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Smart Ortho Mattress

Try our Smart Ortho inbuilt with our exclusive, groundbreaking SmartGRID technology, the first and only of its kind in India!

From ₹11,925
Smart Luxe Mattress

The Queen of all our mattresses – the only mattress that is both soft for luxury comfort and firm for back support!

From ₹14,235

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Bamboo Fitted Sheet

The perfect accompaniment to your SmartGRID Mattress – Try our 100% Luxury Organic Bamboo OKEO- TEX certified Sheets

From ₹2659
All-Weather Comforter

A dual-layer, all-weather comforter that you should be snuggling up with, night after night!

From ₹1999
Bamboo Mattress Protector

Bring India’s 1st Luxury 100% Organic Bamboo Mattress Protector into your bedroom – dual-layer defence for ultimate protection.

From ₹2309

All Pillow

Hybrid Pillow

India’s 1st & Only SmartGRID Pillow – inbuilt with Japanese patented SmartGRID technology

From ₹1899

Why they love us



Mattress is awesome.

1. Mattress is very comfortable.
2. Sleep problem solved.
3. Back pain gone after 7 day of use.

Sourabh Jain


 Excellent product

"This is a very good product and has helped in relieving pain. It is built using good quality material. "




Very Comfortable To Sleep On

In love with the sleep company mattress. comfortable to sleep on. Worth the every penny.

Ananth Hejamady Shanker


Definitely Need To Have One In Every Household If You Can Afford.

After almost one month of use, Really comfortable to sleep on. Supports back bone at right places even for side sleepers as well as back sleepers. But can’t treat your chronic diseases just will improve your quality of sleep which is important for a fresh start of your day. But not sure how the bed quality will be overtime.



The pillows are amazing, Most of the issues that I had been facing are resolved with just one purchase They don’t heat up like the ones that I used to have. They are soft and helps me sleep better at night.



Superb Technology. No Comparison With Other Material.

Quality Sleep, Pain Relief and Comfort.




Using it for a month. Like the material which gives comfort and quality sleep.



Good Mattress!!! Very Good.

Bought this mattress for my family esp for 2 Kids boys , they are very happy now and I am happy too.

Salil Goyal


Been using the 8" mattress for almost 6 months now. It does excatly as advertised, supports the back and aids in pain relief.
Will be purchasing more for other rooms in the house.



 great mattress

I have back problems (herniated disk surgery) and I must say this mattress is a really good option. Firm, but soft, it properly supports your back and granting at the same time a good level of comfort. Plus, the structure is such that moving one side does not affect the other side at all: you can literally put a glass filled with water and it won't spill even if you move at 10cm from it.

Sanjay Rajgor


Must Buy !

It is good product

Shantanu S.


Amazing comfort and delivery was smooth

Quality sleep with comfort



Comfy at the same time Orthopaedic.

Keeping the review short. Just go for it and you wont regret. The grid layer does the real magic here. Keeping the review short. Just go for it and you wont regret. The grid layer does the real magic here.

Rathin Sinha


Go for it

It's a wonderful mattress without doubt. The packaging was very good. The before and after sales service was quite commendable too. I'm sure this is the mattress you're looking for if comfort and luxury packaged together is your priority.

Gairik Samanta


Good Product

his is good product comfort is also good. After seven days I Oderd for second one.

Amazon Customer


Very Comfertable For My Father

Fantastic mattress

Harish Salot


Our family has been using this for 6 monthe . If I could give more stars than 5 I would .. their product is best and way better than my old foam mattress . Also their customer care is amazing ..

Uma Maheshwari



Feels Amazing

Its our 5th day on this sleep company smart gel mattress and it feels amazing. First 2-3 days it did feel different as I believe we were adjusting to this unique layer. But now we are liking it.

Sudarsana Raju


Mattress grid technology is superb

"Whole family loved the mattress quality especially which makes body shape when lay down and takes to disturb less sleep. Happy with pain relief and support as well"

Nageshwar Reddy


Good for price and nice comfort

 The quality of mattress was so good and team supported well while booking, related to size as it perfectly fitted to my bed I liked it.

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