Are You Moving? Here Are Some Mattress Protection Tips

August 4, 2022 by The Sleep Company

moving out? Have you finally got your dream home and are excited to shift there as soon as possible? Or are you simply going to a new rented place?  

Well, in any condition, moving our stuff is the biggest task that falls upon us. Since we can’t just get up and start living in a new place or buy everything new, every single time we move into a new place, we must take our old stuff with us, whether it’s that old hand-me-down Almirah or the beloved mattress which you can’t just leave back since you can’t sleep without it. 

While shifting houses, one of the crucial tasks is moving your bed or a mattress. Many people struggle with it since mattresses are made with a delicate material that comes in big size, heavy weight and with high cost.  

So, here are some quick tips for tackling the tension of protecting the mattress while shifting: 

There are Three steps of moving a mattress: Packing, transporting and unpacking.  


It’s the first and most important stage of moving out. It’s where you need a plan of action to shift your mattress without any damage. For that,  


The next step of shifting to a new place is transportation. While transporting your mattress, there are many things you need to be careful about. Such as, 


 It’s the last step of shifting, yet it is equally essential in order to protect the mattress. Once you reach the new place, make sure that you, 

However, if the mattress is beyond repair, consider buying a new one. Since a broken mattress can cause sleep issues, you may opt out for the Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattresses, which can provide you with the best comfort and support.   

Bottom Line: 

Keeping your mattresses safe while transporting them from one place to another may be hectic. But if planned out properly, it is not that gruesome.  

Also, if you find it difficult to transport an old mattress to a new place, buy a new one. You can always select the best mattress brand in India that sells the best mattresses and provides you with services like free home delivery and installation.  

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