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Best Mattress for Back Pain: How to Choose a Mattress for Back Pain

December 3, 2019 by The Sleep Company

If you have back pain then choosing a mattress is extra important for you. We will help you to choose the right mattress for your back pain. As sleeping on the wrong mattress can only worsen your back pain.

If you are planning to buy a new mattress for yourself thinking it will combat your back pain, there are many things you should keep in mind. 

Back pain

How to choose a mattress for back pain 

 If you can check out mattress reviews online you will see memory foam and latex mattress has an average rating compared to Smart Grid Mattresses as memory foam tends to scatter after extended use.

Firm Mattress – Too firm a mattress does support back to keep the spine in natural shape, however, it creates high pressure on body curvatures like hips and shoulders and hence leads to tossing & turning at night. Most orthopedic mattresses have a medium soft top layer, however very firm support layers and hence leading to uncomfortable sleep

Soft MattressSoft mattress does feel comfortable but it does causes back pain because it doesn’t take the proper shape of your spine.

Smart Grid Mattress – When it comes to the right material for your mattress The Sleep Company has just what you are looking for your mattress.

World’s Most Advanced technology for your sleep – the only mattress that intelligently adapts to your body shape.

When you lie down on a smart grid mattress, it adapts to your body shape – buckles down on body curvatures like hips and shoulders to give soft feeling whereas it is firm on back to keep the spine straight.

Best mattress for your back pain –  Millions of people are suffering from back pain and sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will make it worse. After considering all your sleeping [references you will know that The Sleep Company Smart Grid mattress is best for back pain. You will understand this once you experience for yourself. Just kick your old mattress out & give The Sleep Company Smart Grid mattress a try.  So no more choosing between comfort & heath – get the best of both now!

With our 100 night free trial you have nothing to lose except your back pain.



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