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Best Mattress In India

June 26, 2020 by The Sleep Company

There are many best mattress in India to choose from and choosing one can be confusing as there are so many options available in the Indian market, so here we come with in-depth info of different mattress and which one is the best mattress for you to sleep on to have a sound sleep.

Types of Mattresses

    1. Coir Mattress : Coir is fiber from coconut husk. Those who are allergic or sensitive to foam find this as a good option. However, coir is usually found in a low-quality mattress which can be quite uncomfortable. They also sag easily making it uneven and less durable where they last only for a few years
    2. SmartGRID : These are the only mattresses that adapt to your body shape. It isolates motion and the open grid structure promotes airflow and removes body heat. The best part is that it is soft where you need comfort and firm where you need support. Good for neck, shoulder and back support, this is a perfect fit for a good sleep. It even reduces back pain and is good for a sound spine posture. Made with SmartGRID technology, this mattress is an upgrade and make best quality beds.
    3. Memory foam : Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that has lower resistance, so it reacts and slowly reforms when pressure is released. Memory foam though provides initial comfort but is not great for back support over time, they have been known to be hotter than a normal mattress and an odd chemical smell. They may need a while to break in as the higher density of material per cubic meter makes the mattress firmer. Also, don’t fall for low-quality memory foams as you won’t feel any significant differences with them.
    4. Natural Latex Mattress : These modern mattresses are durable does not easily change its temperature. Latex has a bouncy feel which can disturb the other person sleeping. Also, compression is known to occur when shared by two people as both are more likely to sleep in the same spot every night. This limits the natural movement of the sleeper. It is also known to be more expensive compared to other mattresses and is not as pressure-relieving as other alternatives.
    5. Bonded Foam Mattress : Bonded foam mattress is known to be very firm, however, it does not give good support to the body as it is non-responsive to the body weight. Due to this firmness, it cannot circulate air. They are also known to be less durable therefore comes with short or no warranty compared to a SmartGRID mattress.

Therefore, before you pick your mattress, know their features and select the one which not only provides ultimate comfort but also provides support to the neck, back and shoulders. With SmartGRID technology, all your problems are solved starting from good spine posture, breathability and enough firmness to support you. It is Asia’s first and only mattress that comes with the SmartGRID technology. This is definitely the best mattress in India

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