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If you have been feeling hot at night, then maybe it’s time to change your mattress. You heard it right. The sleeping mattress tends to become hot at night. What appears cool and comfortable in the morning may trouble while you sleep. Many of us have been dealing with this problem and find it very challenging. We end up thinking that changing the mattress will not help which to an extent is true for the general mattresses. Let us first get to the bottom of the problem,

Why Do Mattresses Become Hot?

Conventionally, the quality of cotton stuffed inside the mattress used to be the only concern. Today, we are conscious of quality, lumber support, and comfort. The material for sleeping mattresses has evolved and we have latex, foam, spring, and other materials replacing the conventional cotton padding in the mattresses.

Memory foam is one of the latest offerings in the market. The problem of mattresses getting heated at night persists in most mattresses, irrespective of the material. Memory foam is often associated with this issue. Most of the companies increase the layers in the foam to enhance its comfort which in turn increases heat retention.

Basically, at some point in our sleep, we stop sweating and the temperature of the body rises. This higher temperature is retained by the mattress which makes it hotter. The problem aggravates with the use of warm bedding and quilt. The denser the material for the mattress, the hotter it will become. You might end up waking up at night due to excessive heat.

What is the Solution?

Keeping the body cool at night is important. You can take certain measures to ensure that your body stays cool while you sleep.

• Use ventilating bed frames

You can use a bed frame that has openings in the frame at the bottom of the bed. These openings are made to allow the air to pass through the mattress and enable air circulation.

• Maintain cool atmosphere

You can open the window or use a ceiling fan to keep the room cool at night. Try to turn off all the electronic and heating systems that raise the temperature of the room.

• Use breathable sheets

The sheets in the mattress are also very important. They should not block the air from passing through them. Try sticking to sheets made up of natural materials such as bamboo to enhance the breathability of the material.

• Try a cooler sleepwear

You may find trendy sleepwear very attractive but if you have been feeling hot at night then it is best to check on the material. Purchase sleepwear made up of natural fabric to let you relax and stay cool at night. You can easily get such sleepwear in your budget.

Choose the Right Mattress

You can take all the measures to keep yourself cool. However, it is the mattress that will have a prolonged effect. With a good sleeping mattress, you do not need to take extra effort into keeping cool every night.
Memory foam has been reported to get super-heated at night due to its dense structure and lack of interconnected air channels. While it offers superb support to the body, it lacks the cooling element.

Memory foam has many variations and you need to check on each one’s property to ensure that it has the cooling element. Some of the users of latex mattresses have also reported heating at night, especially the ones that have extra layers of foam to enhance your comfort. The coil mattress also has layers of foam on them which keeps this heating problem persistent in most of its types. The waterbed mattress has another issue. They have been reported to be cooler at night which again causes discomfort, especially in winters.

Mattress selection is very important as it can let you get great sleep for many years to come. A sleeping mattress offered by The Sleep Company can be a perfect solution to this problem. It keeps you cool, provides support to the body, and promotes a highly comfortable sleep.

What Sets The Sleep Company Apart?

The Sleep Company offers India’s only SmartGRID mattress that has a grid-like structure that keeps the structure firm and provides support. This grid structure and technology superbly replace other conventional mattress materials including latex, foam, and spring. The mattress bends according to the body curvature while sleeping and retains back its shape after you leave the bed. In total, the grid has 2500 air channels to promote airflow at night.

When you sleep, these air channels will regulate the body temperature. The sleep Company mattress offers a permanent solution to the heating problem. There is no high density foam to trap the heat. This technology is free from all the conventional issues with mattress including heating, and sagging. The ultra elastic material of the foam stays intact in its place, assuring that the air channels do not collapse. The fabric is hyper-elastic and the cooling structure of the mattress stays in its form after prolonged use. The sleep company offers you:

• A great solution to the heating mattresses
• Lumbar support
• Ultra-elastic material that ensures the firmness of the mattress even after many years
• 100 trial nights to experience the new technology that keeps you cool
• 10 years warranty to make your investment worthy in every way

Feeling hot at night affects the quality of sleep. You can end up feeling tired the next morning. Natural material in your bedding adds up to the breathability of the material. Getting a good air-regulating mattress is a permanent solution to the problem.

You can look for a good material that propagates airflow. While making the purchase, keep a tab on the budget and size. The mattress should fit into your bed. It should offer orthopedic support and the firmness should not decrease after prolonged use. Investment in a sleeping mattress is for a long time. So, be assured of the returns before purchasing it.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical disorder that affects the respiratory system. The breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping which can cause snoring and tiredness. Sleep apnea can result in certain health issues including high blood pressure and Heart-related disorders. Snoring is one of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea.

However, snoring can be a result of other health issues such as old age and an overweight body. How do you differentiate between normal snoring and sleep apnea related snoring? If the person is snoring louder than the normal snoring and feels restless while sleeping then they should visit a medical expert. It can be a symptom of sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Types of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be primarily categorized into obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

1. Obstructive sleep apnea

In this condition, the muscles in the back of our throat relax while we sleep, resulting in a narrowed down or closed airway that lowers the oxygen level in the body. As soon as the brain senses this, it arouses you from sleep to open the airway. This is a very brief process for us to remember after waking up. There are high chances of choking which calls for immediate measures to cure sleep apnea.

Risk factors

2. Central sleep apnea

This is caused by the failure of the Brain to transmit signals for breathing to the breathing muscles. No effort for breathing may wake you up or cause difficulty in sleeping.

Risk factors

Can Sleeping Positions Help in Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is known to be a treatable condition. Sleep apnea patients are advised to sleep on their sides to get better sleep. In this position, the back muscles of the throat do not slip into a relaxed position and obstruct breathing. However, this cannot be a solution as sleeping on the sides the entire night can be discomforting. Studies have proved that a 7.5 degrees elevation of the head from the body can help in sleep apnea. It can improve symptoms and enhance sleep quality. Sleeping at elevated angles such as 30 degrees and 60 degrees can help sleep apnea patients in getting better sleep. Recliners can be an effective solution to sleep apnea.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Using Recliners For Sleep Apnea?

Recliners benefit sleep apnea patients in getting better sleep. An elevated head while sleeping helps obstructive sleep apnea patients in getting quality sleep. Many obstructive sleep apnea patients are also known to suffer from GERD. The increase in pressure in the chest cavity in obstructive sleep apnea increases the acid reflux. Sleeping in a reclined position does not easily allow the stomach acid to pass back into the esophagus causing GERD.

How to Select the Best Recliner?

First of all, the recliner has to be very comfortable. Then, it should offer lumbar support and should be easily adjustable. The recliner should allow you to comfortably use it for hours without any kind of pressure on the body and joints. While exploring recliners, look for a good warranty and design. Choose a recliner that not only helps patients with sleep apnea but is made for everyone and promotes good sleep. The ultimate goal should be to own a product that offers support and comfort for everyone while sleeping.

The smart adjustable recliner bed, ‘Elev8’ by The Sleep Company is a great option for relaxing and sleeping. This recliner bed has been designed by NASA to induce a Zero Gravity mode that reduces the pressure on the neck, spine, and joints to allow you to use it for long hours. The inclined head reduces snoring and promotes blood circulation.

The elevation of the head section can be easily adjusted for different daily activities such as reading and watching television. If you want to sleep in a flat position, it is just a click away. The active touch technology allows you to convert this smart recliner bed into a flat bed. The Sleep Company is taking this comfort a step ahead with a built-in massager. You can activate the built-in massager to de-stress the body before sleeping.

The sleep company provides you with all the comfort that you can desire. It uses futuristic technology and expert-approved design to offer something new and extravagant in the sleeping mattress and beds segment. The 5 years warranty and easy self-installation make this smart recliner bed a must-have. If you are dealing with sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea, then you should visit the website to explore The Sleep Company’s smart and next-gen products. Contact us to get explicit details on the quality and price.

Mattress continues to stay relevant with new variants and technologies pouring-in into the sector. Are these technologies worth it? Every night many of us struggle to fall asleep. Do you know that a mattress can help you sleep better? Yes, a good mattress will allow your body to feel comfortable, helping you in falling asleep. If you start searching for a good Mattress, you will come across plentiful options.

Numerous Mattress brands can make you very confused. To make things easy for you, we have curated a list of the best mattress brands in India with their details. This list will give you a fair idea about each one’s offering, helping you to find the best mattress for you.

When Should You Get a New Mattress?

Let us first understand the criteria that you should set for purchasing the Mattress. How do you decide when to purchase a new mattress? You can search for some of the signs given below:

• Uneven mattress after long use
• Mattress dripping in the middle
• Wears and tear of the mattress fabric
• Continual back-related issues after waking up

If you see any of these signs, then you can think about getting a new Mattress. You can even get a new one after a few years or when you shift into a new home to keep the freshness in the home alive.

How to Select the Best Mattress?

How to finalize the Mattress for purchase? You should always keep a checklist with you before finalizing a Mattress. Some factors that should influence your decision are given below:

1. Material

Material has always been one of the major deciding factors in purchasing a Mattress. Old age people stay conscious about the material of the foam. There are many options including spring, coir, and foam. These options have also evolved. Today, you will find different technologies in the mattress for better comfort and air circulation. Investigate the material and different layers in the mattress before purchasing. Having clarity about the required firmness will be very helpful. The new Mattress should be better than the last one.

2. Size

There are many sizes from single bed, double bed to king size. These sizes also have variations. Before exploring any mattress brand, check if they have all the available sizes. Note down the size of your bed and check if the brand has the same size mattress. You can save a lot of time by segregating brands based on the mattress size.

3. Online Presence

The times have changed and we have started evaluating brands based on their website. Every good brand will have a good website and online presence. Check out the brand and customer reviews. You can even search the customer reviews on independent websites to understand the performance of the Mattress.

4. Warranty

A Mattress is a good investment. Before investing a big amount of money, make sure that the company offers 5-10 years of warranty. If you get to choose between two mattresses of the same quality then you can go with the one with a longer warranty period.

5. Delivery and Return

It would be great to have the option of getting the mattress delivered to your doorstep. You can check the same on the website. Find out the return policy. Every company should have a return policy in case of discrepancies or dissatisfaction in the few days after delivery. Many companies offer free trial nights which is a great option. You can get a mattress and try it. If it does not suit you, then you can return the mattress and get a refund.

6. Health Condition

Many people, especially senior citizens deal with orthopedic issues. They are strictly advised to sleep on firm beds. Most Mattress companies offer mattresses specially designed for orthopedic use. These mattresses can help you in getting relief from back pain and other spine-related issues while sleeping. You can check the orthopedic offerings of every brand and explore the options in material to choose the best mattress that suits and supports your body.

List of Best Mattresses in India

1. The Sleep Company

Sleep company offers India’s first SmartGRID mattress. The SmartGRID technology allows the mattress to adjust to your body shape, giving you the best sleeping experience. It is the only technology which gives your softness & firmness in a mattress at the same time. It has a variety of smart orthopedic mattresses and luxury mattresses developed to cater to both the types of consumers – consumers demanding comfort and consumers demanding orthopedic support.

The orthopedic mattresses are known to offer benefits to consumers suffering from back pain. The cover of the mattress is made up of cotton to keep you comfortable while sleeping. The mattress has premium cushioning that provides more support than any other Mattress. The soft transition layers in the foam provide a re-bounce and extra comfort. The price starts from Rs.19,975 which puts it in the medium and higher cost bracket.

USP Premium Experience, Soft+Firm at the same time, Better adaptive support.
TechnologySmartGRID Technology
Offer Free 100 days trial
VarietySmart Luxe, Smart Ortho, Smart Luxe hybrid, Smart Ortho hybrid
Price RangeRs.19,975 – Rs.38,939
Who should buy itConsumers who wants to adopt to a better sleep technology or seek comfort and orthopedic support while sleeping every day

2. Duroflex

Duroflex is another mattress brand that offers Mattresses for comfort and orthopedic use. The mattress variety includes Duropedic mattresses for orthopedic use, energise mattresses with anti-stress technology, and natural living eco-friendly latex mattresses. Duroflex claims that the orthopedic mattresses are recommended by the National Health Academy which makes them tough competition for every mattress company catering to the orthopedic segment. The mattress company has developed an entire range of mattresses keeping the health of the user in mind. It is meant to relieve the user from any kind of body stress and congestion.

USPOrthopedic mattress tested by National Health Academy
Technology Anti-stress technology
Warranty7 years from the manufacturer
Variety Duropedic mattress, Energise mattress with anti-stress technology, and natural living eco-friendly latex mattresses
Price RangeRs.8, 500 to Rs.34, 500
Who should buy itThe starting range is quite affordable and anyone can purchase it. People who are seeking a solution to their stiff body and postural issues can go for it to have a comfortable sleep.

3. Wakefit

Wakefit manufactures home products including the Mattress. It offers a memory foam Mattress for comfortable sleep along with a 7 pressure zone layer to give orthopedic support to the spine while sleeping. For comfort, it has a dual spring mattress and foam spring mattress. For orthopedic support, it has an orthopedic memory foam mattress and a 7-zone latex mattress. The price range starts from Rs.5500 which makes it very affordable. Owing to its range and a free trial, everyone can look forward to using it.

USPBody contouring by memory foam
Technology7 pressure zone layer
OfferFree 100 nights trial
VarietyDual spring mattress, Foam spring mattress, Orthopedic memory foam mattress, and 7-zone latex mattress
Price RangeRs.5500 – Rs.8500
Who should buy itPeople with tight budgets can purchase these mattresses. The price range is very affordable.

4. Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead is India’s premier online mattress brand that has entered the luxury segment. It offers a range of mattresses for beds, sofas, and other furniture types. It specifically caters to two zones – luxury and orthopedic. For orthopedic use, it has memory foam and a PCM cooling foam mattress. 100% natural pin core latex mattress and dual side high-density foam mattress form the luxury segment. The mattress has a layering of different foams including memory foam, high resilience foam, and super soft foam to deliver excellent luxury and orthopedic support.

USPLuxury and comfort
TechnologyMemory foam and OCM cooling foam
OfferFree 100 days trial period and full refund
VarietyOriginal, Laxe, Sense, and Flip
Price RangeRs.6000 – Rs.20000
Who should buy itIf you have been waiting for a price range that fits your pocket and gives a feeling of luxury, then this mattress is for you.

5. Flo Mattress

Finally, there is a brand that focuses on the youth and the next generation. Flo mattress exclusively manufactures Mattresses for the young shoppers and consumers that give preference to comfort. It uses highly innovative foam which can be vacuum packed in 1/3rd of its size to make it easily transportable. This foam is made to react to the applied pressure. This means that foam technology allows the mattress to offer extra support to the body while sleeping.

The foam has white-gel microcapsules infused in it to absorb heat from your body using the 3D airflow technology. The aloe-vera-treated fabric has anti-microbial properties to keep the body youthful and hydrated. The overall impact has been created to regulate the body temperature while sleeping to provide utmost comfort. It again offers two categories of the mattress, ergo mattress for comfort and ortho for orthopedic use

USPCompressible mattress easy to transport, body temperature regulation
Technology3D airflow technology with white-gel microcapsules
Offer100 nights sleep trial
VarietyErgo mattress, Ortho mattress
Warranty10 years
Price RangeRs.8200 – Rs.45000
Who should buy itEvery technology enthusiast who looks forward to getting something new in the Mattress can buy it to experience the comfort brought in by different technologies.

6. SLeepyCAT

This is again a comfort-focused mattress brand that is for everyone who loves their sleep. SLeePYCAT uses DeepTouch Pressure Technology mattress with CoolTEC fabric to enhance the comfort of the Mattress. It also offers a hybrid Latex mattress with high-density foam to offer 5-zone support for orthopedic use.

USPZonal support and firmness to get rid of body tension
TechnologyDeepTouch Pressure Technology with CoolTEC fabric
Offer30 nights free trial
VarietyOriginal, Hybrid, and Ultima
Warranty10 years
Price RangeRs.8100 – Rs.11000
Who should buy itThe price range is very affordable and anyone who wants to experience superb comfort in sleep should purchase it. The affordable orthopedic mattress is also something then people with orthopedic issues can look forward to.

7. Sleepwell

If you are not sure what exactly to search for in Mattresses then you can visit the website. Sleepwell offers this unique mattress selector that provides you with different options to select the perfect mattress for you. It focuses on the comfort and luxury segment. You will find a range of mattresses in your comfort zone including basic comfort, spa comfort, hotel comfort, and celebrity comfort. It also has an Ortho comfort mattress with extra layers for spine support. It is laced with Sleepwell Neem Fresche, the antimicrobial technology, and Quiltec foam that enhances airflow and eliminates humidity. The foam of the mattress has a comfort cell technology that offers customized support to the body and spine according to its shape.

USPExquisite luxury range
TechnologySleepwell Neem Fresche, Quiltec foam
VarietyOrtho comfort, Comfort, Spa comfort, Hotel comfort, and Celebrity comfort
Price RangeRs. 9000 to Rs. 77000
Who should buy itEveryone vouching for a dreamy and luxury sleep should purchase this premium range of Mattresses.

8. Kurlon

Everyone keen about the material of the foam and its overall impact should search the mattresses on Kurlon. Kurlon brings to you mattresses with different materials and technology. You will get a mattress of every material here. The coir mattress has ACD technology and natural fibers. Then there is a foam mattress and the mattresses made up of spring with MSI technology to ensure a comfortable sleep. There are different types of mattresses for different levels of comfort. It has a spine therapy mattress with memory foam and high-density bonded foam. On the design front, you can get your hands on trendy designs for occasions such as a wedding.

USPVariety of materials and designs
TechnologyCoir mattress with ACD technology, spring mattress with MSI technology
VarietyKomfort, Relax, Active, and Trendy mattress
Warranty5 years
Price RangeRs.3700 to Rs.31000
Who should buy itPeople who wish to create a trend with comfort in their Mattresses can opt for this mattress.

9. Springtek

Springtek has a range of specialized comfort mattresses that contain 2000 super light and innovative springs. You can find sleep mattresses with natural latex, memory foam, high-density foam, and rubberized coir as well. It has a multilayered design that helps in temperature regulation of the body in every season. It has orthopedic Mattresses in every category in foam, spring, and coir foam Mattresses

USPHybrid spring mattress
TechnologyMultilayered design that helps in temperature regulation
Offer30 nights free trial
VarietyA range of Foam, Spring, Latex, and Coir foam mattresses
Warranty11 years
Price RangeRs.3300 – Rs. 19000
Who should buy itThe price range is quite affordable. If you are fed up with the old technologies, then you should try this innovative mattress with super light springs.

10. Sunday Mattress

We can start talking about our body and orthopedic issues. Sunday mattress hopes to bring on next-level comfort for everyone dealing with stress, stiffness, and other spine-related issues in the body. It offers three categories of mattresses that cater to orthopedic issues. The memory plus mattress has layers of memory foam and high resilience foam that offers comfort and support to the body.

In the ortho plus mattress, a layer of two inches of latex is added to the existing layers which make the mattress material breathable. It can help you sleep better in orthopedic issues such as back pain and neck pain. The last category, latex plus has 70D Latex foam to support the spine and an additional 2-inch latex layer for comfort.

USPOrthopedic support for everyone
Technology70D Latex foam
Offer100 free nights
VarietyOrtho memory, Ortho latex, and Latex plus mattress
Warranty10 years
Price RangeRs.7400 to Rs.47000
Who should buy itWho should buy it: The price range allows everyone to buy it. Everyone conscious of body posture should invest in purchasing these comfortable mattresses.


Sleeping mattress brands are experimenting with new technologies and layering to provide something new to the consumers. Companies such as The Sleep Company are taking the sleeping experience to an entirely new level. It has completely eliminated the conventional mattress materials including foam, spring or latex, and replaced it with the SmartGRID where the foam has a grid like structure containing more than 2500 air channels for air circulation. It is made up of hyper-elastic polymer that bends according to the body curvature while you sleep and retains the original shape after you wake up. The ultimate aim is to offer a combination of comfort and support suitable for every age.

If you have a tight budget, then you should go for the mattresses from Wakefit, Sleepyhead, SLeepyCAT, and SpringTek which have a very affordable price range. In case you are ready to invest in something new, luxurious, and comfortable, then you should go for the mattresses from The Sleep Company and Sleepwell. Technology enthusiasts have The Sleep Company, Flo Mattress, and Spring Tek with new comfort technologies. Health-conscious people can try Sunday Mattress. The best part about this article is that there are abundant options for people dealing with orthopedic issues. You can choose any brand based on the technology or budget. Free trial periods can be a boon. Try the orthopedic mattresses and return them if it does not suit you.

Keep the checklist ready with the criteria such as budget, size, and material, and explore this list of the best Mattresses in India. Purchase the mattress that helps you in getting a comfortable sleep at night.

Sleeping is one of the most joyful experiences we have in the entire day. After a tiring day, everyone loves to relax and sleep. But how would you feel if you are unable to sleep properly? Many of us keep waking up in the middle of the night. Are you one of them? Waking up abruptly at night can be very irritating. Incomplete sleep at night leads to a sleepy day where you may not be able to give your 100 percent to anything.

What are the probable reasons behind such sleeping patterns? Many times, we experience difficulty in sleeping after an abrupt change in our health and lifestyle. For instance, if we shift to a new place, or have a cold, we may wake up in the middle of the night. If you have been experiencing the problem of waking up in the middle of the night, then you must understand the causes and try to rectify them.

Reasons behind Incomplete Sleep

Let us look into some of the reasons behind such sleep patterns.


Waking up at night is one of the symptoms of insomnia. It can be caused by many causes that include:

• Day naps
• Using remote devices at night
• Alcohol and drugs
• Caffeine
• Physical ailment
• Pregnancy

If you are suffering from insomnia then you can see a medical expert and get the required treatment.


Our busy lifestyle has an impact on the entire body including the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. A stressful mind and body lead to poor sleep. The vice versa is also true as poor sleep can result in a stressful body.

Hormonal Changes

The body undergoes hormonal changes at different stages of life. The hormones in our body change during pregnancy, menopause and other physical changes. These changes in the body can lead to disruptions in sleep.


With age, the sleep cycle of the body changes. You may take time to sleep and wake up very early in the morning. Falling asleep after getting up can be difficult.


The core body temperature tends to fall when we sleep. Our body is affected by environmental temperature. Your body may be sensitive to the environment and any temperature change may cause discomfort which might wake you up.

How to Get a Good Sleep?

In case of medical issues, you can connect with a medical expert. Otherwise, you can maintain a good lifestyle and better sleep hygiene to get a good sleep. Here are some of the tips to get a good sleep at night.

Maintain a sleep routine

Start sleeping at a particular time. Make a routine of going to bed early at night at a fixed time. If you repeat this every day then the body cycle adjusts to this routine. Sleeping at a new time every day can be difficult as you start. However, after some days this routine will become effortless and you will start feeling sleepy at the same time every day.

Stay away from distractions

We have digital gadgets around us. Most of us end up using them till late at night. For the best sleep, you should refrain from using digital gadgets at night. They can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle and keep you awake. Also, you may come across content that may cause stress and nightmares which can wake you up in the middle of the night.

Get comfortable

Comfort is a must for a good sleep at night. Poor selection of sleeping mattresses can be a reason behind your abrupt waking up episodes. You should examine your mattress to see if there is any kind of distortion. You can buy mattresses online at affordable rates. Today, many good mattress brands in India offer mattresses that fit every budget. Get a good sleeping mattress to get a comfortable sleep.

Watch the environment

If you sleep in a noisy place then waking up in the middle of the night is natural. Try sleeping in a room that is not visited by anyone at the night. Also, take care of the room temperature. The body temperature responds to it and any fluctuation may wake you up. There are many sleeping mattresses available that guarantee temperature and air regulation around the body while you sleep. You can easily get such a mattress online. Try using mattresses with good technology to sleep uninterrupted at night.

Exercise during day

You may struggle to sleep for a long time after you go to bed if the body is not tired. If you do not have a job that involves physical work, start engaging in workouts during the daytime. If you get tired then you will be able to manage a good 6-8 hours of sleep.

Relax during sleep

Stop looking at the clock to see how late it has been. Stop worrying about sleep, life, and everything else. Drain your mind from all the thoughts that bother you before sleeping. Just relax after going to bed. You can meditate to get a good sleep. This will help you in shifting your mind away from any stressful thought.

Good sleeping hygiene and lifestyle will not only improve your sleeping pattern but also your body. With good sleep, you will be able to feel more charged up for the next day. You can wake up early in the morning which again has many benefits. Waking up at night regularly is not a good sign. You should find out the reason and follow the mentioned tips to get better sleep. There are some simpler things such as buying a sleeping mattress online that you can do anytime. You can start with changing your sleeping mattress. Gradually, adopt these lifestyle changes, one at a time, to experience and understand their impact on your sleeping pattern. Finally, make them a routin

Your bed is a welcoming space that coddles you the whole night after you come home after a long day. It provides you with the same level of comfort every day, so its needs to be clean and hygienic. It is your one-time investment for the coming 8-10 years when you buy a mattress.

You wouldn’t want to sleep in an unclean and discomforting space. Little efforts are reasonable enough to keep the dirt and germs away from your bed.

In this article, you’ll get to know the hygiene tips to ensure a refreshing sleeping environment. Let us dive in to know why the cleanliness of the mattress is essential.


Your mattress contributes to relieving you from daily stresses. Several things reside in your mattress, like bugs and mites, giving you restless nights. It is essential to take care of your mattress for more relaxing and rejuvenating nights.

The bed bugs and the bacteria buildup in the mattresses can put you in significant suffering to have a restful night. Sleeping in an unclean environment can give you nightmares. You must incorporate the best practices.


If you have bought a new mattress, you must be wondering about its maintenance. We have compiled some of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your mattress.

Ensure a Balanced Support

The mattresses are made of different materials. If you have a memory foam mattress, ensure it gets the right kind of support right when you bring it home. Taking care of the mattress retains the integrity of your comfort space and prevents it from wearing off faster.

Firm support to a memory foam mattress is a great option to maintain evenness. Give extra time to check on your bed for any broken slats or springs that may cut down on the life of your mattress.

Layering with a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are the best ways to add to the longevity of your mattress. If you love your sleeping space, consider a good, quality mattress that offers protection against spills and cuts, thereby removing dust and debris from your mattress.

Shielding your mattress with the best mattress protector prevents the damage, sweating, oils, and the buildup of the molds & bed bugs. With the advancement in bedding accessories, the new mattress protectors feel as comfortable as the fitted sheets. If you think of spending more minutes with your comfortable mattress, you can buy a mattress protector.

Frequent Washing of the Linens

While you enjoy the beautiful sleeping hours, your body sheds oils, sweat, and other dirt that forms a nasty layer, creating an unclean space. Moreover, eating in bed leaves you feeling yucky with all those bread crumbs, and such activities breed bacteria and encourage dust mites to give rise to allergies.

If you are repetitively doing these activities on your bed, consider washing your bedding every two weeks If it catches any stain, wash it immediately. Based on the manufacturer’s indications, you should occasionally wash the mattress protector.

Flipping the Mattress

Flipping the mattress regularly is a great technique to maintain the balance in the mattress. Irrespective of the mattress’s material and size, flipping works for all types of mattresses.

If you don’t practice rotating the mattress, your mattress is more likely to become saggy, leading to an uneven surface. If you have bought a new mattress, it is important to rotate it as the initial months are the time you take to adjust to the mattress’s comfort level.

No Jumping Jacks on the Mattress!

Your mother must have scolded you not to jump on the mattress. How could we resist? After all, we all love the bouncy feel of the mattresses. When someone jumps on the mattresses, frames and the foams are more likely to wear down quickly.

Kids often have a flickering nature, and they consistently jump and play on the mattress. This may create a depression on the mattress, giving you scary nights. Even support from the mattresses leads to neck and body aches that may pose various health hazards in the long term. This is the reason that you should avoid rolling harshly over the mattress.

No Moisture Retention

While we sweat during the sleeping time, the moisture locks in the mattress require proper sunlight to fade away.

Keeping your mattress in the direct light prevents the retention of excess moisture and humidity. When your mattress doesn’t retain moisture, you get airy comfort for a beautiful sleeping experience. Ensure you buy the best mattress that promotes enough air circulation and pain-relieving comfort to your body

SmartGRID Mattresses for Relaxing Nights!

While everyone is struggling for a peaceful sleeping night, we endeavor to offer an advanced solution for you to sleep comfortably. If you miss the times of sleeping like a kid, the SmartGRID mattresses are a perfect solution for you.

The unique making approach of the SmartGRID mattresses with the blend of the hyper-elastic gel material and patented sleep technology offers a dreamy sleep experience. When you buy a mattress from us, you reduce the sleeping hassles every night. Showering oodles of comfort, our mattresses make you fall asleep faster.
Relive your old stress-free days with the best mattress.

Do you see nightmares due to inadequate sleep? Stress, physical distress, and poor mattress can be the cause behind it. After making it through the chaos of the outside world, all you need is a comforting space to lie down.

Resting on a poor and discomforting mattress develops backaches. In such cases, you must have been asked to buy firm mattresses. Everyone has different body shapes and sleeping patterns that differentiate the sleeping need of every individual. So, you should pick the mattress that caters to effective sleep with maximum comfort and reduces your lower back pain as well. With a plethora of options in the market, it can be daunting for you to make the right choice to buy a mattress online.

Let’s check out the things you need to consider for the best mattress to aid lower back pain.

Features to Look for in a Mattress:

Everyone expects the best for themselves, so here are the features listed for you to pick the best mattress online:

Quality Material

This is one of the crucial factors to consider while buying a mattress if you are suffering from backaches. The type of material of the mattresses determines the comfort level of your mattress for a restful night. Nowadays, the market is flooded with different types of mattresses.

Avoid picking the spring mattresses as the innerspring coil tend to lose its balance and support after long-term exposure. Such lousy mattresses affect your sleep quality, and you end up waking bleary-eyed the next morning.

Proper Spinal Alignment

You may overlook this thing, but your posture should be maintained even when you sleep. During the sleeping hours, our muscles and the ligaments relax and recuperate. If the mattress is too soft or too firm, it fails to support the neck and lower back in the natural position. However, choosing the firmness level solely depends on you.

If you feel your body is sinking into the mattress, this is definitely not a good sign for your good health. A lot of people face difficulty due to sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. When you sleep on a firm mattress, you are likely to feel high pressure on your head, shoulders, hips, and arms.

If you are doubtful about finding the right mattress, you can go for a medium-firm mattress. It offers you the least amount of inconvenience. Thinking of memory foam mattresses for the right support is obvious, but it has its own downsides. Composed of a lot of chemical ingredients, these may have harmful effects on your health.

Ultimate Comfort

You wake up stress-free and feel rejuvenated in the morning to gear up for the day. Doesn’t it sound exciting? A good night’s sleep comes with great comfort. We always look for comfort in everything. So, why not the mattress? If your mattress is worn out and saggy in the middle, you should go for a mattress that provides uniform comfort to your body.

An ideal mattress should offer soft and cushioning comfort to your protruding body parts such as the head, hips, and shoulders. When you lie down on your mattress, the mattresses should adapt to your body shape and alleviate the pressure, thereby reducing back pain.

Right Size of the Mattress

The size of the mattress has a significant role in enhancing your sleep quality. It is important you buy the right-sized mattress as it helps in improving your posture as well. To sleep comfortably in a bed requires enough space to roll over and be a sleepy kid.

A right-sized mattress provides you with enough space so that you wake up energized every morning. If you rest on an uncomfortable mattress, it results in devastating health conditions and backaches. You might not be aware of the fact that sleeping on a quality mattress relieves your neck and backaches.

How do SmartGRID Mattresses Aid Lower Back Pain?

You may have heard that not every mattress serves the same purpose. With the advent of technology in the mattress industry, you get a myriad of options to sleep comfortably for a dreamy sleeping experience. Here is how the SmartGRID mattresses reduce your back pain:

Wrapping Up

Incorporating the innovative features in pillows and mattresses, we have designed India’s first mattresses that are divinely comfortable for better sleep. Discomforting mattresses give rise to various health issues such as neck and backaches and deteriorated postures.

To leverage the exclusive features, you can pick the right mattress online and relieve your body from lower back pain. Backed by a scientific approach and patented technology, we aim to enhance your sleeping experience and avoid wakeful nights.

queen size mattress

Due to confined sleeping space, do you have to adjust to your sleeping position?

Due to confined sleeping space, do you have to adjust to your sleeping position?
Restricted space for sleeping keeps you disturbed your whole night. Probably, you may consider switching to a right-sized mattress. A good mattress can improve the quality of life, providing the heavenly comfort you need to sleep peacefully.

Depending on the size of your room, the bed and the mattress come in different sizes. If you have ample space in your room, you may consider buying a queen-sized mattress. Unlike other mattresses, the comfort level that queen-sized mattresses offer is unmatched.

So, if you are looking to buy the best mattress, you may need to consider some aspects such as comfort level, firmness, quality of the material, and the thickness variations of the mattresses. Analyzing these metrics, you can buy mattress online and revive your peaceful nights.
Let us acquaint you with the perks of picking a queen-sized mattress.

Why Should You Buy a Queen-sized Mattress?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Can’t adjust to your sleeping space? If you are thinking to buy mattress online, a queen-size mattress can fit your sleeping needs. Here are the reasons that you should buy a queen-sized mattress:

Plentiful Space

Do you see guests in your home more frequently? If yes, a queen-sized mattress is enough to provide you with adequate space to sleep comfortably. You won’t have to think of falling off the corners with these mattresses.
Usually, couples love to snuggle up to one another that needs a proper space to roll over, and they prefer extra space to move quickly around the bed and feel cozy at times. If you get more space in your bed, you get more heavenly nights of peaceful sleep.

Optimal Comfort

A mattress larger than the required size is not for everyone, as most of the mattress space may go unused. This is why a queen size mattress is an ideal choice for singles and couples. Did you know? An average person spends 26 years of his/her life in bed.
Every minute we spend on our mattress counts, so you need to be careful while opting for your comfort. When you lie on your mattress, it should help you unwind through a rough day and relax your mind and body.

When you choose your comfort, ensure your mattress is welcoming to offer optimal comfort irrespective of your body shape and size.

Versatility at its Best

If you have a living space of up to 120 square feet, then queen-size mattresses are suitable. Queen size mattresses bring comfort to you and aesthetic furnishing to your room.

Even if you are a pet parent, a queen-sized mattress can easily accommodate your partner, beloved pet, and you.


A queen-size mattress lasts longer if you consistently flip or rotate it. When you sleep in a spacious comforting space, it maintains the balance in your mattresses. When you sleep on an ordinary mattress, it acquires indentations and sagging, causing discomfort for your restful nights.

While if you sleep equally on all sides of the mattress, it is less likely to create dipping that adds to the mattress’s longevity. This implies that you can spend more time with your comfortable mattress.

How can you Benefit from a Queen-size SmartGRID Mattress?

Our SmartGRID mattresses offer divine comfort to your body. Here is how you can benefit from our queen-size mattress:

Charming Design

Combining the hyper-elastic gel material with GRID technology is a unique, science-backed approach to cater to your sleeping needs. These are smartly designed mattresses that have 2500 air channels in them for proper air circulation. Moreover, the mattresses are layered with plush, hypoallergenic fabric and feel soft on your skin.
The airy comfort in the mattresses doesn’t lock in the heat that causes sweating and stickiness at night. You get a cozy feel and feel lost in the beautiful hours with airy comfort.

Luxe Comfort

The TPE material and the GRID technology offer even comfort to your body. The SmartGRID mattresses alleviate pressure on your head, pelvis, shoulders, and arms, giving you a luxe feel. Following your body shape intelligently, these mattresses firmly support your back and spine, giving you a cloud-like comfort during your sleeping hours.

Orthopedic Support

When you sleep on ordinary mattresses, you may have lazy mornings with a sore back and stiff muscles. However, when you rest on our queen-sized mattress, it pampers your body, giving a soft comfort, and promoting better sleep.
Contributing to adequate sleep, our mattresses relieve your body pain, and you fall asleep in no time. It cuddles each part of your body, relaxing your mind and health.

Zero Motion Transfer

When you sleep comfortably on your bed, it is obvious that you may change your sleeping position to find the proper comfort. On changing the sleeping position, your partner may feel disturbed.

If you pick a queen-sized mattress, you get more space to relax and reboot yourself the whole night. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours on the best mattress revitalizes your body, and you can start your day with a lot of refreshment.


If you feel low and restless, you may lack beauty sleep. Possibly, you are not laying your head on the best mattress. With the patented GRID technology, we have created an innovative sleeping solution. SmartGRID is India’s first sleep technology to offer optimum comfort and composes your body.

If you struggle to sleep peacefully every night, our queen-sized SmartGRID mattress is the right choice. To put yourself at ease, you can buy mattress online from our store and enjoy a dreamy sleep experience.

The day is here! Every day should be as special as this. We should never need an excuse to spoil our mums, but Mother’s Day is a good reminder to do something special for her. However, finding the perfect gift to say thanks for all she’s done can be overwhelming. Whoever you’re shopping for whether it’s your gran, mum or another matriarch in your life, you’ll need to consider their tastes and interests to choose something that will truly delight. If you need a little more help to come up with mother’s day gift ideas this year, we’ve compiled a range of gifts to celebrate this bond made of love. we are here to share with you some mother’s day gift ideas that will instantly put a smile on your mother’s face.

1. Comfort Bedding

If your mother is the one who adores everything aesthetic and if she likes to live with elegance and style, then a beautiful comfort bedding is the perfect choice. To let her know just how much she means to you, here are some of the comfort bedding options that can bring amazing comfort and style to her bedroom.

Smart Pillow

Beautiful pillow makes an impression and will be great surprise for her. No matter what, beautiful pillow makes an impress to everyone. A perfect comfortable timeless pillow can never be unfashionable. Fashion depends from time, some stuff looks old-fashioned, but pillow is timeless. Age doesn’t matter this is perfect gift for everyone, everybody like to make some nap on fluffy and comfortable pillows.

If you’re confused which pillow to choose, then we are here with some few recommendations. Gift her the joy of happy peaceful sleeping with the smartest pillow – The Sleep Company’s Smart adjustable pillow. It is super-smart adjustable pillow that allows you to adjust the softness level with the use of a zipper – so you can go from the firm and supportive to super soft and comfy in a few seconds! There are plenty of options to choose from that can match every home décor style.

SmartGRID Mattress

When it comes to restful sleep, your mom deserves nothing but the smartest gift on the planet, in other words, the smartest mattress on the planet – The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Mattress. Apart from being the comfiest mattress, it is the only mattress that intelligently adapts to the body’s tossing and turning movements during the night. There are numerous varieties of mattress online to choose from; still it sometimes become a cumbersome task to hunt for that perfect mattress, especially a best suited mattress for couple.

Here is the place where The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattress comes as a saviour. If you are looking for a mattress online that can provide both comfort and luxury, then SmartGRID mattress is the best mattress for your mom which can help her get a 5-Star hotel experience. You can choose from multiple options of mattresses, bundles and bedding accessories that can make a perfect and the cosiest gift for this mother’s day.

2. Self-care Treat

How about a day self-care treat to let her escape from her busy routine? A mom constantly juggles with multiple responsibilities – be it your work, kids or household chores that leaves little room or energy to focus on their own needs. Consequently, self-care quickly falls by the wayside as they continue with the daily grind. Even though it may seem like the right thing to do, routinely dismissing their own needs can have an adverse effect on their overall health. So, this mother’s day treat your mom with a day filled with relaxing activities be it a spa day out or simply get her favourite breakfast in bed. Spend time with her and do whatever makes her happy.

3. Personalized Jewellery

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to buy to make your motherly figure feel special. And what’s better than a personalised gift to remind her how much you love and care for her? There are plenty of engravable jewellery ideas that can make the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift. An engravable bracelet is a timeless gift that can be paired with any outfit to create a delicate and feminine look.

There are several different bracelet styles to choose from when it comes to personalised bracelets, but our favourites always include thin styles that effortlessly compliment any outfit. Whether it’s a dainty chain that can be layered with other pieces or a bold statement design, necklaces are a great item to personalise. There’s no greater feeling than receiving a personalised gift. Knowing that someone has put extra time and effort into making something unforgettable for you is enough to make her smile for years to come!

4. Office Chair

Moms who work from home will appreciate a new office chair especially one from The Sleep Company – SmartGRID Office Chair Collection. The first of their kind, designed with the patented SmartGRID Technology are just as ergonomic as they are chic. Gift her a home office transformation and redefine her workplace with SmartGRID Office chair, a perfect comfort masterpiece that will bring both comfort and style to her workplace.

5. Gift Cards

Finding the right gift for your mother is important. Sometimes it can be confusing to choose one particular gift for a mother. Here is when gift cards come into your mother’s day gift list. Gift cards are a great way to let your mother choose her gift by her choice. If you’re confused about what to buy for your mother and you’re not getting any gift in particular, then gift cards are the perfect choice for your mom.

You can either give a gift card of our favourite brand or you can also combine gift cards of different brands. To add your personal touch to it, you can personalize that gift card with a heartfelt message or create something thoughtful and memorable by adding photos or videos to online gift cards.

6. Handy Backpack

Gifts for mums are no walk in the park. In fact, it’s no secret that finding the perfect gift, or even putting aside time to think of solid gift ideas, can be time-consuming. If you’re wondering where to begin, if you love to travel with your mother and you both take frequent trips together, then a handy backpack is the perfect gift for her. Get her a handback that spacious enough to carry her essentials. She will be overjoyed with that new backpack on your next travel adventure.

7. Vintage Watch

If your mom is a serious watch enthusiast, then she will probably be overjoyed by your gift and appreciate it every time they see it on their wrist. For most people, vintage watches are more of a special totem than an actual piece of jewellery or instrument for timekeeping. There are many options and price ranges, but no matter what the cost or style is, they each have a unique story. Vintage watches carry with them an undeniable history, surviving generations of cultural shifts, and even the evolution of fashion.

Every day should be special for your mother and if you want to make this mother’s day even more special then don’t forget to give the precious gift of your time to her. Do Something together and spend time with her that will signify the real bond that you share. There are thousands of gifts that can put a smile on her face but nothing can beat time you spend with her, and the memories you make together.

Are you planning to transform your workspace? The decision to buy office chair online can be tricky as there are plenty of options available in the market. While working, whether at home or office, we spend the majority of our time sitting on an office chair. The complexities People have when they buy office chair online is often underestimated. Since how we sit in the office or home matters a lot, there are certain things that you must consider before you buy best office chair. If you’re planning to give a productive twist to your workspace, then there are certain factors that will help you make a better decision.

Functionality and Comfort


Are you looking to buy office chair? If yes, then you need to keep the comfort of your employees, their productivity, and office culture in mind, among other things. You need chairs that will ensure your staff is productive and that attract the best talent to come work for you. Hence as you buy office chair online from The Sleep Company, you can choose from their newly launched SmartGRID office chairs. It is perfect choice for a comfortable chair, it has adjustable features, including seat height and depth, forward tilt, armrests and headrests, as well as lumbar support. SmartGRID Seat materials provide adequate support for the lower back and promote a healthy posture.

Office / Home Space

Things that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself should fill your creative space, and that includes an office chair that is perfectly aligns with your office space and vibe. Before you decide to buy office chair online, consider the dimensions of the space where you’re going to work. It can be your office or cabin space, or home office space. Before choosing your chair, you should align your desk dimensions, and space and compare if your new office chair has enough space to fit in that room or office cabin. This would rule out the probability of choosing the incorrect chair size and you will be able to choose the best office chair online.

Type of Office Chair

Office chairs are an indispensable part of every office. But with so many different shapes, styles, and varieties available, it can be tricky to know where to start. If you’re on the lookout for some new office chairs for your organization, this guide is a great place to start. Below we’ve listed every kind of chair you’ll see in the modern workplace, including their benefits and intended use. It should help you to easily decide what you need for your office.

Different tasks and different desks require different chairs. There is a wide variety of chairs to get the job done. The ideal chair provides ergonomic support, comfort, and function as it relates to your duties and desires, but what chair is the perfect fir? There are different chairs for different needs such as –

Seat Material

Feeling comfortable entails sinking into a super-plush cushion, but what if it’s actually bad for you. Getting comfortable on a soft chair only lasts for so long. As the hour’s pass, you will begin to feel the aches and pains. A surprising number of people suffer from lower back pain after sitting in a soft seat. That might seem counterintuitive since soft seats feel pretty comfortable at first, so many people still experience discomfort.

Onyx seat is designed with our Patented SmartGRID Technology which cradles your tailbone and provides extra cushioning to your tushy for long hours of working. SmartGRID’s No Pressure Support allows your spine to stay in its natural posture and gives you a feeling of weightlessness. Not just that it has multiple air channels to ensure your seat & back stays cool and comfy.

Lumbar Support

Over the period of time, with a drastic increase in 9-5 office jobs, the health issues have risen tremendously as well. Today, there is a massive number of people dealing with neck strains or back pains. A part of the blame goes to their sitting postures as well. And, if there is an absence of a good comfortable office chair, things can become even worse.

Sitting for hours together put pressure on hip bones and spine, which in turn puts excessive pressure on other joints as well. Assessing the lumbar support is one of the essential factors that you must consider while buying an office chair.

A good chair should have adequate support for the lower back area. If you’re moving a step ahead, you’d also find some amazing chairs that come with adjustable support that let you adjust the chair, both height, and depth, according to your lower back. Hence, make sure that your chair has high-quality lumbar support and is letting you control the firmness as well as the position. Your back should be able to rest seamlessly against the backrest, and the support should be as curvy as your spine.

Easy Adjustment Control

The chair should feature multiple adjustments like an adjustable armrest that go forward and back, up and down, seat height adjustment for the best fit to your favourite position. No matter in appearance or the functions it makes perfect sense of technology and the future. In multi-function tilting, the seat and backrest can be tilted independently of each other to customize the preferred angle for both. While in theory, this is superior to synchro tilting, most people will find a robust synchro-tilt mechanism more than enough, without the extra levers needed to adjust the seat and backrest angles separately.

A reclining backrest generally refers to a backrest with a high degree of recline, usually 135 degrees or over. Look for reclining backrests that can be locked at any angle between two spectrums for ultimate flexibility, as found in SmartGRID Office Chairs. If you suffer from neck pain or like to lean back often throughout the day, look for an office chair with a high back or dedicated headrest for head and neck support.

Aesthetics in Trends

Office or home aesthetics might be an essential consideration to make when you buy office chair online. If your company relies on exceptional office design to attract top talent or reflect your core values, you need to assess how particular chair designs will impact employees’ and clients’ perceptions of your office as well as productivity.

The best office chair you choose can play a significant role in the general culture and design of your office. Conventional office chairs can reflect a lot of corporate space, while more comfortable and creative office chairs like Aristo SmartGRID office chair can assist in encouraging employees to socialize while they are on breaks and feel at home while they work.

Decide your Budget

It is important to consider the budget of an office chair before you buy office chair online. The price is not always the measure of value. Hence, you require thinking twice prior to buying chairs that are a bit more expensive. They might end up being unsuitable choices. You require gathering all the information regarding the office chairs that you are looking for and then consider the price. If you discover that the chair is an excellent fit for your office, be sure to pay extra bucks for it.

Generally, the overall value for the price of a chair can be assessed by the special features and benefits that it possesses. Normally, the best office chairs have numerous different features that directly result in comfort, among other benefits.

Food is the fuel of our body that keeps us going and keeps us up in a good mood. Do you know? Food impacts your mood and sleeping quality as well. A sound and healthy sleep contribute to improving your immune power. Do you eat what you see? It can be alarming for your health and sleep. If you are having trouble falling asleep or want a rejuvenated morning, it is essential to start by observing what’s on your plate!

To enjoy the beautiful sleeping hours, try tweaking your diet. The foods that include potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron help our body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes better sleep. The food and other comforting metrics, such as a quality mattress, also help you get a restful night. If you have an irregular sleeping schedule, you may consider sticking to the subsequent late-night bites to sleep effectively. You know when you feel sleepy. When you get closer to bedtime, ensure you avoid greasy foods, alcohol, caffeine, and other factors that refrain you from lying comfortably on your mattress. Let’s look at the list of food items that delight your mood and giveyou a soothing sleeping experience.


Since it is the summer season, staying hydrated at all-time on the sultry days becomes difficult. The scorching heat juices out the water content from our body at a significant, making us feel exhausted.

Dehydration impacts our ability to fall asleep. However, watermelon is one of the best foods to make up for any deficits in our bodies. If you consume 2 cups of this magical fruit, it is half the water content. Regulating metabolism, it beautifully treats insomnia and reduces sleep disorders.


Pistachios are great for promoting better sleep, packed with protein, vitamin B6, and magnesium. This mix of nutrients imparts plenty of other health benefits, such as aiding in weight loss, reducing blood sugar levels, and many more. Excess of anything is good for nothing, and this is why it is advised to keep its intake between 28-30g. If the calories increase, it can leave unfavourable impacts on your body.



Almonds are said to have a lot of health benefits. Do you keep counting the stars and be an owl of the night? Just a handful of the almonds, and you doze off in a short time.

Containing melatonin, almonds help regulate the internal clock, thereby preparing your body for quality sleep. Almonds are a good source of magnesium that reduces stress levels, and you enjoy uninterrupted sleep.



Banana is known as a happy fruit. It has a rich amount of magnesium, vitamin B6, and potassium that relaxes the muscles and nerves. Also, vitamin B6 in Bananas converts tryptophan (an essential amino acid) into serotonin, further relaxing your body. If you can’t sleep properly, including Bananas in your diet can be helpful for you.



Kiwi is a small fruit but a big packet for imparting numerous health benefits. This tiny fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C and E with potassium and folate. Some studies say that consuming two kiwis one hour before bedtime is effective for getting quality sleep faster.

Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish

Intake of fatty fish injects a healthy dose of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, and these nutrients are involved in the proper regulation of serotonin in our body. A study found that people who included fish in their diet three times a week experienced improved body functioning and overall sleep.

Soy Foods

Soya Foods

Soy foods such as tofu, miso, and edamame have many isoflavones. This compound boosts serotonin production, which has a significant effect on influencing our body’s sleep-wake cycle.

Avoid these Foods Before Bedtime!

Does your mouth get watery seeing the delicious food? Don’t worry; you are not alone! It hurts your sleeping quality, and you struggle to relax peacefully. Here are the common foods that you steer clear of your plater before bedtime:

Dark Chocolates

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a high caffeine content that may keep you awake the whole night, and it activates the nerves and muscles to be active. So, ensure you are not enjoying the dark chocolate at night to avoid the wakeful nights.



Cheese delights our mood, but it might disappoint your health and sleep if you consume it at night. Owing to the high amount of saturated fat, cheese is hard to digest. It increases the burden on the digestive system, keeping your body restless and creating difficulty in sleeping and craving a cheesy pizza. You can enjoy it in the daytime, and it won’t affect your sleep.

Red Meat

Red Meat

Red meat is a powerful source of essential proteins and iron. Though it has a high amount of saturated fat, our body needs extra hours to digest it completely. It is better to avoid red meat at the dinner table.



Consuming tomatoes at night can create inflammation. The amount of the chemical tyramine stimulates the brain and delays your sleep. If you don’t want your mind to struggle for sleep, keep the tomatoes off the plate.

Wrapping Up

Having the right food at the right time is as crucial as having the right mattress for happy, healthy, and peaceful sleep. Despite consuming healthy foods, if you still battle for a cozy sleep, your comfort space may be discomforting you. You may consider changing your old mattress with SmartGRID mattresses that offer luxe comfort while reducing your neck and body pain. Also, these provide you with an airy comfort while cuddling your body the whole night in a cozy space. With our smart sleeping solutions, you sleep and live better.