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8 Benefits of a Spring Mattress

September 27, 2021 by The Sleep Company

There is a wide range of mattresses on the market. But, for budget buyers, spring mattresses are the best. They can provide dynamic features at a lower price. Spring mattresses are popular for their design and circulation. This type of mattress will provide excellent support to keep your body weight balanced while sleeping. Furthermore, spring mattresses are designed to provide maximum air circulation under extreme conditions.

Spring mattresses are manufactured by using mattress coils. These mattresses are the second most popular after memory foam mattresses.

There are many benefits to choosing a spring mattress. Let us check some of them.

Good air circulation

A spring mattress provides excellent air circulation to your body. Many people feel warm during a good night’s sleep. The open coils on the spring mattresses allow more airflow than other types of mattresses. In terms of airflow, it’s even better than memory foam mattresses. That’s because a memory foam mattress is tightly packed. Accumulation of body heat during summers is very dangerous. Therefore, you should always sleep on a spring mattress during the summer season.


Better Durability

Durability is a vital factor in choosing mattresses. The life span of spring mattresses is between 8-10 years, while memory foam mattresses can last only up to 3 to 4 years. With proper care and cleaning, a spring mattress can be used for more than a decade.

Furthermore, a memory foam mattress takes the shape of your body. That is not ideal over time when your body type changes. Therefore, always choose spring mattresses over memory foam mattresses in terms of durability.


Bacteria resistant

The right spring mattress will not hold any kind of bacteria like other mattress does. This factor also contributes towards a cooler good night’s sleep. Bacteria find it difficult to grow under cooler conditions. Even if bacteria try to live, they won’t succeed as spring mattresses are not made of foam. Which also makes people easier to clean without hesitation.


Excellent Body Support

Spring mattresses are powerful and stronger as compared to other mattresses. They can support nearly all body types. For example, if you and your spouse have a notable difference in body size – then spring mattresses will provide the right level of comfort to have a good night’s sleep.

For people suffering from back pain, spring mattresses will provide them with the optimum support that other mattresses in the market. The right support is vital to prevent body aches while sleeping.


Cost factor

Cost is also an important factor when buying a mattress. In recent times, the cost of spring mattresses has been less compared to other types of mattresses. Therefore, for budget-friendly buyers, this type of mattress is a good one.

You will find a top-quality spring mattress at a lower price than a foam mattress. But, always make sure to check the quality of mattresses before buying them. There are different variants of spring mattresses available in the market today.



The popularity of spring mattresses has been more than other types of mattresses over the years. Therefore, if any new technology is induced into spring mattresses, then most people will accept them. Most people don’t seem to spend money on an entirely new mattress and experiment.


Firmness and Comfort

The firmness level in the majority of the spring mattress is hard to replicate as they are designed differently than any others. Due to individually-enclosed springs, the level of comfort boosts. The upper layer of spring mattresses is filled with foam helping you to sleep comfortably at night.


Pressure relief

The springs of a pocket spring mattress support the entire body. Therefore, your individual body parts such as your shoulder and hips will not be pressurized while sleeping. Pocket spring mattresses are also preferred for orthopedic patients with hip and shoulder problems.


The Bottomline

It is important to have full knowledge about different types of mattresses before you buy one. Spring mattresses are both cost and health-friendly. Always take your time to buy the mattress according to your requirement and budget.  Nowadays, many mattress makers offer free trial periods, where you can test the bed for up to several months. You can rip the benefit anytime.

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