers were used in the manufacture of Smart Grid mattresses, which are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that all family members, including children and the elderly, can use it without being concerned about toxicity.

Cozy and Comfy positions to sleep during pregnancy 

Sleeping on a particular side during pregnancy could be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. But when pregnancy is onboard there are few changes to be made in the sleeping habit to feel comfortable and cozy.

Below are easy ways to equip pregnancy sleep issues and sleep in the best possible sleeping position on the side:

Buy lots of pillows: 

Pillows are extremely comforting and soft. Putting your one leg on top of the one pillow getting it in between your thighs. While placing one behind the back, could help to support your back. More the pillows the better it is.

Need a huggable pillow:

A lot of sleepers find comfort in pillows that are soft and huggable. It gives potential support, or even buying a body-size pregnancy pillow could be a good choice too.

A few times even with all the plushy pillows you still may not feel comfortable and want to get rid of them. Give your body time to adjust to these changes by changing into various positions. 

Concluding words

Sleeping habits to practice during pregnancy are essentially important to avoid restlessness.

These are the few pieces of advice to adapt to better sleeping habits to avoid sleep deprivation during the nights of your pregnancy:

Set the mood:

It is possible to promote sleeping by creating a calm, quiet, and relaxing space to sleep in, along with a comfortable and cooling temperature. The regularity of your bedtime and wake-up time also helps you feel fresh and not tired for the entire day. 

Avoid using the phone at night:

It is vital that one stops looking at screens before sleep time. Doing movements: Preferably going for evening walks and everything the doctor prescribes. Take care of yourself and the baby by sleeping on the best kind of mattress and in a calmer environment.  

Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked or even speaking about it is not generally a comfortable topic, and many find it outrageous. However, It is one of the best and most highly beneficial sleeping methods for overall health and better sleep quality. Also, it’s one of the easiest ways that give you plenty of benefits compared to other methods.

So, let’s dive into this article to learn more about the benefits of sleeping naked.

Improved sleep quality

Your circadian rhythm depends on the heating and cooling cycle of the body. During the day, your body remains hotter than when you are asleep. As the day begins to end, the level of Cortisol starts decreasing, and the level of Melatonin increases along with a decline in core body temperature. It is vital to have a lower body temperature for better sleep. When you sleep naked, your body temperature lowers quicker and induces better sleep quality. 

Ensure a better mattress and comforter when you sleep naked to prevent sudden changes in the outer atmosphere and sudden drops in room temperature. 

Skin health

A night of adequate sleep is an answer for skin glow, skin health, and overall appearance. Also, sleeping increases the healing and repairing rates of skin tissues. 

Naked sleeping improves your sleep quality by allowing you to fall asleep faster and get 8-9 hours of sleep peacefully. This further impacts the nourishment of the skin and brings it to a healthy status. 

Prevents weight gain

weight gain

Sleeping issues and weight gain have interrelation, and many try different methods to reduce their weight. 

Sleeping naked helps you to lose weight by improving calorie-burning activities. Also, when you sleep naked, your body is exposed to cooler temperatures, increasing brown fat activities that help prevent excessive weight gain.

Protects vagina

As yeast likely grows in warm and moist places, when you wear underpants and other tight inner wears, you risk developing harmful yeast due to the dampness of clothes and sweating. 

Sleeping naked prevents yeast formation in the vaginal area and further improves its health. 

Increased fertility rate

Men wearing tight-fitting underwear have a high chance of reducing sperm count and concentration. The primary reason behind it is the increased temperature of testicles due to tight clothing.

Sleeping naked prevents harm to testicles and maintains their temperature, further improving sperm count and concentration.

Prevents health issues

Adequate sleep improves health conditions and prevents you from getting unnecessary illnesses and diseases.

When you sleep naked, your sleep quality improves, which further reduces health issues like heart conditions, type 2 diabetes, etc. 

Boosts relationships and self-esteem


When you sleep naked with your partner may improve emotions of satisfaction and intimacy between couples. Skin-to-skin contact between partners reduces your stress level and assures you of not being alone. It further increases the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone that enhances sentiments of safety and love while decreasing anxiety.

Sleeping naked with a companion may make you feel good about your body while reducing stress. Spending time nude in the presence of others boosts self-esteem and promotes a positive body attitude.

Things to consider while sleeping naked

Before you make the switch to sleeping naked, consider the following:

Tips on how to start sleeping naked

Here are some helpful tips to start sleeping naked:

Bottom line

Sleeping in your birth suit has more benefits than one can estimate. However, not everyone is comfortable or able to sleep naked. Thus, slowly implementing the habit by going step by step is a good idea. Also, another option is to use minimal and loose clothing while sleeping can also help you to start sleeping naked over the period. 

Wake up

Have you ever woken up feeling more tired and sleepy? Trying to figure out how to run the entire day? This may happen several moments in one week and disturbing your concentration levels and not letting you focus 100 percent at work or school or just on a daily routine.

If that’s the first thing that pops into your mind as soon as your alarm clock beeps, a shift in perspective may be helpful. It’s important to manage expectations regarding your sleep in order to feel better about it. To wake up tired can be stressful and lead to a day full of irritation.

Know about Sleep inertia

Sleep inertia is that certain time of feeling grogginess in the morning when we wake up. Our brains never just wake up right after we open our eyes. There are a number of chemical reactions and transitions that take place to reach waking up. That instant feeling one experiences right after they open their eyes is how the mood going to be the entire day.

At the time of those transitions, one automatically feels dizzy and sometimes can go back to sleeping again. This condition usually gets our motor and cognitive skills to work slower which is the reason one does not feel like waking up in the morning. It is said that sleep inertia can remain 30 minutes to 90 minutes of duration, but also positively gets over within 15 minutes to one hour time.

Let us know the moments when one can go through sleep inertia:

It can be when one does not get proper sleep for a continuous week. Sometimes when one wakes up from deep sleep or is woken up. While at important events when you wake before the regular waking up time. These are situations where it takes time to process the entire world around us. 

Actions To Take

When one wakes up, sleep inertia is a part of the usual process, but one can minimize its effects by trying the below given steps:

Responsible factors for waking up tired

waking up tired

There are several reasons why sometimes one experiences tiredness after waking, let us find out a few:

Not having ample amount of sleep: 

A lot of people assume getting tired the entire day can help them fall asleep easily. While this is a misconception, going through an extensive exercise routine can only ruin sleep and invoke the restless and alertness while delaying sleep

The problem of excessive urination at night: 

When someone wakes up more than twice at night for using the washroom, they are likely to wake up moody and tired. In a few situations, this could happen due to health conditions. While consuming too much water/juices/soda before bedtime can cause releasing of liquid during the entire night.

Drinking caffeinated drinks: 

As we all know caffeine gives us extra stimulation and gives us the energy to run the day. The same caffeine can disrupt our sleep pattern which results in a lack of sleep at night and waking up tired. The adjustable bed or even proper mattress won’t let you sleepwell at night.

Consuming alcohol at night:

Alcohol makes the human body drowsy and makes it fall asleep very quickly. But it can also cause episodes of waking up during the night, making one thirsty. And we are aware of hangovers with headaches because of it.

On the off chance that an entire evening of peaceful rest is trailed by delayed sleeping patterns and sluggishness or low energy levels the following day, compute restlessness from the two going before weeks.

Maintaining sleep hygiene:

sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a set of healthy habits, changes, and surrounding that matter and can be adjusted to get back to a good and comforting sleep cycle. Few of the daily habits can  include the following activities:


Sometimes even the perfect mattress of the right bed with calming bedroom space may not be enough to get the proper sleep. At those times a change of daily routine can help you Sleep well. Just getting out of bed washing our faces and lighting up the room bright. Doing bed exercises to get going. The intake of a good amount of water to flush out the impurities of the previous night. Just following a few simple steps every day can make you a lot more energetic and a lot less tired.

Sleep Quality

Being tired in the morning and reluctant to go to the office is indeed a sign of restless nights and inadequate sleep. Many people face these situations regularly and try to find a solution that can help them get rid of tiredness and fatigue due to sleepless nights and health issues followed after it. 

When it comes to sleepless nights, people find an nth number of traditional to modern tips and ideas to improve sleep quality from their well-wishers. Most people find it difficult and scary to follow random and baseless directions that can have zero or adverse impact on sleep and overall health rather than improve sleep quality. 

In today’s world, people believe more in science than anything else. If science supports any solution or idea, it reduces people’s fear and reluctance toward it. Further making them implement the tips in their life willingly. 

So here are some scientifically approved and backed tips and solutions to improve sleep quality.

Create a sleep-wake schedule

What science says:

Our body follows a biological clock, aka circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is essential to regulate bodily functions. Irregular sleep and wake time can disrupt the functioning of the circadian rhythm. It further prevents us from sleeping at night’s desired time and adversely affects our overall health.

What you can do:

Creating a sleep and wake schedule and following it every day without a miss helps us synchronize these functions with circadian rhythm and sleep every night at the desired time.  

Check your sleeping position

What science says:

During sleep, we remain in one position for hours, which can positively and negatively impact our body structure, spinal alignment, and muscular strength. While sleeping on our backs is very beneficial for us, it can have adverse effects if anyone is pregnant or has lumbar stenosis and back pain

What you can do:

Determining body conditions, and health issues and finding the best sleeping position is the best option. After deciding on the correct sleeping position according to body condition, implementing it slowly and making a habit of sleeping in the same situation is helpful to maintaining health

Also, buying a suitable mattress according to sleep position is inevitable to avoid additional issues due to old and unsuitable mattresses. 

Watch your meal time


What science says:

Today’s lifestyle and working schedule delay dinnertime, almost around sleeping hours. However, according to studies, sleeping immediately after eating dinner can cause maximum disruption. It hampers the digestive system and increases the need to pee constantly at night. Also, it’s a fact that people who eat their dinner late tend to sleep more due to insufficient sleep.

What you can do:

Try to eat for at least two hours before hitting the mattress. Help your digestive system by doing small exercises like walking or sitting in Vajrasana ( Thunderbolt Pose or Diamond Pose) after eating food. Also, avoid heavy meals at night and before bedtime.

Maintain cool temperature at night

What science says: 

Our sleep quality improves when our body temperature is lower rather than higher. During sleep, our core body temperature drops, and blood flow increases towards the hands and feet. Many factors cause your body temperature to rise and create heat issues like sweating and breathlessness, further inducing sleep disruption.

What you can do:

There are several ways to increase blood flow towards the hands, such as a warm bath or shower. Also, warming feet by soaking them in lukewarm water with rock salt can help reduce body temperature by increasing blood flow towards the body’s extremities. Adding oils and bathing salts in water also proves helpful.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

What science says:

Many people take caffeine to help them stay awake during the day and get their work done. Caffeine is an energy booster that induces adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) and cortisol secretion in humans. Caffeine’s influence on cortisol regulation may thereby disrupt circadian rhythms and interact with stress responses.

What you can do:

Avoiding caffeine consumption is the best option. However, reducing it to a minimum level can work wonders as well. Also, caffeine remains in the body for around 8 to 9 hours after consumption. Therefore, avoid drinking caffeine after the evening to reduce its effects on sleep.

Use correct mattress


What science says:

Mattresses are equally important to improve sleep quality. The firmness and softness of the mattress have both kinds of effects on body structure depending on various factors like sleeping positions, spinal or joint health, and the body’s miscellaneous requirements. Poor quality mattress creates discomfort and keeps a person tossing and turning all night, further reducing sleep quality.

What you can do:

A mattress that provides adequate support and comfort proves healthy in the long term and maintains spinal alignment, body curves, and enough pressure on joints. 

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattresses are good options that provide the best of both worlds: comfort and support. 

Use White and pink noise

What science says:

White noises like whirring fans are helpful to block other background noises and help many people doze off easily. According to some research, rhythmic pink noises like rainfall, sea waves, and birds chirping also help slow down brain waves and allow sleep peacefully.

What you can do:

Create playlists of pink and white noises on music apps on mobile or laptop and play them on lower volume. Also, set a timer to turn it off if you don’t want it all night. 

Bottom Line:

Using sleeping techniques backed by science is the best option to improve sleep quality. However, not every method is helpful for everyone as each person has different psychology, physical attributes, and health conditions that contribute positively or negatively to sleep quality. Therefore, the best solution is to try and test methods with expert advice.